2010-10-07: Ultima Online Receives Inaugural Hall of Fame Award

Ultima Online Receives Inaugural Hall of Fame Award

Posted Oct 7, 2010 18:02:09 by Calvin Crowner on the UO Herald.

At the time you read this Ultima Online will have received the inaugural Hall of Fame Award at the Game Developer’s Conference at the birth place of Ultima Online: Austin, Texas.

It’s been an amazing, humbling, inspiring, and fulfilling week.

I am thankful to be part of an amazing team, but more importantly I’m humbled by the experience and force that helped shape an industry … before there WAS an industry.

This Hall of Fame Award is not just about the developers. It’s not just about the fans or community. It’s not just even about the duration of time that this game has lasted.

It’s about the story of all those things combined. It’s those moments at 2 a.m. when you can’t believe you’re still playing. It’s about vengeance for a PK. It’s that immediate connection, or the widening eyes from every interviewer I’ve met who just wants to share an experience … before the launch of the first shard.

Ultima Online is all about storytelling. Every player past and present, or each developer current or past has contributed to the story. Every person who has written code, fiction, or lead an event, sabotaged another guild, or made an appointment to meet your later-to-be spouse for the first time, are all parts of what make this world legendary.

On behalf of the creators at Orgin, the current devs and developers past , every QA, community manager and CSR to every EM, seer, fansite, modder and moderator or person who has poured their time and creativity into this experience …

Thank you.