2011-03-15: Magincia in Extended Internal Test

Magincia in Extended Internal Test

Posted Mar 15, 2011 18:42:21 EST by Calvin Crowner on the UO Herald.


While the preparation for the launch of Pub70 on the test center are in full swing, our testing on the changes to the Magincia map require one more day of review. Pub 70 will be available on Test Center this Thursday, March 17.

The client patch of Pub70 requires a maintenance. Therefore on Thursday, beginning at 3:00 pm EDT we will bring down all shards. At the moment we expect all shards to be back online no later than 5:00 pm EDT.

Please be aware that Pub70 will allow you to select a starting location when you create a new character. This feature will be part of the client patch but also requires a server publish to work – you will already see the window asking you to select your starting location, but your new character will always start in Haven until the publish reaches your shard.

As an additional note, we have added a utilization for the blue crystals so many players have asked about. They WILL have a use in the growth of Magincia.