2009-07-23: 罠

Global Edition

罠 / trap

Author: Unknown author Published: July 23, 2009

カスカ(Casca)は自分の部屋でチェスボードを眺める。 カスカの相手は、誘いの手にのってきていた。





「次はサーペンツホールドだ! 事を成すための準備だ!」 「はっ」




「我が君、それはどういう意味なのでしょう?」 「居残っている害虫の退治もしてやろうと思ってな。獲物をおびき出すには餌が必要だ。人参がダメなら、チーズを差し出す。それだけのことだ」

Casca looks at the chess board in his room. Casca's opponent was coming to the invitation.

"With this, things will be carried to some extent here as desired.What things are checkmate as surely as we can go this way, which hand is the most effective ......"

Casca thinks.

"Is it daring to say that a bold hand is one?"

Casca called Royal guard and gave instructions. Royal guards chosen by Casca, rather than gorgeous, had a rather cold and dark atmosphere.

"Next is Serpent's Hold! It's preparation for making things!" "Ha"

Following the instructions, Kasuka threw the following words towards the back of the Royal Guard trying to leave the room.

"We do not need to keep secret behind preparing for action, rather to deliberately deliberate the plan to some extent"

Royal guard stops and looks back.

"My god, what does that mean?" "I'm thinking of getting rid of remaining pests.If you need to eat prey, I need food, If carrots are out, I will give out cheese, that's all it is."