2000-09-18: A Secret In The Jhelom Pit?

Drachenfels Edition

A Secret In The Jhelom Pit?

Author: Calor of Minoc Published: September 18, 2000

Beloved Lily,

I have now been working for a week here at Jhelom and although it is hard work, it is fulfilling. There is nothing like seeing the fruits of your toil blossom. The different structures, additions and changes we are making to the Dueling Pits are a challenge both for the mind and the body. Luckily I have my two apprentices, Elias and Seras, at my disposal. We have just finished building a stage and throne that would be worthy of our King. I have the finest tools and resources at my disposal and it is a pleasure to work with them.

What these structures will be for are still hard to discern. I have a large network of people that I order supplies from and relay information to on how the work is proceeding. I order resources from a dozen trades people, lumberjacks, miners and tinkers. I receive changes to the plans and approval of work from no less than two aldermen, three emissaries and half a score of clerks, all from different lords I think.

I can make a calculated guess, though. You see, last eve we had to work late. We are not behind in our work, but apparently some changes to the schedule were made. I had to oversee the repair and construction of several huge cages that would hold no less than a dragon or demon! Then, early this morning some ten warriors and tamers returned with strange cage-like wagons. They were all covered, but I could hear the moan of beasts from inside.

Alas, I shall not speculate. I am a humble craftsman and it is not suited for me to guess about the business of other men. Whatever we are building, it will be huge and I am proud of my work here - the job as construction master is rewarding. The pay is plenty and mayhap we can finally start that little business we have been talking about.

I miss you and I hope to see you soon.

With love and respect from your husband,

Calor of Minoc.