2000-05 Newsletter

Ultima Online Newsletter: May 2000

Ultima Online Newsletter - May
Your source for Ultima Online News, Features, and Special Offers
1. UO Message Boards Open
2. Introducing AOL Legends
3. Rediscover Britannia Today
4. UO Buddy Program Begins
5. In Concept: Rewards
6. May Spotlight Tales

UO Message Boards Open
Trammel? Felucca? Discuss, debate, and decide your facet preference, among other topics, on our new Ultima Online Message Boards.
Topics of discussion include:
- Connectivity
- Development
- Role-playing
- In-Game Support
- Trading and Selling
To participate in the message boards, you'll need a free MyUO account. Just register and you'll be enjoying the message boards in just a few minutes!
The Ultima Online Message Boards are located at:

Introducing AOL Legends
Enjoy Ultima Online on America Online!
We are happy to announce the opening of AOL Legends, our 22nd Ultima Online shard - available exclusively on America Online.
AOL Legends is named in honor of one of the first graphical online role-playing games, Legends of Kesmai.
For additional information on AOL Legends, please visit America Online keyword: Ultima, or keep an eye on for shard updates.

Rediscover Britannia Today
For a limited time, former Ultima Online players are invited to rediscover the magic of Britanna - FREE!
Come back to Britannia today and we'll pick up the tab for your first month of gameplay, while you explore all the great new features offered in Ultima Online: Renaissance.
For more details on this offer, and to rediscover Britannia

Ultima Online Buddy Program Begins
Introduce your friends to Britannia and earn free gameplay!
We've made it easy to earn credit - just have your friends provide us with your email address when they sign up. We keep track of everything and award you with a Game Time coupon as soon as you've earned it.
For each friend you bring to the world of Britannia, you will receive one month of free gameplay when your friend reaches three months of consecutive gameplay in Britannia.
For rules, details, and tips, visit the What's New section of our website.
You will find the information in the May 8th update titled "Introducing the Ultima Online Buddy Program".

In Concept: Rewards
Everyone likes presents, right?
We certainly do, and that's just what we plan to give our loyal Ultima Online players!
The UO Rewards Program - now appearing in In Concept - is our plan for rewarding our long-term players with a choice of special items including; black dye tubs, uniquely hued cloaks and robes, Bless Deeds, and more.
Stop by In Concept to read our plans for this program, and share your opinion with us!
For information on the UO Rewards program, please visit In Concept

May Spotlight Tales
Ultima Online is filled with warriors, mages, monsters and treasures - and the stories you create. This month we're spotlighting tales of your exciting Ultima Online adventures.
The schedule of May spotlights is:
May 5th: Guardians of Treasure
May 12th: Battle at Blackcomb
May 19th: A Tale of Buccaneer's Den
May 26th: A Tale of Yew
To read these tales, please visit the Spotlight section of the website