2000-03-09: Alone In A Crowd

Chesapeake Edition

Alone In A Crowd

Author: Genn Wintord Published: March 9, 2000

Unseen by those around him, he walked the streets of Moonglow as if a ghost. He tried to speak to a woman as she passed by him… It was no use. Even though he had known it would not work, he could not help but feel disappointed. She could not hear him…No One Could Hear Him!

Galen was not entirely certain what had happened. He should have known better than to step through the experimental gate he was working on, but when Dragar and his minions attacked his lab in the middle of the procedure, it was his only means of escape. At least it seemed like a good idea at the time, he thought to himself with a laugh. He had managed to escape with the Mace of Skyfire, but he was now trapped in a prison of his own creation. He was safe in his home of Moonglow, but he had no real physical form. No one could see or hear him, and he could not interact with the world around him.

He wished he could at least enjoy a mug of cider as he mulled over his current predicament. At least there was some hope. On one brief occasion he had become partially visible... managed to scare the wits out of a patron at the local inn when it happened too. Galen couldn’t help but laugh slightly as he recalled the look on the man’s face when he semi-appeared beside him.

He had gone over the experiment in his head more times then he could count, and at last he thought he had figured out a way to reverse the effect. Of course, there wasn’t a blasted thing he could do about it in his current state. If Only He Could Just Talk To Someone!

In a forgotten room, deep within the mountains, there is a momentary flash of light. A solitary figure emerges to stand before a blood stained altar.

‘Now at last, It begins… the pathetic attempt to create a weapon to oppose me has been dealt with, and Y’thras shall trouble me no more.’

The figure turns to face the energy field behind him, and in a flash of light a Daemon of ice appears before him.

As the light fades, he stumbles and catches himself upon the altar. ‘Curse Y’thras and its interference. I did not realize it had taxed me so… I must feed.’

A slow smile spreads across Dragar’s face as he moves to the next room and sits upon his throne.

‘ Fortunately, there are many in this world to satisfy my hunger…’