2010-09-23: Producer's Update 09/23/10 - High Seas Open Beta Begins!

Producer's Update 09/23/10 - High Seas Open Beta Begins!

Posted Sep 23, 2010 17:43:24 by Calvin Crowner on the UO Herald.

At last, Beta for High Seas is now entering Open Beta - Rogues, sailors, merchants, and all adventurers who have been waiting for days of smoothly sailing Sosarian seas or brandishing scimitars against bandits or pirates will now have their appetites sated!

You can experience High Seas on Test Center 9 starting 24 September, 2010. The interim play guide for High Seas can be found here(, and will walk you through the High Seas experience. Starting tomorrow, please provide your feedback here (

You can get a head start by downloading the clients here:

With the start of Beta we present an interesting challenge - scallywags need not apply! Your first task is to focus on the boss encounter against Scalis’ might. If you’re still up for more death and mayhem visit the island of Corgul the Soulbinder.

Internal testing shows that Scalis may be too powerful; however, I am of the mind that the extremely capable warriors of Britannia should make short work of him …

As we continue internal testing and development, and provide updates on the external test center, we’ll want your input on ship-to-ship combat, fishing, and quests at the sea markets as well.

When Ultima Online™: High Seas releases this fall all players will benefit from:

  • Enhanced boat movement system and three new ship types with customizable colors, weapons and ammunition

For $14.99 USD you can also enjoy:

  • Brand new NPC Ship Combat with enhanced ship-to-ship combat and damage states
  • Bank/Character Storage Increase, Sea Markets, new fish, fishing buffs, and recipes, paintable boats, Level 7 Treasure Chests and new boss encounters: the Scalis and Corgul the Soulbinder
  • All new ship combat! Features include new ship to ship combat, ship weapons and ammunition, and NPC Ship Combat (Pirates and Merchants)

And finally, stay tuned as we get closer to our Hall of Fame Award this Fall at GDC Online in Austin, Texas.

More exciting news to come for Ultima Online!