A Sash Crafted With Exceptional Quality By Lord Benedict

A Sash

    Crafted by Lord Benedict

Rare Item
Type Seer-crafted Item
Crafter Name Lord Benedict
Date April 2001
Shard Catskills
Quantity lots
Currently Spawning No
Japanese localized name unknown
Extended Information
Graphic 5441
Hue 1419
Height 0
Dyable Yes
Edible No
Stackable No
Turnable No
Wearable Torso slot
Wieldable No
Works as a container No
Works as a runebook No
Works as a spellbook No
Animated No
Double-click Effect No
Ethereal No
Sound No
Translucent No
Walk-over Effect No
Special Item Flags
Newbiefied No
Legal to Own Yes
Image of A Sash
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This sash exists in hues ranging from 1419 to 1445. In one of the final seer events on Catskills before the end of the Seer program, Lord Benedict sent adventurers to kill brigands at the Skara Brae - Britain crossroads. Any green clothing brought back to Lord Benedict he turned into cloth, which he then tailored into sashes as rewards.