2014-10: Prophetic Manuscript: Behind The Bellwether

Prophetic Manuscript:

Author: Owain the Blind Published: October 2014

I cannot describe in detail the being that has visited my dreams. Try as I might, his specific nature eludes me, and the harder I try to envision him in my mind, the less it seems I am able to do so. He did not accompany during all of the visions I have experienced, but he guided me through the most important ones - the ones I now record.

Many generations from now, the world will be fractured. The land I know will grow darker, and a powerful Enchantress will wage constant war. Wishing to provide his people an escape from death and mayhem, a Noble King will lead his subjects to a new land, created by powerful magic and being a mirror image of the one which they fled from. There they will be free from the turmoil that had taken hold in their former home, if only for a short time. New conflicts will happen, even as the old ones persist in the lands left behind. The King will depart for distant lands, and new powers will rise and fall until the kingdom will be in danger of collapse.

Without leadership, the cities will turn against one another as citizens take to the streets in protest and bandits roam the land unimpeded. Into this will arrive a Healer, whose face will be revealed to be that of a demon to many, and whose motive will be endlessly questioned. But he shall ascend the throne, and reunite the people of the realm once again, giving them more power over their lives in the process.

Not all wounds can be healed, however. In the Old Lands a long struggle will enter its final stage as the factions who remained in the wake of the Great Exodus dwindle in number. The Enchantress, having seduced a powerful Mage, will have an advantage over her remaining enemy - the Knight who stayed behind to protect those unwilling to leave their homes and lives, perilous though those lives may be.

With the Enchantress gaining strength, bolstered by the warriors of her defeated enemies, she will be on the cusp of taking control of the Old Lands. Then, something unforseen shall occur.