2000-03-09: Rivendell Names Town Night Champion

Lake Superior Edition

Rivendell Names Town Night Champion

Author: PD Harris Published: March 9, 2000

An assortment of sixteen of the finest warriors assembled Wednesday evening in the player run town of Rivendell to put forth their expertise in the fine art of dueling. Viper, Cyric, Yarin Blackroot, Athenat, Badass, Pendragon, Kaveros, Gavin, Sabastian, Grims, DeeDee, Joe, Drenlock, Jurgen, Fins Orcbane, and Oleg Olafso gave it their all to proudly boast the title Town Night Champion. The competition consisted of three rounds of single elimination melee fighting. A total of three heals were allowed in each round which was fought until the death or submission of one of the combatants. After the completion of the third round only two fighters would remain unbeaten.

Oleg Olafso and Fins Orcbane found themselves eye to eye as the dust settled from the third round of battle. Each having won their respected rounds now would square off in the finale. Mayor Redrum of Rivendell dropped the laced handkerchief signaling the start. Both men charged one another; steel crashing against steel as they thrust and parried their way around the fort enclosure styled arena. The fight was well worth waiting for as the two seasoned gladiators raged at each other until Fins Orcbane dealt the final blow.

The awards ceremony was held immediately after the conclusion of the finale. Both the finalists, and all the contestants, were heralded for their strength and valor upon the Rivendell stage as the new Town Night Champion was crowned. Along with the boasting rights, Fins Orcbane received five thousand gold pieces and a full set of Valorite Grand Master Plate Mail. For his magnificent showing, Oleg Olafso received a full set Verite Plate Mail.

This was the first event of the New Year for the freshly formed Rivendell Events Committee, which shall be striving to hold a wide array of different events thought the year. Handing out a GM crafted weapon of choice to the first ten paid contestants, the event staff consisted of Mayor Redrum, Sable, Malacin, Prince, Dalamar, and Merlyssa with Senior Council member Shanna availing herself to show the highlights of the town itself.

The town is located to the Northeast of Skara Brae on the mainland and offers many fine amenities. More information on the town may be found at their information kiosk at http://www.members.home.net/unit. A magical site that is quite wondrous to the senses and rich in information.