2000-05-16: Forbidden “Tome Of The Blood Candles” Found

Sonoma Edition

Forbidden “Tome Of The Blood Candles” Found

Author: Stav Korwell Published: May 16, 2000

A group of adventurers, led by Jurri the Rogue, recently unearthed an ancient tome in a treasure chest on a small island north of Trinsic. Jurri revealed that this book, called “Tome of the Blood Candles”, had been written by a band of dark monks who engaged in forbidden arcane practices. According to the Rogue, he had been employed to retrieve the Tome by Vilendra, the Emerald Enchantress.

According to Jurri, the Emerald Enchantress has bigger plans than just dalliance with Bryce. Vilendra’s specialty is magical spells which control the thoughts of others. The evil sorceress claims that if she casts three great spells, when the spells are completed and aligned with each other she will have the power to control the minds of everyone! Vilendra is now gathering artifacts and ingredients for the three spells of power, and the ‘Tome of the Blood Candles’ contains secrets of making the forbidden Blood Candles to use in one of her arcane rites.

Doria now seeks to find Vilendra, for she knows that if she finds the lair of the Enchantress, there she will find her husband, Bryce. She also is concerned with the rumors about the three great spells Vilendra plans and wishes to stop the evil sorceress at all costs.

Adventurers who want to help Doria find Vilendra and thwart her evil plans are invited to come to Doria’s tent in Skara Brae any Tuesday at 7 PM PST. Doria’s tent is just north of the Skara bank.