2004-07-31: 集えし欠片 満ちた怒り

Global Edition

集えし欠片 満ちた怒り / Collected and fragmented anger

Author: Rourke, Town Cryer Guildmaster Published: July 31, 2004

数日前、ブリタニアの王ロード・ブリティッシュ(Lord British)はロイヤルガード指揮官エレイン・ベイフェリー(Elaine Bayfery)を呼び、ある事を命じた。それは上級魔導士グラシナム(Grathinam the high wizard)と会い、彼がこれまで保管してきた集められし不滅の宝珠の欠片を預かってくることにであった。そしてそれが再び王の手に戻るまで守らなければならなかった。





そして、ロード・ブリティッシュはミナックスのオーラの手から真っ赤に焼けたアーティファクト「Doom Kiss」を器用に奪ってしまった。-後に王が説明したところによると、ミナックスは彼女自身の得たその欠片の埋められた武器を所持する事で、彼女のオーラをフェルッカから別ファセットへ飛ばす事が出来たのである-その欠片との繋がりから開放されたオーラは急激に弱まっていった。それでもなお暗黒の女王は邪悪なゲートから呼び寄せた二人の手下と共にロード・ブリティッシュに向かっていった。王とそのガード、そして冒険者達のミナックスとの壮絶な戦いの幕がここに切って落とされた。

戦いは熾烈を極めた。死より蘇りしミナックスの手下は周囲から生気を吸い取り、人も含めその場にいた生物はその恐怖に逃げ惑った。もう一方の手下は大地を震わしながら冒険者達に襲い掛かった。そしてミナックス自身弱まったとは言え、近づく冒険者をその強大な魔力により一撃のもとに葬り去っていった。 しかし多くの犠牲を伴なったがロード・ブリティッシュその人自身、エレイン指揮官、そしてブリタニアを愛する多くの人々は、ついにミナックスのオーラを打ち破ることに成功した。すると彼女の邪悪な軍団は彼女の後を追って倒れて行ったのである。

エレインはロード・ブリティッシュと共にロイヤルガードをキャッスル・ブリタニアへと向かわせた。王は、ミナックスの討伐に対して共に戦った冒険者達個人個人に感謝の意を表した。 しかしながら王の額にはまだ重い影が見られるようだったので、エレインは部下たちに、これから数日は不意の攻撃に備えて警戒を解かぬよう命じた。

A few days ago, King British of Britannia (Lord British) called Royal Guard commander Elaine Bayfery and ordered a thing. It met with the senior magician, Grathinam the high wizard, to keep the fragments of the gathered and immortal treasure he had kept so far. And had to keep it until it came back to the hands of the king again.

Each of the pieces of immortal treasure contains a world that can be said to be almost replicating of our Sosaria. When an adventurer from another world beat the wizard Mondain (Mondain) and the immortal treasure crumbled, it scattered with hundreds, or even thousands of pieces. Lord British is now trying to gather them for some sublime purpose that only he knows.

Elaine led the collaborators recruited from the Royal Guard and citizens to the Lycrae as instructed. There I heard that Gracinum is strictly keeping pieces of the treasure harvested by the people of the noble Britannia to this day. When a line passed through Elaine 's open gate, Gracinam set a barrier around the Lycrae and waited for the arrival of royal guards in preparation for entry from the outside. After a brief discussion, the Mage handed over to Elaine the bag containing the piece of the treasure.

The line which received the piece without anything was preparing to return to the place of King of Britain, but it suddenly interfered with the strange gate which appeared on the spot. And the Minor Aura came forward crying loudly, "Lord, British, you should see the ending of your plan!"

And then the minor aura suddenly rolled up the goods and hit the grasshinum, pathetic and the mage was blown away by the cliffs. But at that moment when Minax turned around trying to launch an attack on Elain, the moon gate glowing as if to split between two people opened. It appeared from there that we were the king Lord British himself, and stood in front of Minax as if to cover Elaine.

Then, Lord British robbed the artifact "Doom Kiss" which was burned red from the hands of Minarus aura. - According to what the king explained afterwards, Minax was able to fly her aura from Felucca to another facet by possessing her own buried weapons of that piece - with its fragments and The aura freed from the ties of the ship suddenly weakened. Nevertheless the queen of darkness went towards Lord British with the help of the two who called him from the evil gate. The curtain of the fierce battle between the king and its guards and the adventurers' minards was cut down here.

The battle was extremely fierce. It revived from death, minions' minions sucked up animation from the surroundings, and the creatures that were on site, including people, escaped to fear. The other men attacked the adventurers trembling the earth. And although Minax himself weakened, the adventurer who approached was buried under one blow by its mighty magical power. But with a lot of sacrifice, Lord British himself, Elaine commander, and many people who love Britannia finally succeeded in defeating the Minor Aura. Then her wicked corps fell down after her.

Elaine headed for Royal Guard to Castle Britannia with Lord British. The King thanked the individuals for the adventurers who fought against the suppression of Minax. However, as the king 's forehead still seemed to have a heavy shadow, Elain ordered his men to solve the alert in preparation for an unexpected attack in the next few days.