2013-03-15: Server Latency Update

Server Latency Update

Posted Mar 15, 2013 17:07 -0400 GMT by Bonnie "Mesanna" Armstrong on the UO Herald.

We are happy to announce that due to a lot of hard work and all the players feedback we have found a major cause for the lag everyone has been experiencing. We are publishing a fix for this and you will receive it after your normal maintenance cycle. If you do experience any lag over the weekend please send [email protected] the following information to help us in resolving the problem:

  • Shard:
  • What you are doing when you experience the lag:
  • Time of day:
  • Location on shard when you experienced the lag:

We appreciate you guys being patient with us while we resolve this. Thank you!! BTW if we yelled April Fool’s right now would you string us up and burn us?

Bonnie "Mesanna" Armstrong Producer UO