2009-02-20: Bank Renovation Results

Bank Renovation Results

Chrissay Zeeman

20 Feb 2009 13:22:11 EST

We would like to thank everyone for submitting their entries to the West Brit Bank Renovation contest. Judging was very difficult as we had so many great entries. As much as we would have liked to use all of the submitted designs, we are only able to place one on each shard. Our thanks and kudos to everyone who submitted an entry. Congratulations to the following winners:

Edit: 2-21-09 4:17 PM EST: Adding the winner for Origin.

Shard Player
Atlantic Vladimir
Baja Arlon Elanesse
Catskills Sweety
Chesapeake Gareth
Drachenfels Thenon
Europa Slugmaster
Formosa La Chocolaterie
Great Lakes Cocopuff
Lake Austin Bliss Marie
Lake Superior Stupid Miner
Legends Devils own (2nd
Napa Valley Maiden Millie
Oceania MissEcho3
Origin Dhara
Pacific Red Riding Hood
Siege Ikichet
Sonoma Drakelord

Congratulations to all of the winners!

We will provide screen shots of the designs once they are placed on each shard. We hope to have all of the designs placed on each of the shards within the coming weeks. Thank you to everyone who submitted their entries.