2002-04 Newsletter

Ultima Online Newsletter: April 2002

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hail citizen

It is far too long since last we met! Much has happened in the land of Britannia as you will soon see. Our world is growing and changing in many ways sure to please you. But, don't take our word for it, read on and be amazed!

what's new

dragon armour Wondering what the next big thing will be? Well, in addition to the changes coming in our next major publish, those who play the 3D client are about to have their socks knocked off by our new avatar art and the new wearables for both male and female characters that we'll be adding into Ultima Online over the next several months. Want to take a look? Check out an example of the new female armor. Don't like that face? There will be plenty others to choose from! Keep in mind that the final result could look different, since this is an early look at what could be one of the most impressive additions yet to the 3D UO client!

developer's diary

Anyone who enjoys getting a good look behind the scenes will want to check out the most recent article in our series of Developer Diaries, posted at MGON. In this one, Designer Helios explains some of the thought processes behind changing the new player experience. If you've been wanting to get a closer look into UO's design, but you've missed out on some of our past offerings, you can find a list of the recent Developer Diaries from several different members of our development team, along with links to help you find them.

Dear Dawn,
I am a collector of all things "Ultima Online" and I was wondering if you knew of any great deals in the on-line marketplace? - CrazyCollector
dragon Hi CrazyCollector,

As a matter of fact, you can get a limited first edition Ultima Online Pewter Dragon created by Rawcliffe Pewter Collectables (the first Dragon in the UO series released originally at the November 2000 FanFest event) for a special price of $24.95 from the UO Shoppes. These amazing dragons normally retail for $30, but while supplies last, you can get one at the special price!


Dear Dawn,
I was just wondering when I can get a set of Ultima Online action figures that were designed by McFarlane?
- Just Wondering

Hello Just Wondering,

The set of 6 highly detailed McFarlane action figures of Lord Blackthorn, Captain Dasha, the Juggernaut, Warlord Kabur, Adranath, and the Ancient Wyrm are all available now at your favorite McFarlane toy retailer. What I want to know is where is MY Action Figure!?


Todd McFarlane UO Action Figures!

Find a cool, collectible, Todd McFarlane (creator of SpawnTM) Lord Blackthorn mini action figure inside new Ultima Online Lord Blackthorn's Revenge boxes - for a limited time only! Then get the entire line of UO action figures from McFarlane Toys. There are six, in all!

  • Lord Blackthorn
  • Captain Dasha
  • Warlord Kabur
  • Adranath
  • Juggernaut
  • Ancient Wyrm

Ultima Online Lord Blackthorn's Revenge Sweepstakes

Now through March 31, 2002, enter for a chance to win the full UO action figure set, all six figures signed by Todd McFarlane! Click here to enter. There are plenty of other UO prizes, too, so enter today! And don't worry if you don't win the big prize. You can find the entire UO action figure line at your favorite local U.S. game retailer!

Oh, the changes they're a comin'... If you've been waiting for some real change in UO, you'll be amazed to see all the new ideas we have in the works! Stop by the In Concept section and the Development section to see some ideas that have been posted on things from new ideas on PvP, to major reworks of some of the skills, to a Bulk Order Deed system for Tailors. Once you've seen what's in our heads, we want to hear what's in yours on the UO Boards. Come log in and tell us how you think we can make your game even better!

Fare thee well, and safe journeys!

Your Ultima Online Team