2000-10-17: Attacks By Rogue Dragon Intensify Across Felucca

Napa Valley Edition

Attacks By Rogue Dragon Intensify Across Felucca

Author: Britainnia Rangers Guild Published: October 17, 2000

Over the past two weeks, reports of attacks a by malevolent red dragon have increased to an alarming level. Regions outside of Vesper, Britain, Grimoire, Yew, and the Village of Virtue have all witnessed severe fire damage resulting from this creature’s attacks.

Travelers are advised to be on the lookout for a fire-breathing dragon that has claimed the areas around several towns as its hunting ground. According to eyewitnesses, the beast, which has a ravenous appetite, seems uninterested in eating humans, but has not hesitated to kill those who attack it. During each of the various attacks, local adventurers attempted to slay the beast, but conventional melee weapons, poison, and fire-based magical attacks seem to have no effect, as the dragon’s regenerative abilities are exceptionally well developed. In addition to the normal fire-breathing abilities, the beast’s presence also seems to attract fire elementals, which add to the damage of each attack. Reports indicate that the beast is intelligent, however travelers are urged not to attempt any sort of negotiations with it, should they encounter it in the wilderness. Until a way is devised to slay or capture this rogue dragon, encounters with it should be dealt with very carefully.