2001-03-11: Qua’Tel And The Siege Against Yew

Catskills Edition

Qua’Tel And The Siege Against Yew

Author: Ferran Azelle Published: March 11, 2001

The battle against Artarion continues, recently following Qua’Tel’s re-emergence from hiding and a massive attack against the city of Yew.

Several days ago Qua’Tel returned to the city of Yew after a lengthy absence. The last time Qua’Tel had been seen was after being supposedly drained of his elemental powers by two unknown individuals utilizing the power of a mysterious staff. Qua’Tel was then located outside the city limits of Yew, and vanished soon after that. According to Qua’Tel his return to his residence within dungeon Shame was necessary to regain his strength and complete control of the elements. With Artarion’s construction of the Conversion Crystals and the recent increase in attacks, Qua’Tel deemed his return to Yew necessary. Together with the citizens of Yew, a force was gathered to search for an old friend of Qua’Tel’s that could possibly provide information that could ensure a conviction against Ventryn in his eventual trial.

A few days later a sizeable group of adventurers gathered outside the Empath Abbey in Trammel, awaiting additional information from Qua’Tel. Qua’Tel explained that they would be searching for Fann, a healer of Jhelom and a long time friend of Qua’Tel. With haste the group departed for Jhelom, Qua’Tel’s former home. Once in Jhelom the adventurers quickly sought out the Jhelom Healer Building and witnessed a gruesome sight within. Inside the adventurers observed blood-covered floors and walls, with a pair of bloodied thigh boots lying in the far corner of the room.

Although the presence of blood within a healer’s is not uncommon, the vast amount of blood arose suspicions among the group. Some cited the possibility of a recent operation taking place, while others suspected foul play. Nevertheless, the adventurers had little time to waste and quickly located a log of patients that supposedly listed all patients within the last month. After careful examinations, a few adventurers recognized the name of the Jhelom pit master, Tykryon Valier. The adventurers regrouped and then departed for the nearby home of Pit master Valier.

Adventurers found Tykryon tending to chores around his home and quickly began discussing the gruesome sight within the healer’s as well as questions regarding the stomach illness he was treated for. The discussion was soon redirected to conversation regarding any unusual occurrences within the city of Jhelom. Tykryon did recall a discussion he overheard while being treated which he assumed was taking place between two healers - apparently one of the individuals was traveling to Serpent’s Hold. Bidding farewell and thanks, the adventurers once again regrouped and made preparations for a trip to Serpent’s Hold.

Once within the city, the group located Fann fishing next to his boat, apparently just recently arriving in Serpent’s Hold. Qua’Tel and Fann greeted one another and reminisced briefly before Qua’Tel began questioning him about recent events within Jhelom. Fann explained that he witnessed a mysterious, long haired, armor-clad individual searching Qua’Tel’s former library on occasion but could not discern if the individual was male or female. Fann feared that if the individual became aware of his friendship with Qua’Tel he could be in danger as well, which was the decision behind his trip to Serpent’s Hold. After a bit more discussion, the adventurers bid farewell to Fann and departed for Empath Abbey.

Almost immediately after reaching Yew, an attack was set upon the adventurers. Wave after wave of both ice and fire creatures assaulted the adventurers, some even infiltrating the abbey itself. Immediately adventurers deemed Artarion responsible for the attack as they continued to battle against the onslaught of beasts. To the dismay of the defenders, undead began filtering into the army of beasts that had been set against them. Although Artarion was clearly responsible for the ice and fire creatures, many until the arrival of Scaramandine the Elder - questioned the reason for the undead presence. Scaramandine, whose evil influence is widely known, especially in Felucca, appeared to taunt the gathering of defenders. Scaramandine also made quick work of Qua’Tel, uttering odd words of power resulting in a flash of lightning and the disappearance of Qua’Tel. Scaramandine continued to command undead against the defenders and soon Artarion appeared to command his army and taunt the gathering of adventurers. However, Artarion quickly lost interest in taunting the defenders and departed, with Scaramandine following suit soon thereafter. The evening concluded with the bloodied bodies of both defenders and beasts littering the area surrounding Empath Abbey.

Yet again more questions stem from recent events. What occurred within the walls of the Jhelom Healer Building? Merely an operation or a gruesome murder? Who is the mysterious individual that Fann claimed to see within the Jhelom library? Why were Scaramandine the Elder and Artarion working together, and will such an alliance occur again? As these questions are answered I will pass the information along to you.

Safe travels and best of luck.