2000-03-09: Ensnared!

Atlantic Edition


Author: Permilia Morgan Published: March 9, 2000

During my investigation of the recent spider attacks around the Yew area I met a scribe named Gerald who had witnessed some of these events. Gerald had met and befriended Louis Cantern last week and was there to witness the last spider attack in which Louis was abducted. After Cantern’s escape from the spider lair he sought out Gerald and told him what had happened. With Gerald’s pouch a few coins heavier, he agreed to tell the story:

"The world was weaving out of one mystery and into another and now Louis Cantern’s life was hanging precariously, and quite literally, by a silken spider thread.

Cantern nervously entered the Serpent Cross Tavern and rested against the counter. He asked if Lord Ascre had been seen recently and his eyes darted nervously about waiting for the answer. When the patrons said they had not seen him, Louis wiped the sweat from his brow and slumped further in his chair. A man turned to him and asked whom Lord Ascre was. Cantern replied, “He is my uncle, a merchant with great power and wealth. I have done something to fall into great disfavor with him and until such time I can gather the evidence to clear my name I seek protection.” Someone asked what act Louis had done to cause his endangerment but he only shook his head and refused to speak further on the matter.

After he finished his wine, he quietly slipped away, unnoticed by the others. Over the next week he was spied around Yew a few times including at the University and the Brewman’s Tavern. He mentioned his uncle a few times but remained vague about his predicament.

Then a few nights ago Louis returned to the Tavern. As he walked into the courtyard he noticed a hoard of spiders were blocking its door. The spiders were abnormally aggressive and had a slightly sweet scent, reminiscent of wheat, rising from their bodies. The spiders quickly surrounded him before the approaching warriors could battle the spiders away from Cantern. Louis fainted and when he woke up he found himself in a giant spider lair, trapped in an enormous web. Looking around he noticed that the spiders had also captured other people but all that remained of them were some bones and tattered clothing. A dagger lay just beneath Cantern’s feet but the web prevented much movement and he was not able to reach it.

Slowly, slowly’he loosened the threads enough so that he was able to move his arm and reach down for the blade. After hours of struggling he finally had the dagger clasped tightly in his hand.

He waited late into the night, until the spiders left the lair. When the last of them were gone he quickly tore through the cocoon that was encapsulating him. Tucking the dagger into his boot, he looked around once more and fled for the hole that led outside."

Now it is time for revenge! The spiders must be stopped from attacking Yew.