2001-02-27: A Thank You From Kaeryn

Siege Perilous Edition

A Thank You From Kaeryn

Author: Sabrina Rouell Published: February 27, 2001

Here I was, sitting in the local tavern of Vesper, gathering any local stories I could find from the patrons, when a young girl came wandering in looking somewhat lost. She walked towards me and handed me a tattered piece of paper, and asked that I print it in the next issue of the newspaper. Before I could get any further information, the girl had vanished. I decided to read the note right then, instead of waiting to get back to the press: Wondering what this was all about, I started asking questions around Vesper, to see if any citizens knew anything about the ordeal. Apparently, Kaeryn had created her very first marked spear, and was sending it to her brother in Yew when Brigands attacked the caravan that carried it. They robbed the crates dry. Kaeryn wanted her spear returned, so she had asked the warriors help her get it back. Although the warriors saw death, they eventually succeeded and retrieved the spear. I gather that Kaeryn didn’t know how else to thank them, so decided to write the note. Kaeryn, here is your message as well as a second one from me. Thank you for your persistence in locating and returning the spear that Kaeryn had worked so hard to make. I am honored to work for a community that stops what they are doing to assist others. Thank you!

“Please kind lady, put a message in your newspaper to thank the warriors that helped me find and retrieve my very first marked spear. It was very dear to me. Please thank them in the way you know best. Kaeryn”