2000-09-18: Thain Returns Home

Catskills Edition

Thain Returns Home

Author: Thain Fallshorn Published: September 18, 2000

Notes from Thain Fallshorn’s personal journal:

Journal Entry #16 - First day out of Winterfell

So it’s finally over. Yesterday my old foe, Ventryn, was redeemed and my memory has returned it seems. Things in Winterfell have finally settled down so I am off to see my mother in Trinsic has I had originally planned. I do hope she is ok.

Journal Entry #17 - Third day out of Winterfell

I cannot believe the hold that Minax has upon the land. There are far fewer travelers about now. And it seems that the monsters multiply faster than I thought possible. I have slain more creatures in my journey so far then ever I can remember. And I’m not even half way to Trinsic yet!

Journal Entry #18 - Fourth day out of Winterfell

I’ve almost reached Trinsic. It’s nightfall now and I can see the lights from the city itself in the distance. But I’m going to camp out here for the night. The road has become to dangerous to travel at night. Even for a short distance.

Journal Entry #19 - Fifth day out of Winterfell

I’m writing this as I stand on the bridge near my home. It’s good to see my home of Trinsic alive and well again. When last I left here the cursed lich Jou’nar had my home under his boot. I am glad the city is ours once again. Although I can still see a few signs of the terrible battles that took place here not long ago. Ah enough of that. On to my home and reunion with my beloved mother at last! Won’t she be surprised to learn what trouble the sword that father passed on to me turned out to be.

Journal Entry #20 - Second day out of Trinsic

I still cannot believe it. Five days ago I arrived here in Trinsic. I was full of hope at seeing my mother and my home once more. I arrived at my family home only to find it full of neighbors, and other people I barely know as well as distant relatives I’d not seen in many years. I was quite curious as to why they were all here. I soon found out, much to my regret.

My mother lay in her bed. Dying from old age it seemed. Her body finally giving out after the long labors of her life. I spoke but a few words to her. Asking her forgiveness for being away from her when she needed me. She said there was nothing to forgive. That she knew I loved her and that everything would be all right. She died in my arms then. I can honestly tell you that I have never wept as much as I had then. I was now totally alone in this world. All those I held dear have now passed on.

We buried her two days later and I left Trinsic the next day. No longer wishing to stay in this place that just yesterday felt so much like home.

It seems that something is calling me to Moonglow. I’ve had strange feelings ever sense taking possession of the Relics of Stormguard. So I shall journey there and see what strange things await me. For I no

Strange Appearances of a Lady In Blue

Justus, Moonglow Reporter