2000-05-12: Comments from Malentus

Comments from Malentus

May 12 2000 1:48PM

This was originally posted to Online Community Relations at[1]

I remember browsing the Internet a few years ago and coming across a bit of text regarding something new - a game that would be called Ultima Online. Having played Ultima since Exodus (Ultima 3), I was very curious. Fortune was with me as I was accepted into what was termed a “pre-alpha” testing of Ultima Online. It was nothing more then the town of Britain and some nearby woods. It was very basic compared to today’s UO, but I was hooked. Staying close to any news I could find about UO, I also entered both Phase one and Phase two of the open beta test. Finally day one ofUO’s release arrived, and I was there with my first character. From one corner of Britannia to the other I traveled, until I desired to become a counselor. Helping others was something I enjoyed within Ultima Online. There is so much to know about UO that no one person can possibly know all. I felt by doing my part I could help others and spread knowledge about this game that I love.

Last August, I became a Game Master. My goals while being a Game Master have been to uphold the guidelines of the game, and to continue to help players needing assistance. I might have met you in UO once or twice, most recently as Senior Game Master Perkons.

My goals as Online Community Coordinator will remain the same, to remain committed to knowledge and integrity. There are the smaller teams of Development, Online Support, Interest, and Community Relations. However I feel that all of these - including you, the community, are part of the larger team. As my teammate, your concerns need to be heard by me. You have invested time to be on this team, and I respect that. I greatly value knowledge and making sure that I stay on top of whatever is happening. I am new to this position and will no doubt make mistakes. However, I am surrounded by outstanding folks both within Origin and among the players of UO as well. I hope to hear from you soon, or perhaps see you within UO.

Malentus UO Online Community Coordinator