2000-03-09: Merciful Angels Defend Cove

Lake Superior Edition

Merciful Angels Defend Cove

Author: Autumn Sam Published: March 9, 2000

Many of our reports here at BNN have been focused on the going on in Trinsic, yet it is important to note that Trinsic is not the only city under siege these days. What about up north in lands almost forgotten? Near the mountains and nestled upon a coast lies the sleepy village of Cove, a destination for traveling mages and miners alike but the site of many gazers and headless creatures swarming the town with great frequency these days. It was last night when it was called to my attention that an attack was underway of violent magnitude. I quickly left Criden in Trinsic to monitor the situation after noting Trinsic was fairly well defended with its dozens of street patrollers. Unfortunately this was not the case in Cove. Blood spilling across the grasses with bodies strewn in disarray greeted my arrival. Dozens of people were already there fighting their way through troops of headless ones and gazers.

In the center of these gazers midway through the battle a golden one appeared, swirling and blinking, surveying the many brave warriors and mages who rushed to Cove’s aid, and quickly charging minions upon any who dared get close. In total, the battle raged onward for at nearly an hour last night (at least the bit of it I was able to see). Yet as quick as they came, the golden gazer and the headless horde accompanying it vanished with the only trace of its visit being corpses of both human and non-human alike upon the ground. No signs of this creature have been reported since.

Curiously, above the clanging of swords and magic I watched as a voice cried out to stop attacking the golden gazer as the masses descended upon it. The voice calling out this odd request belonged to none other than well respected Professor Clio Temesa of the Lycaeum. For what reason she did this was unknown, although afterwards Adia, a local resident and farmer commented, “I bets she was tryin’ ta study that thing. Best ta kill it, who cares what it wants. Crazy mages!”

Lady Temesa vanished quickly before I was able to catch up to her and find out what she was doing in the area at all and the group she was surrounded with when she left- comprised of a justice of the High Court and members of the esteemed Sisterhood of the Ivory Maiden- they visibly had their minds on other matters besides the battle that had ensued. I went to Moonglow at once hoping to have a word with her but to no avail. I then returned to the battle scene in Cove to speak with some of the local residents about this attack.

“She said she was looking for Serena," Elizabeth said. "Are ye here to help us? Please, these horrible monsters ruined all our crops!”

“But why was she looking for Serena?” I enquired.

“Who knows really, something about some shrines, but I just hope Serena comes back. We’d all be so lost without her.” Elizabeth stated, coughing violently.

“Milady are ye well?” I asked.

Elizabeth shook her head. “We’ve all been so sick for weeks now, there just isn’t enough of us to fight these things off as well as keep what little we do have safe. Its awful! Can ye help us?”

“The fish ain’t biting and we’re starving!” cried Henry, local fisherman, slamming his pole to the ground in anger.

“Just ’cause we aren’t from Trinsic doesn’t mean everythin’ is all peachy here," commented a man nearby, identifying himself as Gregor. "One of those fool mages said they got lots of guards all over Trinsic, but what about us, eh?”

Good readers, please be on the lookout for this woman Serena. Serena is described as having short light red hair, tanned skin, last seen wearing a blue dress and straw hat by the city gates of Cove. She may help at last shed some light on our beloved shrines that have been frozen. We here at the Cryer recommend safety measures be in use when traveling to any of our cities currently under siege.