2000-03-09: Warning To Sailors

Catskills Edition

Warning To Sailors

Author: The Maritime Guild Published: March 9, 2000

The Maritime Guild of Vesper wishes to warn all sailors about the sudden increase of attacks against ships made by water elementals during the last two weeks. Large amounts of elementals were seen traveling in groups, usually coming from swampy areas. An increased activity of lizardmen was also noticed, and many attacks were reported against a village known as the Virtue Village, in the duchy of Drachental, south of the Shrine Of Sacrifice.

While the meteorologists of the Lycaeum in Moonglow refuse to acknowledge any climatic changes that could account for the sudden increase in activity, some very localized and violent storms have been reported in the vicinity of the water elemental attacks. It has been speculated that perhaps the storms, the increased lizardmen activity and elemental attacks may be related in some fashion, but nothing has been proven thus far.