2002: UO-Europe Interview with GM Darkness

Interview with GM Darkness

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Why the name Darkness?

Darkness comes from a comic book character and I liked the artwork of it. Also, my role in RPG’s is more the darkside then the “Light and Paladin” site, bah!

What is your job?

It is customer service and we assist players ingame with our characters and different available tools to resolve issues they might have. We do not interfere with the gameplay, unless there is an exploit, harassment etc. going on. Next of being active and available on the actual game, we do also answer support and harassment Emails, talk to our volunteers and co GM’s in the states through chat channels. Please find more details about our job ingame at:

What`s the best part of your job?

Working in the actual game itself and not “just on the phone or Email”,doing customer support and representing UO. Also of course, the direct contact to all our players in this medievil environment. Thinking, the player and me are in front of PC’s and we meet “Virtual” with characters in another land, stand and chat in front of eachothers is quiet funny and special.

And the worst?

Scam, harassment and exploit calls. It’s hard to understand, why you have to behave asocial, impolite (even racial) and unfair, only because you can hide behind your monitors and characters. Having only one target in mind: to destroy someone else’s game…it’s just plain sadL. We have zero tolerance for any of this behaviour and someone with this attitude shouldn’t play any POW’s games at all. Even it’s a game, it is also a functioning “virtual” world and this has nothing to do there. We have enough of that in the real world already.

What would you be if you weren`t a GM?

For sure any other position in the games industries….

What has been the most memorable call you`ve had?

A player who took a several NPC’s “hostage” in the woods (the NPC’s were surrounded by chests and they couldn’t escape) and threat us to kill them, if we won’t assist…

What`s in your backpack at the moment?

Nothing at all, if I need something I create it…….oh yes, there is one thing: A bunch of flames which you can throw on the ground and they will flame eternally.

And your favourite band/tune?

There are several bands I like, mainly: Pearl Jam, Seven Mary Three, Creed, Faith No More, Alice in chains

In a film of UO, who would play you?

It wouldn’t matter, you can’t recognize our faces under the robes anyway

Your message to the world? Don’t do to others, what you couldn’t accept being done to you.