2000-05-17: Jon “Calandryll” Hanna interview with

Jon “Calandryll” Hanna interview with

Jinx: Well

Jinx: I was going to ask the pre-req questions

Jinx: How’s the new job...blah...blah...blah

Calandryll: hehe

Jinx: but I thought those would be really boring

Calandryll: why am I getting worried :P

Jinx: so I'll ask the ones we really want to hear

Calandryll: lol, ok

Jinx: and play a little game also perhaps

Jinx: lets begin

Calandryll: sure

Jinx: How long until you are producer of UO2?

Calandryll: Haha, I figure I'll skip that step and go after Tyrant's job.

Jinx: haha

Jinx: Fair enough, how long until you have Tyrant's job?

Calandryll: Give me some time, I still need to learn my role here as a manager. One thing at a time. :)

Jinx: Ok, ok.

Jinx: Since you are now the official lead of the OCRAP team

Jinx: I have to ask

Jinx: why are you still on the Dev Board 500000 times a day?

Jinx: Isn't there like an underling to do that?

Calandryll: Well first of all, I like posting on the boards, second

Calandryll: I am still training Melantus, he has been on the boards since they opened.

Jinx: What the training procedure like?

Calandryll: I don't expect to stop posting on the boards though, I even posted on the fansite boards recently.

Jinx: Tell him which hot keys write "Ill check into that"

Jinx: "ill pass this along to the Dev Team"

Calandryll: haha! Actually yes, but more importantly, how to actually check into someting and when to forward something along

Calandryll: When we say stuff like that, we actually mean it. :)

Jinx: I know you do

Jinx: I wouldnt suggest otherwise

Jinx: Since we are on the subject

Jinx: how does he check into things?

Calandryll: well it depends on what the issue (you knew it would not be long until I used that word) is.

Calandryll: Sometimes it's as simple as calling a dev member

Jinx: do they call block you?

Calandryll: other times we log into the game and test a bug report real quick before forwarding it to QA.

Calandryll: Nope, although sometimes I bet they'd like to...but then we'd just walk to their offices and bust the door down. :P

Jinx: So you are teaching Melantus to kick in doors

Jinx: excellent

Jinx: Thats my type of training program

Calandryll: yup, gotta speak up around here!

Jinx: OK back to the really important questions

Jinx: Did you kill Lord British in U9?

Jinx: Were you even able to play U9?

Calandryll: Nah, but someone here showed it to me.

Jinx: So there was a working version somewhere...that rumor is confirmed

Jinx: Thanks

Calandryll:* Calandryll refuses to go there

Calandryll: :P

Jinx: That'll make a nice quote

Calandryll: I'm sure

Jinx: Of course I could lose whole log for 2 towers and a castle

Calandryll: But you can only have one house per account per shard. :)

Jinx: You can buy a new account for $9.95 -- wouldn't seem so hard dontcha know?

Calandryll: hehe, sometimes I think I am the only person with one account

Jinx: Nah, I know like 4 other people who defintely, possitively have only one account

Jinx: that they play regularly that is

Jinx: Do you even still play UO?

Jinx: or just refresh housing while waiting for Trammel?

Calandryll: sure, i play about 3 nights a week

Calandryll: lol, i dont have a house..yet :)

Calandryll: I just bought a deed for my villa a week ago though.

Jinx: No house? why not buy one from ebay?

Jinx: They are dirt cheap now

Calandryll: no thanks, I prefer to buy things with gold rather than dollars

Jinx: so are you against eBay in general?

Calandryll: not necessarily against it, just that I don't see myself doing it

Jinx: Im the same way

Jinx: Unless someone offers me $2000 for my account

Jinx: Im not that righteous ya know

Calandryll: haha!

Calandryll: I can't imgaine selling "Calandryll

Jinx: Speaking of righteous, do you still PK "righteously"?

Jinx: Who would want to buy Calandryll?

Jinx: People would badger you with questions everywhere

Calandryll: actually, I've been attacked and fought back 5 times since UO:R

Calandryll: I still play in Felucca for the most part

Jinx: were you red?

Jinx: did you win?

Calandryll: Nope, I was blue

Calandryll: yes, 4 times they got away, the fifth one I killed :)

Jinx: Right on.

Jinx: I try to not to lose as often as possible myself.

Jinx: Any new info about UO2 you want to share while here?

Jinx: Beta date perhaps?

Calandryll: Hehe, well playing a character named "Calandryll" often draws attention :)

Jinx: You actually play as Calandryll?

Calandryll: sure do

Calandryll: he's the only character I ever played for the most part

Calandryll:* Calandryll notices he dodged the uo2 question quite nicely

Calandryll: :P

Jinx: Wow.

Calandryll: seriously, no, i dont have a beta date or even a guestimate for one

Jinx: Talk about being a moving target

Calandryll: haha, actually, you'd be surprised, most people who recognize me dont attack me, even the reds

Jinx: Of course you dont, there is no UO2, notice I didnt ask about UWOO :)

Jinx: I figured you'd be attacked more

Calandryll: i've had conversations with reds in dungeons quite a few times

Jinx: An awful lot of precasting withdrawl victims out there.

Calandryll: well i dont attack first, unless I know the person, and then if they are someone i want to attack, i dont care if they are red or blue :)

Jinx: So you can confirm that reds do speak words other than 'Corp Por' or 'An Ex Por'?

Calandryll: yup!

Jinx: Wow. Who woulda thunk it?

Calandryll: hehe, reds are players just like everyone else, just different styles

Calandryll: that's why i like Trammel/Felucca so much

Jinx: People would debate that but I'll take your word for it

Calandryll: lol

Jinx: Ok, now you are really starting to sound like a company spokesperson

Jinx: Step away from the OSI PR manual!

Jinx: I gotta ask this

Calandryll: ok

Jinx: Whats with the 'enhanced' feamle form popping up on the UO:R box?

Jinx: And why wasnt I asked to be on the inside cover?

Calandryll: you'd have to ask the marketing folks about the female on the cover

Calandryll: well do you catch for the Mets? :)

Jinx: No, but Im a Mets season ticket holder

Calandryll: hmmm, close enough then!

Jinx: I see how things are...lemme go join the Lakers and maybe Ill be on the cover of UO: Titanium Edition!

Calandryll: Well I dunno about the lakers, but if the Steelers sign you, we can talk. :)

Jinx: Steelers? Bleah.

Jinx: Last real question before ya get to play

Calandryll: ok

Jinx: How come you are always wearing a dress in UO cartoons featuring you?

Jinx: Am I missing something?

Calandryll:* Calandryll sighs

Calandryll: yea, when i first started here, people on the boards thought I was a female

Calandryll: Especially on Stratics

Calandryll: of course the new trend in the comics is killing me off each episode...I feel like Kenny

Jinx: Please, I have yet to live in any comic (all 2) I've been in

Jinx: At least you get to talk before dying

Calandryll: the dress thing started in an Another Mad Tower comic if memory serves

Jinx: Those AMT bastards

Jinx: I'll get em for you

Calandryll: lol

Jinx: Ready to play "Who Wants to be a UO Millionaire"?

Calandryll: um, can i answer "no" to that?

Calandryll: :P

Jinx: no you cant

Jinx: know why you cant?

Calandryll: damn, then yes I am ready

Jinx: because I got 20 of the most pissed off UDIC members to write these questions

Calandryll: oh no that's just wrong!

Jinx: They want to know if anyone associated with UO really knows Ultima

Calandryll: oh boy, here we go

Jinx: Yea they are kind of bitter about some things (too many to mention)

Jinx: You have to qualify first, so put these in chronological order

Jinx: from earliest to latest

Calandryll: ok

Jinx: A) Birth of Christ B) Ultima IV comes out C) Marilyn Monroe in Playboy D) UWO:O comes out

Calandryll: a, c, b, d (even though this has not happened yet :P)

Jinx: Correct!

Jinx: Wow, Im feeling like Regis

Jinx: except no black suit

Jinx: or stage

Calandryll: you didnt ask if that was my final answer :P

Jinx: or $20 million

Jinx: well then you better get it right the first time!

Calandryll: lol

Jinx: All righty then

Jinx: For 100 gold pieces

Jinx: What symbol is used to represent Lord British's monarchy

Calandryll: the silver serpent

Jinx: A) Gold Fist B) Steel Sword C) Silver Serpent D) Wooden Staff

Jinx: Dammit

Jinx: Have to let me finish!

Calandryll: lol you need to move faster! :P

Calandryll: ok ok

Jinx: haha

Jinx: fine

Jinx: since you seem to know the easy ones

Jinx: we'll just skip ahead

Calandryll:* Calandryll shudders

Jinx: For 1000 gold pieces

Jinx: What game is considered to not have any connection to the Ultima Series

Jinx: A)Martian Dreams B)Ultima Underworld C)Ultima Legends D)Ultima 9

Jinx: Do you need a lifeline?

Calandryll: hmmm, i don't recall there being an "Ultima Legends" game

Jinx: is that your final answer?

Calandryll: yea I'll have to go with that

Jinx: Correct!

Jinx: Well, you are on your way arent you?

Calandryll: hehe was trying to remember Martian Dreams, didn;t get very far in that one

Calandryll: looks like it!

Jinx: Dont look at me, other people wrote all the Ultima questions

Calandryll: oh i thought you were joking about that

Jinx: Please.

Calandryll: lol

Jinx: I got most of these wrong

Jinx: but then again I dont work for Origin

Jinx: ewrrr


Jinx: whatever

Jinx: Lets skip to the 8000 gold piece question

Calandryll: ok sure

Jinx: Who was the lead Adversary in U3?

Jinx: A) Minax B)Exodus C)Terry Bradshaw D)The Shadowlords

Calandryll: B

Jinx: correct

Jinx: damn they mixed up the questions

Jinx: I even knew that one

Calandryll: lol

Jinx: 16,000 gold pieces

Jinx: What game were OPHIDIANS first introduced?

Jinx: A) Ultima Online B) Ultima 7: Serpent Isle C) Ultima 8: Pagan D) Ultima Underworld

Jinx: life line?

Jinx: remove half the wrong answers?

Jinx: run down the hall and ask someone?

Calandryll: nah, i'm pretty sure it's B

Jinx: final answer?

Calandryll: yea B

Jinx: Correct!

Jinx: Good thing I macroed tailoring last year or I wouldnt be able to pay you later!

Jinx: 32,000 gold piece question

Calandryll: hah, attended I hope!

Jinx: of course. Im too pure a soul to macro unattended

Jinx: In what game did the 3 stooges make an appearance?

Jinx: A) Ultima Underworld B) The Savage Empire C) Ultima 7 D) System Shock

Calandryll: you might have gotten me with that one

Jinx: run down the hall?

Jinx: ICQ someone at Stratics?

Calandryll: nope, if i get it wrong then i get it wrong :P

Calandryll: hmmmm

Jinx: courageous

Jinx: foolish but courageous

Calandryll: yea yea

Calandryll: i'd have to go with U7, I remember lots of weird stuff in that game, although not the stooges, lol

Jinx: is that your final answer? remember you have actual Ultima game designers in your vicinity for help...

Calandryll: yea i know, but where's the fun in asking someone?

Jinx: You are.....

Jinx: Incorrect

Calandryll: figures

Jinx: It was B) The Savage Empire

Jinx: So Sorry

Calandryll: hah, i never played that one, should have known

Jinx: I wanted you to make it to the million gold question

Jinx: really I did

Jinx: that one was a doozy

Calandryll: yup

Calandryll: so what's my consolation prize?

Jinx: You did win 16,000 gold pieces

Jinx: to be collected at the shard of your choice

Calandryll: lol

Jinx: plus you get an autographed Jinx is King T-shirt

Jinx: a $18.99 value

Calandryll: damn, i'd love to see what the other questions were

Calandryll: do i have to wear it?

Jinx: I'll fire up one more

Jinx: no you dont

Calandryll: cool, then i'll take it

Jinx: but it is the HEIGHT of Kool

Calandryll: ha

Jinx: last one just so other people at Origin know whats coming for them

Calandryll: ok

Jinx: What was not considered the virtue of the Guardian?

Jinx: A) Vigiliance B) Punctuality C) Diligence D) Respect

Calandryll: B

Jinx: final answer?

Calandryll: yea

Jinx: Well, while the Guardian was always late for company mixers

Jinx: the correct answer was D

Calandryll: Sheesh, that's it, I am going back to selling security alarms

Jinx: hahaha

Jinx: I'd like to thank you for being such a good sport and staying around on a Friday to humor me

Calandryll: anytime Jinx, thanks for making me look like a fool :P

Jinx: Anytime.

Calandryll: lol

Jinx: After the interview Calandryll told me a few things in confidence, like he wishes he could blow up the Dev Board, likes to drink orange juice right of the container and how he thinks he’s only 2-3 years away from taking over all of EA. He’s just a swell all around guy.