2012-04-06: Noteworthy Persons - Queen Mum

Noteworthy Persons - Queen Mum

Posted Apr 6, 2012 14:02:11 EST by Tim Chappell on the UO Herald.

Why did you choose Sonoma for your home? How long have you been here?

Fourteen years ago family members were playing UO and kept asking me to join them. It took about a year for me to 'just try playing it' and since they play on Sonoma, because of its friendly community atmosphere, it became my 'home'.

How did you come up with the name Queen Mum?

The family suggested it because they consider me the Queen of Cookies and they call me Mum. So, we just put the two names together.

How did you get started organizing events?

Before retiring, my career was in promotions and advertising. I really enjoyed planning and implementing special events for my clients. When I joined UO I discovered that players like to attend community events so I began organizing and running them. I also have had the opportunity to help other community event organizers from other shards and find doing community events always fun and rewarding.

What's your favorite type of events to do and attend?

There are so many types of events that I have helped organize that it really is hard to choose just one. However the main thread to all of them is having players attend the event and leave as if they just participated in a special occasion. I like to attend all types of events as long as it doesn't involve me having to wear a death robe! For 9 years I managed to not adorn one of those things but alas it happens to everyone eventually but really bakers, tailors, and healers do NOT look good in grey!

You are well known for your cookies. How did that get started?

When I started playing UO I developed a cook and would run around dropping the cookies I had baked. This was long before they stacked so it was a great way to get to know people and to share my skill while not throwing away what I had made. In real life, baking cookies is what I love to do and as the kids were growing up I always had cookies in the cookie jar for them. Now, I enjoy mailing them during special seasons to the many friends we have made from playing UO.


What's your favorite cookie recipe?

That would be my Hawaii State Fair Blue Ribbon Chocolate Chippers! They really are to 'die' for. Moist in the center, crispy around the edge and the chocolate chips just melt in your mouth. There is a secret as to how to get them like that but I can't tell you it. *Hint: flour!

What is the recipe for black rock cookies?

Well I could tell you but the explosion might just kill ya ... naw just kidding ...They are pretty easy to make. Just have to keep in mind that pop rocks explode because of moisture. You start with a package of Double Chocolate Chunk Betty Crocker Cookie/Brownie Mix, and follow the directions for preparing the dough. Then lightly fold 2 pkgs of 'pop rock candy' into your batter as the final step before placing dropped cookie dough (I use the standard size cookie scoop) onto a parchment lined baking pan. Bake as directed. Then as the cookies cool, place a bursting type candy in the middle of the cookie to add to the explosion when you bite into one. Thanks go out to Draconi for planting the idea in creating a black rock cookie explosion. :)

What do you like best about Sonoma? UO?

The community. The friendships that I have made over the years with people from all over the world. UO gives us the opportunity to do and be anything we want. Just as in real life you can be a tailor, a fighter, a chef, a bounty hunter, a fisherperson, a gardener and that's just in one day of play. The next day you can play other styles and not repeat what you did the day before. It's like each day is a whole new world you can create and play in.

Do you have a favorite UO moment?

Oh that is also a tough one. There are several special UO moments that come to mind. Weddings, festivals, battles ... but I think the one that says it all about UO is when the UO world came together in 2004/2005. The Indian Ocean tsunami hit followed by Hurricane Katrina 8 months later.

UO players from around the globe stepped up to help those in need by donating their time, gold, items, thoughts and prayers. Crazy Joe led the way with a new concept: Gamers Charity, which allowed all the gold and items to be turned into real life cash which then was donated to the Red Cross. UO Players helped raise thousands of dollars with their billions worth of virtual goods. If memory serves me right the final total came in at a little more then $10,000.00. This united action lifted the spirit of human kindness to a level that had not been seen in the virtual world. The movement hit nationally and Crazy Joe was interviewed on MSNBC about UO and Gamers Charity. Also, as a 'UO Wedding Cleric' I was honored to be asked to hold memorial services on the different shards and was given the chance to help Sosaria Live Radio (now Whispering Rose Radio) run a 3 day music-thon to raise as much gold as possible. Folks donated so much gold it was unbelievable. So I would have to say that is the most touching and memorable UO time for me ...

Anything else you would like to add?

I would like to share a little slogan that reminds me of why I keep playing ... Ultima Online is more than 'just a game' ...its a way of life!