2002-05-01: Grok Speaks

Grok Speaks

Mar 1 2002 11:10AM

This was originally posted to Quality Assurance at[1]

Greetings all! I'm Grok, Quality Assurance Tester. This is an exciting time, as I'm sure you know. We released the Lord Blackthorn's Revenge expansion on the twelfth of February. This release is the culmination of many months of hard work and long hours, and we are finally seeing the fruits of our labors. I don't need to recite the feature list of LBR as they are lauded in numerous other places. Instead, I'll focus on QA's role in bringing the product to store shelves.

First off, our unofficial motto in QA is: "Silence is louder than applause". What this means is that if we've done our job, no one notices. While this may not seem to be the most glorious position, I am certainly extremely proud of our contribution. This was my first shipped title, and I couldn't have picked a better project to work on. QA as a whole has spent many a late night in the office making sure LBR had as successful a release as possible.

I've been with Origin for almost ten months now, and the last few months have easily been the most exciting. Since I've been here, we have released LBR and have gone through three major publishes. However, our Fan Event was by far the most fun and exciting project I've participated in as of yet. I played UO for over 2 years, and participating in the event and talking to all the players was an amazingly nostalgic experience. I really enjoyed talking with those of you who were there. In fact, it was actually helpful as I got a better idea of the mindset of the hardcore player base and have a new outlook on what shape the players feel the game should take in the future.

That's about it for me, but as I'm now in charge of reviewing bug reports we receive in both the [email protected] and [email protected] mailboxes, I feel obligated to make a few statements regarding the function of those boxes. First, I would like to make it abundantly clear that I read every single report I receive. Second, when submitting a bug report, please-please-please provide steps to reproduce whatever issue you are reporting. The quicker we can make the issue occur on our side, the sooner that issue will be fixed. And finally, if you need immediate help with an issue, we have specific support groups which are described at These specialized teams are trained and eager to assist.

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