2005-07-22: 宝珠の守人 -紡ぎ始める大地-

Global Edition

宝珠の守人 -紡ぎ始める大地- / Buddhist guard - earth to start spinning -

Author: Clainin, the Royal Thaumaturgist Published: July 22, 2005










"Hmm, I see, that is interesting."

The court magician Clainin is deeply absorbed in the story of Elder Meister of the Adoras (Adranath) while looking for delicious pizza.

One possibility to purify Yu brought by Adranas. It is only a small clue, but Clirenn seems to be unable to keep on attracting its mouth that the Mia tells us.

"Guardians of the earth said to exist in ancient times, you can find something to put you back."

"Well, yeah, surely it's okay so Elaine is now hurrying to form a survey team, and many citizens will also lend a lot of power, they are truly reliable. By all means I would like to see that guardian. "

As soon as he stood up, Krayinn started walking around the room while murmuring with a whip. Apparently it seems he was immersed in thought.

"Master Krainin?"

"Oh, I'm sorry Master Adranas ... Oh my good pizza seems to be getting cold, this is sorry ... I will have a new one sooner, my cold one will do for my late night snack let's do it."

As I said, Krayinn headed towards the kitchen.