2000-03-09: Daemon Phakebrus Is Fallen

Atlantic Edition

Daemon Phakebrus Is Fallen

Author: Lord Kustine Hal’Mor Published: March 9, 2000

The signs were all there... The skies had darkened over the tombs of Wrong for days before the undead minions of the fallen Lord of Covetous; Aragothias had camped out the place for weeks. All that was left this night was to fight, fight with all our souls and hope to the Virtue’s of our King that we suceeded...

The past few weeks have held horrors and miracles mine own eyes have never held, Hordes pouring out of the Halls of Covetous in the name of an Evil Lord Aragothias, Many brave men and women fought back those hordes and slew the Foul thing leaving his bloody mass of a body bleeding on the grassy knoll in front of the Serpents Cross. Yet, when he fell the evil creature that took residence inside his body was released and the real horrors began. Hell Hounds began to track members of the Yew Militia overcoming them, and those that were brave enough to render aid. Our ’Beacon of Hope’ Had arrived holding the armies of brave Dragons behind her, Claudia Raym... the adopted daughter of an Elder Dragon slain by fools in the streets of Yew, had come to us to help fight this evil force and mayhap save her own kind in the process.

With Phakebrus free of the prison of Aragothias, he unleashed legions upon our township of Fogwood on the outskirts of Yew. Many a brave warriors from Green Hell, The Rising Lords of Virtue, Order of the Silver Dragon, Akalabeth and The Syndicate had driven the droves back saving us from the flames. All those armies as well as many a Paladin and Mercenary gathered near the mouth of that horrid pit of Wrong. From her nearby lair our child of deliverance rode forth with her glorious innocence and young heart giving us all Hope and a sudden Burst of Energy, behind her followed two Sky Blue dragon guardians larger than any dragon I have seen or heard of.

Our high hearts and confidence melted away like childhood dreams as the skies grew darker and two daemon guardians descended from the blackness overhead, behind them came Phakebrus... that horrid beast of Evil and Brimstone that had caused so much suffering. As they landed the ground shook and hellhounds poured out from fissures in the ground... Lich upon Lich rose from the graves of those buried in the tombs of Wrong... And our heart sunk as a black gate opened and in came the Armies of The Shadow Conclave. The Battle waged on an on for nearly an hour, men and women being cut down with not so much of a blink from Phakebrus...

Then it happened I saw a man run from the top of the tomb over the stone spikes of Wrong with his sword pointed straight into the chest of one of Phakebrus’ Guardians, the foul beast screamed in pain as its black blood poured and mixed with that of red already covering the grass. The Second Guardian Fell soon thereafter and one of Claudia’s Dragonkin had been slain. Phakebrus fought through the crowd to destroy our Beacon of Hope and Innocence but for each step he took we pounded him with magic spells and cold iron that would have killed any normal daemon. As his last step was taken the Daemon Screamed “Noooooo!” and fell onto the stone battlements of Wrong impaling his thick hide.

Our Fearless Scribe and Mage Greypawn approached the Foul body of Darkness and removed his cold lifeless heart proclaiming the battle a victory... The day was ours, and both Phakebrus and Aragothias are no more... Huzzah!