2006-09-15: Wanted! Ricardo, Alive and for Questioning

Global Edition

Wanted! Ricardo, Alive and for Questioning / 指名手配書「盗賊のリカルド」

Author: The Sheriff of Trinsic Published: September 15, 2006

By order of the Royal Council, ruling pro tempore:

Ricardo, notorious thief and scoundrel, is hereby and forthwith declared an enemy of the state. As such, he is wanted for immediate detention and questioning concerning the events leading up to and culminating in the Ophidian War.

He is described as a flamboyant, charismatic man, of average height and build, brown eyes, and brown hair of average length. He should be considered extremely dangerous. Citizens are urged to report any and all information concerning his whereabouts to the Sheriff of Trinsic.

悪名高き盗賊のリカルドを、ブリタニア政府の敵としてここに指名手配する。 先のオフィディアンとの戦いを扇動した罪で、リカルドを逮捕し、尋問しなければならない。


・けばけばしい服装 ・カリスマ性を持つ ・中肉中背、目は茶色、髪の長さは平均的


The Sheriff of Trinsic