2011-12-06: Items and Sale on Origin Store

Items and Sale on Origin Store

Posted Dec 6, 2011 12:22:36 EST by Kai Schober on the UO Herald.


The EA store Origin is now the place to go when you want to buy codes for Ultima Online; it replaces the old store. To celebrate this transition we are running a 20% off sale for several items in the store until December 14th.

Origin currently offers 14 of our most popular items

  • Ultima Online™ 3 Month Game Time Code
  • Ultima Online™ 6 Month Game Time Code
  • Ultima Online™: High Seas Booster
  • Ultima Online™: Stygian Abyss™ (New Account + 30 Days of Game Time)
  • Ultima Online™: Stygian Abyss™ (Account Upgrade)
  • Ultima Online™ Character Transfer Code
  • Ultima Online™ Advanced Character
  • Rechargeable Housing Teleport Tiles
  • Rustic Theme Pack
  • Ultima Online™ Legacy Token Code
  • Ultima Online™ 7th Character Slot Code
  • Ultima Online™ 7th Character Slot and Storage
  • Forged Metal Tool 10 Charges (100% Enhancement)
  • Captain's Bundle

We will see more UO items added in the coming months. These include:

  • Gothic Theme Pack
  • Britannia Ship
  • Forged Metal Tool 5 charges
  • WoodWorkers Bench
  • Haochi’s Pigments
  • Pen of Wisdom
  • Undertaker’s Staff
  • Eleventh Year Collection
  • Natural Hair Dye
  • Ultima Online™ Housing and Bank Storage Upgrade Code

Head over to the store and and find some stocking stuffers!

Happy Holidays!