2003-10-01: Cultist - "I Know Where Minax Is"

Global Edition

Cultist - “I Know Where Minax Is”

Author: Abigail Lia Published: October 1, 2003

A mysterious figure was recently arrested during investigations into the recent assaults against the city of Moonglow. Although claiming to be a representative of the Council of Mages, it was soon discovered that this person was actually a member of the Shadowlord cult.

The ruling council of Britannia has interrogated the cultist, but little information has been revealed to the public at this time. Authorities say that the cultist attempted to gain favor by revealing the time and location of a pivotal congress between Minax and her generals. The council states that they have sent a detachment of the Royal Britannian Guard to reconnoiter this meeting place.

Claims from loyal Britannians assert that the Royal Guard has already confronted Minax, and that she and one or more of her generals escaped during the resulting fracas. The ruling council would not comment on these rumors at this time, but have confirmed that warrants have been issued that call for the arrest of Minax and her generals.

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