2000-11-15: Sightings In The Nujel'm Courthouse

Pacific Edition

Sightings In The Nujel’m Courthouse

Author: Sammi Hushenhoy Published: November 15, 2000

T’was only the other week that I was journeying from town to town in Trammal, gathering what news I could find. When I came across a lil’ ol’ woman near the Nujelm Courthouse. She was muttering and sputtering about ‘the ghost’. I inquired as to what she spoke of and the tale she told was quite horrific. It seems that a headless beast appeared in one of the cells while the old woman, Channa, was cleaning the cell for the next inmate. While she was folding up the sheets, this ghastly headless armored body appeared. Breena told me it seemed to wander around lost before it disappeared again down the halls.

I spoke with several guards who were on duty that evening and heard the old woman’s screams, but did not see the Spectre. A few others have claimed to have seen a similar spectre roaming the streets chasing after an old man. From the information gathered from witnesses, this reporter believes that the old man may very well be Cirrus Ferban, who went missing in Jhelom Felucca only a few weeks ago.

Any information on the whereabouts of Cirrus Ferban or this unknown spectre would be appreciated!