2000-03-09: Julia's Message to Dupre

Global Edition

Julia's Message to Dupre

Author: Clayton Trembell Published: March 9, 2000

Dupre made his final rounds for the night to make certain his encampment was secure. With someone like Juo’nar opposing him, Dupre knew he could not be too careful. At last satisfied that everything was prepared for the night watch, Dupre retired to his tent for a few hours of rest. Little did he suspect how restless this night would end up. This tale was brought to me by the captain of the night watch from Dupre’s encampment.

“I had only just begun my watch when Dupre finally ceased his relentless pacing around the perimeter and entered his tent to get some sleep. He’s a good man and a good leader, but he drives himself far too unremittingly in my humble opinion. With Dupre’s exit, I settled in for what I had hoped would be an uneventful night.

Sadly, my wish went unfulfilled, for barely an hour into my watch Dupre burst out of his tent full of nervous energy. He paced a bit then walked directly over to where I was standing. As captain of the night watch, I held the highest rank of those still awake, which must be why Dupre entrusted my with a brief version of what had happened. That together with other bits I’ve picked up over the few days since have pretty much explained why he has been in Britain from that time on.

Shortly after laying down and closing his eyes, Dupre was visited by the spirit of a dear friend of his from Minoc, Julia. Julia was killed some time back by the vengeful troll G’Thunk. This all had something to do with that FOA group, but I’m not sure exactly how Julia was involved. Halston, of the royal guard, knows more of that tale than I.

Regardless, Julia appeared from beyond the grave to bring news to Dupre. She told him of a ghost newly arrived to the Ethereal Void who seemed quite agitated. This ghost kept going on and on about some information she had that concerned Lord British’s realm. The ghost wouldn’t say what this information was and in truth barely acknowledged any other ghostly presence of those around her. It was Julia’s opinion that this ghost, known only by the name Joye, feared she had failed in some way and needed a chance to deliver this information that seemed to haunt her.

Thus Julia sought to get word of this ghost to someone who could do something to help the ghost as well as someone who could use the information to protect Britannia. Julia first sought Lord British but was not able to find even the slightest indicate of his location. After that she sought any of Lord British’s most trusted companions, and Dupre ended up as the first she found.

After seeing that Dupre understood her message, Julia smiled slightly and disappeared. We had all heard of a librarian from Britain named Joye who was somehow involved in the conflict with Minax, so after briefly relating Julia’s message to me, Dupre set out for Britain. None of us at this encampment had heard anything about the librarian’s death, but news of that sort was often slow to reach us in these dark times.

Once in Britain, I learned the next day, Dupre had gone to the Britain Public Library in search of Joye. Finding no sign of her, the paladin turned to Nystul for help in seeking the potentially tragic young lady. Nystul was able to confirm that Joye had indeed been murdered only a short time before Dupre’s arrival, and by agents of Juo’nar or perhaps event the lich himself.

Dupre was distraught, but Nystul assured the great paladin that there just might be a way to contact the deceased librarian. It wouldn’t be easy though. Five brave souls would have to sacrifice themselves and then be sent to the Ethereal Void as ghosts to seek Joye. Of what might happen once they get there, I have not heard. From what I hear, Nystul is not even completely certain he will be able to bring the five volunteers back from the void, but that he is researching that problem even now. There is little else have I been able to discover.

The main thing that still puzzles me about Julia’s visit to Dupre, though, is that as near as I can reckon it, she came to Dupre with news of Joye’s ghost before Joye had been killed. A well, this is exactly the kind of paradox that caused me to drop the study of magic and pursue a career with a sword.”

Always first with the latest news from the taverns of Britain, this is Clayton Trembell reporting.