Developer Meet And Greet from 2010-12-30

Developer Meet And Greet from 2010-12-30

This meeting was held in English. It was logged by Elydir[1].

Elder EM Dudley Dross and I work together on EVERYTHING
Elder EM Dudley It takes a lot to coordinate our schedules for a month at a time
Elder EM Dudley So please be assured we are a team
Phoenix *claps*
Niva the Savage HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
Niva the Savage Dark Lady!
Dareth Vor'Cere Hail Mesanna
Phoenix *waves to Mesanna*
Darth Oni evening
Mesanna Good evening everyone
Mesanna Rodney
Terrence hey mesanna
Rivi Ravenwynd Greetings
Mesanna please sit down
NANOC Hail Lady Mesanna
Shelra *waves* Hello Lady Mesanna
Ivan Lokison *waves*
Mesanna Hope everyone had a good holiday
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
Dareth Vor'Cere *nods*
Phoenix *nods*
Phoenix and yours?
Shelra aye ty, hope you also
Se'an Silverfoot Indeed, hope you did as well
Enterprise *nods*
Mach *nods*
Mesanna mine was great
Mesanna I actually took off a week
Se'an Silverfoot Nice
Jakob was Santa good to ya Nes?anna?
Dareth Vor'Cere good for you!
Mesanna felt strange
Phoenix Welcome back from your trip Mesanna
Se'an Silverfoot *chuckles*
Mesanna and yes Santa loved me this year!
Elder EM Dudley * grins *
Mesanna ok
Mesanna for those that do not know why we are here
Mesanna This is due to a poll on stratics
Mesanna Seems you guys have issues with Dudley and I want to get to address this
Mesanna before it gets to far
Mesanna one sec let me change my text color
Mesanna ok sorry
Xseries what issues?
Yeoman hmm I have nothing to say I will just listen with the crystal
Mesanna well I have also received seval emails
Mesanna several too
Mesanna stating Dudley is rude
Terrence Divinum Furis
Mesanna that he doesn't help you guys during events
Mesanna that chessy does not give out rewards
Mesanna and what was the last one
Mesanna oh I know
Mesanna that he has never given out a sash
Se'an Silverfoot *chuckles*
Carl Jr lol
Ivan Lokison *laughs*
Mesanna and I was told until something was done I will continue to get emails
neptune *shakes head*
Mesanna now
Mesanna first off I do read your comments and I do take it serious
Mesanna so I asked dudley to call this meeting
Mesanna one at a time
Mesanna does anyone here have any issues to address against Dudley besides
Mesanna rewards and his sash?
Cap'n Greenleaf AYE
Clair *raises hand*
Mesanna Cap
Cap'n Greenleaf Uus Jux
Mesanna 'n
Prowler i do
Mesanna step forward please
Elder EM Dudley I'm adding everyone to a que
Elder EM Dudley So please just continue to raise your hands
Prowler rases hand
Cap'n Greenleaf well, one issue i have is lack of any sort of em chat...if issues arise...there is no dialog
Jigo *raise hands*
Cap'n Greenleaf Uus Jux
Jigo *raise hands*
Mesanna are you talking about during or after a quest?
Cap'n Greenleaf if for some reason a person cannot keep up
Elder EM Dudley * adds everyone *
Prowler rases hand
Cap'n Greenleaf during
Cap'n Greenleaf i feel that during an event
Mesanna one sec
Mesanna Elton
Cap'n Greenleaf there should be some dialog
Mesanna not the place or time
Mesanna thank you
Elder EM Dudley Aye, stand where you need to hear
Mesanna ok sorry
Cap'n Greenleaf that is just one of my issues
Cap'n Greenleaf Uus Jux
Ashlynn wow, it's busy
Cap'n Greenleaf second, we are told that if something arises
Mesanna ok so what if they started a general chat for their events?
Cap'n Greenleaf we are to bring that up during the meetings
Cap'n Greenleaf Uus Jux
Cap'n Greenleaf we have been asking that for a year now
Cap'n Greenleaf and been ignored
Mesanna Dudley
Mesanna you have a problem with doing that?
Elder EM Dudley * adds Ozog *
Elder EM Dudley We've been doing that for every event since the new global chat system went live
Phoenix *nods*
Elder EM Dudley The channel is always named
Christina Agreed.
Elder EM Dudley "EM EVENT DATE"
Cap'n Greenleaf half the problems i see result to any standing dialog
Cap'n Greenleaf well that may be the case dudley but
Cap'n Greenleaf Ort Sanct
Cap'n Greenleaf you dont respond to issues IN it
Elder EM Dudley As I've stated in the past
Se'an Silverfoot lol
Elder EM Dudley Critiquing the event while it is happening there isn't a lot we can respond to
Cap'n Greenleaf if people are lost or cannot keep up
Soze true that
Elder EM Dudley As we've said, we have the Hall of Commons meeting so we can chat about what worked and what didn't
Cap'n Greenleaf you ignore them
Cap'n Greenleaf My teeth!
Elder EM Dudley We do our best to make sure people stay with us
Cap'n Greenleaf i tried bringing that up to you in three hall of commons
Cap'n Greenleaf you ignored my request to hear me out
Sweet Cinnamon *raises hand*
Elder EM Dudley * adds Sweet *
Rivi Ravenwynd *raises hands*
Cap'n Greenleaf Uus Jux
Elder EM Dudley We offer as much help as we can
Prowler see this is crap i raised hand 2 times befor ozog and swett
Mesanna ok Cap'n thank you, its something we can work on and improve
Cap'n Greenleaf lies
Prowler and im at once again back of the bus
Cap'n Greenleaf thanks
Elder EM Dudley Prowler you are in
Elder EM Dudley Next is Clair
Clair *I raised my hand second*
Mesanna Hi Clair
Mesanna what is your issue
Clair Dudley, all of the other problems I have go back to a central issue
Larry Fine I have general in game question not pertaining to em events
Clair the issue is that when we try to bring a mistake you have made to your attention
Clair you blow us off or ignore us
Clair You never address the question
Clair You can admit your mistakes and take steps to correct them
Clair or you can explain why you are right
Jaya Ballard I wish to release this
Mesanna can you give me an example
Clair doing neither demonstrates a lack of concern for our opinions
Clair Livery Quest is an excellent example
Clair We were told that we were not given a recomendation because
Clair the words "vamire bad spawn" were out of character
Clair bat, not bad
Clair excuse my typo
Clair Spawn is a 14th centruy word that was not out of character
Mesanna no problem I do it all the time =)
Clair he made a mistake and when asked to correct it
Clair he blew us off, its in the tread on the Chessy EM forums on stratics
Mesanna Ok before I ask him to answer that Clair
Mesanna this is at to attack anyone its to solve some issues we seem to be having ok?
Mesanna Dudley
Clair It is a complaint I have aired multiple times, but it never gets fixed
Mesanna you want to respond?
Elder EM Dudley Yes
Cap'n Greenleaf MAKE IT STOP!
Elder EM Dudley On December 22nd a meeting was held with all the township leaders
Mesanna want me to?
Elder EM Dudley To discuss the future of the Township Series of events
Elder EM Dudley As we've stated the township series takes a considerable portion of our event time budget
Elder EM Dudley And it is catered to a discrete group of people...not the shard as a whole
Larry Fine prettyI read that
Elder EM Dudley It was made very clear that the series would be continuing on an strict in character basis
Elder EM Dudley And that we'd be handling that event series alone in game and in character
Elder EM Dudley This was agreed to by all township leaders
Cap'n Greenleaf ARRGH! My tooth hurts sooo much!
Elder EM Dudley As far as the latest livery quest regarding the essays
Elder EM Dudley Before reading them I had a list in mind of certain phrases and buzz words that would result in the essay not being accepted
Se'an Silverfoot I'm sure there's is around that number, which includes all the planning
Jaya Ballard yeah but how were we to know
Jaya Ballard when all u said was write
Elder EM Dudley The point of the exercise was to judge how well that decision had been received
Elder EM Dudley Also, there are more livery quests to be offered
Clair So, buzzwords? Did you research all the meanings of the words?
Mesanna Did you make these words public?
Evelina Cezon lol
Larry Fine omg
Clair ?
Elder EM Dudley They were not would defeat the entire purpose of the exercise
Larry Fine I left the iron on at my house GEEZ
Jaya Ballard we had no idea
G.v.P ...
Elder EM Dudley If I told you exactly what to write, then there wouldn't be any purpose
Jaya Ballard im not syain it should have been public but some idea
Elder EM Dudley And again
Elder EM Dudley We ask that people respect those that have the floor
Elder EM Dudley And hold their comments until they are recognized
Jaya Ballard when u say write .. and we do as told
Clair Our Essay, and the one from RBG, meant the stated criteria of the event
Clair I know for a fact, because I read RBGs
Clair and wrote SHEs
Elder EM Dudley The RBG essay mentioned "game" and "shard"
Elder EM Dudley Regardless, there will be other oppurtunities
Elder EM Dudley This was not a "one and done" attempt
Clair The entrance video mentions the word SHARD
Ozog Giantfart NOT THE POINT
Clair when mondain breaks the crystal
Jaya Ballard ill get money
Jaya Ballard in a sec
Clair that cant be on the naughty word list
Elder EM Dudley Still it mentioned game
Elder EM Dudley Regardless
Xseries lol
Clair and game, I would have to see that in context, because standing alone one can not know the meanin
Elder EM Dudley We offer many oppurtunities
Larry Fine need list of naughty words posted some where
Clair g
Clair This is about justice in one instance
Elder EM Dudley I respect your objection, and take the feedback that we won't be doing anymore essays
Larry Fine haha
Clair we, the players, should not be subject to injusice caused by your decisions
Pawn Shop lol
Ivan Lokison WTF?
Keltset i never liked essays anyhow, they always drive around blasting theirmusic and riding those low rider
Prowler i second that
Clair We deserve better
Larry Fine no he needs to post all the rules
Larry Fine no he needs to post all the rules not some of them
Elder EM Dudley And since we are operating these events specifically where EVERYONE cannot participate
Elder EM Dudley As we said from day one
Elton Dudley I will give ya a high hard one and big wet one if you give me your flack jaket
Clair I really don't know how to make you get it
Clair Its not just about this instance
Clair You do this all the time!
Elder EM Dudley They will not be easy and they won't be offered at the same level as another event
Cap'n Greenleaf i think he is beginning to show why we feel ignored...he refuses to listen
Xseries I came to an event and got a mortar and pestal c'mon
Clair You make a decision and refuse to change you your mind, even when proven wrong
Clair You wont even say "Im right and here is why"
Elton sounds like he is only middle managment quality
Clair You said ours was rejected for the word "spawn"
Maestro we still have events?
Keltset the only two essays i ever liked were cheech and chong
Larry Fine some of those livery events were quite difficult
Clair it was in character in the context used
Clair and you rejected us
Clair then you refused to fix your mistake, or even admit it
Pawn Shop i feel like we should have eggs or veggies to throw
Larry Fine they did all the events and get booted on essay where rules are not defined
Jigo * next persone plz*
Maestro wow Clair types fast.. and never stops
Clair - style="vertical-align:top;" Larry Fine not right
Pawn Shop agreed
Mesanna Thank you
Larry Fine haha
Clair Thank you Messana
Ivan Lokison *raises hand*
Pawn Shop movin right along...
Elder EM Dudley * adds Ivan *
Larry Fine Bill and Ted Follow
Mesanna who is next?
Elder EM Dudley next is Prowler
Mesanna Prowler step forward please
Prowler my complaints
Prowler messana
Buddy Nugz clair, did he anser your question?
Prowler are longer then this tent
Prowler but
Shelra *raises h and*
Xseries A freaking mortar and pestal!
Ikerous do they ever?
Zelda of Zed no he didnt
Prowler i will say dudely has his good points
Clair nope, but Im not gona talk, others deserve to speak sir
Prowler however not always correct
Prowler when a guild
Prowler sieged my town
Prowler my town banner had to be moved 3 times
Prowler we followed the fel town rules
Elder EM Dudley * adds Shelra *
Prowler 1 home open to public
Prowler but...
Prowler when town banner is moved not by our choice
Prowler but by being herassed and griefed
Mesanna ok help me understand something here
Mesanna you live in fel?
Prowler 5 fellow tko members stood there
Se'an Silverfoot Simple, move to Tram
Mesanna you have a banner in fel
Prowler em duddely
Prowler threatened us
Prowler told us
Gunga Din lol
Prowler the 1 home we had public
Prowler was not good enough
Prowler our town banner is in this stop now
Elton Guanage!
Prowler and we HAVE to make 1 or more public
Prowler or wqe loose our banner
Prowler these are words from em dudely mouth
Prowler now
Prowler what upsets me
Prowler is
Prowler em dudely has no right to threaten taking a town banner
Xseries In Vas Mani
Prowler we follow the rules
Prowler we have a home open to public
Mesanna first off no one can take it unless I do it
Buddy Nugz back to TNA wrestling, just as much drama there. lol
Prowler would other homes be open to p[ublic?
Prowler sure
Prowler if our town was not being camped
Prowler by a fel guild with mass numbers
Fulcanelli can i get a rune ??
Xseries lol
Prowler but em dudely
Prowler didnt care
Prowler was "his way" or no way
Prowler 'and i must say
Prowler my 13 dollars a month
Prowler is to play uo
Prowler have fun
Prowler it is not however
Soze so leave
Prowler to be dictated to and be threatenedc
Ikerous in fel where the rules are different
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
snatchNGrab prowler you must have gotten killed to many times
Prowler and because of a result of this
Xseries In Vas Mani
Mesanna I personally don't care if any homes are public as long as your active
Xseries Good event items would solve all the complaints
Prowler tko has refused to be in any em event because of this em
Elder EM Dudley That was the problem
Elder EM Dudley We didn't see or hear from you in 4 months
Elder EM Dudley Hence the notice to remove the banner
Prowler no no dudely
Prowler back up
Elton **cough* assholes *cough**
Prowler when our town was siewged
Prowler i was on
Soze ban him
Prowler i even asked if other towns would help at the summit
Prowler and u called to order
Mesanna Prowler
Prowler and shut me down fromn asked
Prowler errasking
Prowler it seems to me dudely
Mesanna keep your homes private, become active and keep it
Prowler it is all good and dandy
Xseries Good event items would solve all the complaints
Prowler as long as all goes by you
snatchNGrab what guild kicked your butt prowler take it up with them Not EM dudley
Elder EM Dudley It's always been our policy you have at least 1 home public Prowler
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
Elder EM Dudley And we discussed your issues
Elder EM Dudley And the notice was removed
Prowler you stood there
Jigo Rel Sanct
Prowler when messanna was done for the 3rd time
Prowler moving our banner
Prowler you said
Prowler one of these 3 homes had to be public
Prowler we told you
Mesanna Prowler
Prowler our public home is over on other side
Mesanna did you hear me?
Prowler you said doesnt matter
Prowler the public home has to be by the banner
Prowler and i have the 5 witnesses to back that up
Phoenix *nods quietly*
Prowler yes messanna
Se'an Silverfoot See he never listens, just keep spewing
Mesanna that should solve the issue
snatchNGrab Thats TKO for you
Mesanna thank you Prowler
Prowler no
Xseries Good event items would solve all the issues
Pawn Shop movin right along...
Prowler he threaten to take our banner
Prowler thats not his job
Prowler or right
Soze oh no, the banner!
Prowler we followed the rules
Pawn Shop lol
Prowler and if it wasnnt em duely way
Prowler then was no way
Prowler hes rude at times and crule to say the least
Se'an Silverfoot *bangs head on wall*
snatchNGrab someone gate to fel to his town we can all go there and party
Maestro then take him to fel and kill him
Prowler i won the chessy garden contest
Prowler he said u get a plaque
Prowler 3 months later i ask at hall of commons
Xseries th'at it prowler now i'm camping your house
Prowler and he got rude with me
Mesanna Do all of you feel this way?
Kiya ye4s
Phoenix NO
Se'an Silverfoot bNO!
Rivi Ravenwynd yes
Phoenix NO NO NO
Dareth Vor'Cere no
snatchNGrab NO
Zelda of Zed YES
Ozog Giantfart yes
Carl Jr NOPE
X I X i don't
Kiya yes
Clair *nods*
Rivi Ravenwynd YESS
Prowler if i was in charge i would remove dudely to another shard under the other em and be watched and
Ethan no
Enterprise no
Tigger yes
Rivi Ravenwynd YESS
Jakob yes
Mach no
Rivi Ravenwynd YESS
Logan Spiderleaf yes
Jaya Ballard no
Rivi Ravenwynd YESS
Rivi Ravenwynd YESS
Niva the Savage NO!
Daktari Zinn yes at times
Threvus Vesuvius I DONT KNOW!
Hannah mo
Ivan Lokison NO!
G.v.P yes
Yeoman I disagree with Prowler, so NO
Kiya yes
Kiya yes
Hannah no
Ivan Lokison NO!
Kiya yes
Phoenix NO NO
Prowler ty messanna im done
Ivan Lokison NO!
Ivan Lokison NO!
Darth Oni yes and no
Mesanna Well your not in charge I am
Nightingale im not in a town so would not be fair to say
snatchNGrab Dudley is a great EM
Ivan Lokison NO!
Maestro i don't trust EMs myself.. but then I don't trust myself either
Prowler right
Gunga Din i would love to answer questions tonight
Jigo Rel Sanct
Mesanna Look guys
X I X i think the complainers do not listen
Ikerous and gals
Ivan Lokison Prowler you are just sour because someone didn't give you your own way.......
Mesanna I know it can get hectic dealing with players and trying to do an event
Linkin In Vas Mani
Linkin <3 dudley
Mesanna shoot I have wanted to nuke a whole crowd before *grins*
Linkin Vas Zu
Phoenix *giggles*
Linkin but you love me
Blacwin *ducks*
Blushing Rose i think u have
Carl Jr *Smiles*
Jaya Ballard yeah i think dudley is great
Ozog Giantfart yay
Logan Spiderleaf *hides*
Ikerous starting with this one
Mesanna Its really hard to do events that everuone likes
Se'an Silverfoot *chuckles*
snatchNGrab you cant do it:)\
Ivan Lokison I wouldn't mind the death shroud
Ozog Giantfart dos it5
Xseries In Vas Mani
G.v.P ...
Xseries no it's not give them good items they like it
Mesanna actually I can =P
Soze everyone would like it if it gave good items
Maestro i say harrowers at all em events...
Jimmy *dreams of nukes*
Mesanna Guys being an EM is not easy
snatchNGrab you cant do it:)
Yeoman *fears the worst!*
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
Xseries could be
Darth Oni *nods*
Xseries *good items*
Jigo i dont have problem with events just items that are in in.(Favortism)
Ivan Lokison *claps*
Mesanna and we all make mistakes
Ashlynn not to interrupt, and I know there are people with legitimate concerns, but there are some trolls here
Pawn Shop i wouldnt have wore my fluffy sox if i knew it was kick the EM day lol
Mesanna shoot I will be the first to admit that
Ashlynn and it's sorta annoying
Ozog Giantfart hush
Darth Oni *nods*
Zelda of Zed sorry
Clair Mesanna, you stand up and fix your mistakes
Nightingale Good day all war is calling
Linkin Vas Rel Jux Ort
Mesanna Zelda these are things that need to be worked out
Clair like with the event where dragons got deleted
Linkin can you fix my tome?
Zelda of Zed yes em
Mesanna oh god, don't remind me
Mesanna lol
Clair you stood up and fixed it
Linkin can you fix my tome?
Blushing Rose that was tthat nuke botton
Mesanna Linkin not right now hun little busy
Linkin I know
Linkin later babe
Linkin :)
SoMeOnE Hope the flak jacket is helping.....
Mesanna Here is my question to you guys
Ikerous and gals
Mesanna are you all willing to work out the issues?
Maestro the answer is 4
Xseries the answer is we want better items
Niva the Savage and Savages!
Mesanna are you going to give him a chance
Ozog Giantfart ye3rg
Rivi Ravenwynd We are willing but Dudely is not
Jaya Ballard I want him here
Ivan Lokison Drow
Daktari Zinn the qustion is dudley
Ozog Giantfart YERG
Jakob that is what we are here for right?
Kiya he dont work on anything his way or no way
Xseries for sure
Jaya Ballard i want more rabbit stories
Yeoman Sure
Maestro if we don't can we have his stuff?
Blushing Rose ballet box?
Ozog Giantfart IS HE GUNNA?
Jaya Ballard I like him i dont want him to go
Xseries bah can't please you all
Zelda of Zed We have tried to talk to him we get shut down.. we have wanted to work things out for a long t
Phoenix What issues?
Zelda of Zed time
Carl Jr i dont want to lose him to another shard
Zelda of Zed but its his way or no way
Clair I don't want anyone fired, but it has to not take 15 emails and a flamewar on stratics to get
Clair a response
Jigo Better events in Fel more often... i say yes
Pawn Shop oops
snatchNGrab you know Dudley is fair you just have to give hima chance
Mesanna ok ok stop a sec guys
Ethan dont send him to sonoma!
Pawn Shop my bad
Yamamoto hes done better than others
Blacwin I love Dudley
Maestro so we are not getting his stuff... okay.. have fun all
Xseries In Vas Mani
Ivan Lokison I agree Jigo
Mesanna when people feel attacked they get defensive
Xseries make him work over time sweet event right now sweet items
Mesanna I know I do
Jigo stop doing fel events at 9:00 pm
Mesanna this can't be easy for him to stand here and hear this
Jakob i have big shoulders
Clair Messana, how many emails have you got from Rivi and Demon?
Mix *throws fireball at Mesanna*
Phoenix Agrees
Maestro well he is just reading it.. not hearing it
Clair on this and similar issues?
Mesanna oh alot
Mesanna and I was told I would continue to get them
Niva the Savage Old Robe here long time!
Yamamoto i have issues with gm's
Yamamoto not em's
Niva the Savage Old Robe know Human/Elf/Savage
Xseries dudel owns cheapeake let it be
Jaya Ballard I LOVES DUDLEY!
Clair Well, those emails are because people have tried to resolve things and not got anywhere
Mesanna Now listen carefully please
Mesanna I want to address the subject of Items on Chessy
Jigo listening
Xseries should I show you the mortar and pestal Ig ot
Xseries ?
Mesanna Chessy has always been given my respect
Ikerous good subject since this is chessy
Xseries call that an item
Mesanna and Dudley loves being here
Mesanna but
Mesanna sorry sidetracked!
Blushing Rose comes with age
Mesanna Events should not be about items
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
Mesanna they should be about the story
Phoenix *nods*
Xseries bahahah
Enterprise *claps*
NANOC *claps*
Jigo true
Mach *claps*
Enterprise *claps*
Mach *claps*
Ivan Lokison *CLAPS*
Ivan Lokison *CLAPS*
Ivan Lokison *CLAPS*
Ivan Lokison *CLAPS*
Yamamoto and he does put in healers
Robin Hood *smiles*
Blacwin woot
Mesanna Now Chessy has given their share
snatchNGrab but that is the problem people gets the events stuff and make a killing of off it selling it for go
Mesanna because I compared them
Daktari Zinn Prowler and clair werent talking about items
Xseries items make smiles not stories
Kiya but why does chessy always have to bve worst shard
Mesanna oh I know this
Ethan chessy is not the worst
Mesanna Chessy is by far the worst shard
Ikerous chessy is the best shard
Ivan Lokison *CLAPS*
Ivan Lokison *CLAPS*
Ivan Lokison *CLAPS*
Arrow ?
Ethan my home shard is sonoma...
Ethan enough said
Mesanna I mean come on you guys invited Mesanna Roulette
Xseries you know it and here we are?
Xseries how is that fair to us
Jaya Ballard it was fuN!
Mesanna now everyone wants to do it
Arrow items
Pawn Shop lol
Robin Hood *chuckles*
Jigo i think items should only be given out in fel events.
Ikerous ok we need to spread that word mesanna said chessy is the worst shard
Mesanna is not the worst *blushes*
Xseries do we get items?
Yamamoto didnt
Xseries I dont' call pestles items
Yamamoto mean it
Rayden messanna
Pawn Shop or at meetings....
Xseries ...
Gunga Din how about gunga is the best?
Ashlynn I think you should just stop giving out items
Sweet Cinnamon *still waiting*
Sweet Cinnamon .....
Ashlynn so people don't expect anything
G.v.P seems like the main problem is a lack of communication, like the rules not being posted
Xseries gl with that
Clair Chessy is the best, because we have the best people because we care about our shard
Daktari Zinn i agree game wide
Rayden raises hand
Ivan Lokison I agree with Ashlynn
Daktari Zinn no more items at all
Mesanna who is next
Daktari Zinn game wide
Elder EM Dudley Jigo
Rayden pick me?
SoMeOnE *man hugs* dont let em get you down buddy!
Jigo no items i agree. but make monsters harder.
Elder EM Dudley * adds Daktari and Rayden*
Mesanna Jigo
Jigo *pass* im done.
Mesanna I resent that
Carl Jr as do i
Linkin BOOOO
Pawn Shop delete his toon
Jigo actually
Pawn Shop :-)
Arrow backs away
Mesanna You have no idea what your talking about my friend
CharGar "i am ducking"
CharGar :-)
Phoenix *raises hand*
Elder EM Dudley * adds Phoenix *
Mesanna If I was going to sweep it under the rug you think I would be here in the first place!
Mesanna who is next
Ikerous go phoenix
Elder EM Dudley Ozog
Mesanna Ozog please
Rayden ?
Tigger oz potty
Ozog Giantfart AARP
Tigger nvm
Mesanna hi
Ozog Giantfart da way meee sees dis
Tigger that is his rp
Se'an Silverfoot *chuckles*
Tigger if he talk normal that be insane
Ozog Giantfart is dat Dudley is very aloof with usins
Carl Jr lol
Ozog Giantfart and ifins wees question hims
G.v.P linkin shutup lol
Ozog Giantfart hims coin always comes up dudley heads
Jigo in items is there a favortism ?
Ozog Giantfart ans say e mail mesanna
Mesanna ok I didn't get that one
Jigo in items is there a favortism ?
Ozog Giantfart is hard to get him to explain his actions
Mesanna thank you
Ozog Giantfart o0r discuss dem
Mesanna sorry
Ozog Giantfart dat all
Ikerous that speach is about as bad as profanity
Ikerous should be able to block it
Mesanna guys this is all about communication
Jigo im here
Yamamoto lol
Mesanna hi Jigo
Mesanna go please
Evelina Cezon 2400 baud
Jigo in events.. how can someone that didnt even know the event know what to do first it even started
Linkin An Grav
Jigo which then leads them to the item
Jigo guards
Mesanna are you accusing the EM's of favortism?
Jigo i know like 5 names that almost 100% of them time know
Jigo before the event starts
Droopy c long lol
Ikerous hmmmm does not look good there
Jigo giving the chance to someone new 0% chance
panoramix oui
Droopy j aime bien parler comme ca il compreine rien lol
Jigo i mean dont know how u can answer taht.
panoramix gm more long
Jigo just i know there are leaks.
Mesanna I am kinda speechless
Jigo but.
Evelina Cezon insider trading meets UO
Threvus Vesuvius what kind of question was that?
Mesanna your right
Jigo everyone should have 100% chance as the next one
Hannah because they play them on other shards before ours start
Mesanna but in my heart I know that Dudley does not cheat
Jigo not the same 5 gys
Jigo true
Mesanna *nods*
Elder EM Dudley The only people who know what mobs any item drops are on are me and Dross
Elder EM Dudley And Mesanna of course
Elder EM Dudley And to be honest
Elder EM Dudley Most of the time we don't even know
Ashlynn the event schedule is always posted on the forum
Jigo there are some events where u can really cheat but like they know when that BIG items is going
Jigo hit
Mesanna I guess the odd part is the items are placed on random mobs
Elder EM Dudley We spawn 50 mobs and randomly drop them
Elder EM Dudley Mesanna knows...she's wanted to slay me for asking her to make so many
Mesanna and after things get going even they don't know the mobs that have the items
Se'an Silverfoot Baseless accusation
Elder EM Dudley * grins *
Jigo anyways .. i wont hold up this.. but thats my only problem
Jigo thanks for hearing me out
Mesanna if this system is not working then make we need to think of something else
Mesanna not sure what it would be right now though
Ikerous WOW if that is his only problem then he must love gms
Ethan no items!
Mesanna thank you
Elder EM Dudley Sweet Cinammon is next
Jigo system yes maybe
Jimmy *smokin me pixelcrack*
Sweet Cinnamon HEllo
Mesanna hi Cinnamon
Sweet Cinnamon Lemme shut my hiding off
Sweet Cinnamon There we go
Sweet Cinnamon Ok Well first off I have a few things to say
Sweet Cinnamon I personally cannot do the events
Sweet Cinnamon due to lag
Sweet Cinnamon to many bodies
Sweet Cinnamon and i cannot keep up
Jigo *true that*
Sweet Cinnamon =/
Sweet Cinnamon But.......
Darth Oni *nods*
Sweet Cinnamon I like most people who play this game
Sweet Cinnamon enjoy a good intrigue
Sweet Cinnamon but when it comes to items
Sweet Cinnamon it would be somewhat nice
Sweet Cinnamon if there was heads up
Sweet Cinnamon and i am speaking of
Sweet Cinnamon Christmas and Halloween
Sweet Cinnamon I found out
Sweet Cinnamon about
Sweet Cinnamon the socks in ally chat
Sweet Cinnamon i asked oh
Sweet Cinnamon well when did this start
Sweet Cinnamon i get to where
Sweet Cinnamon it was at
Sweet Cinnamon and nothing
Sweet Cinnamon and then
Sweet Cinnamon the pumpkins
Sweet Cinnamon was the same thing
Sweet Cinnamon I get there and waited
Sweet Cinnamon patiently
Ikerous well i missed the socks this is the first i heard of it
Sweet Cinnamon outside the door
Sweet Cinnamon and never let in
Sweet Cinnamon and so what i am saying about this
Jigo Rel Sanct
Sweet Cinnamon a little
Sweet Cinnamon better nitice
MiDOl MagGiE hugs Oz
Sweet Cinnamon notice
Sweet Cinnamon would be nice for all of us
Blushing Rose aye that
Sweet Cinnamon and i dun care
Ikerous town crier
Keltset no doubt
Sweet Cinnamon about the items
Sweet Cinnamon but when u put forth
Sweet Cinnamon the effort
Evelina Cezon communication again, common theme
Se'an Silverfoot Christmas even notice went out Dec 1
Sweet Cinnamon it would be nice to knowlgded
Se'an Silverfoot on EM forum amongst others
Sweet Cinnamon and I have a suggestion
Sweet Cinnamon for future
Sweet Cinnamon events
Jigo Rel Sanct
Sweet Cinnamon Why not hold more like
Sweet Cinnamon the town invasions
Sweet Cinnamon I find that persoanlly
Jigo Rel Sanct
Sweet Cinnamon more exciting
Ikerous that provoking does not work in
Sweet Cinnamon indtead of this long drawn out
Sweet Cinnamon things
Sweet Cinnamon i have nooo clue what it is about
Sweet Cinnamon i have ran
Sweet Cinnamon with people
Sweet Cinnamon and this to me
Sweet Cinnamon is no fun
Sweet Cinnamon people are not happy
Sweet Cinnamon and this was ment
Sweet Cinnamon to be fun
Sweet Cinnamon and i know
Se'an Silverfoot *stuffs longpipe with Skara tobbac*
Sweet Cinnamon u cannot make everyone happy
Sweet Cinnamon but...
Sweet Cinnamon do more invarions
Sweet Cinnamon oops
Sweet Cinnamon invasions
Sweet Cinnamon I love those
Gunga Din *raises hand to fix things*
Jaya Ballard invasions are fun
Jaya Ballard :)
Sweet Cinnamon instead
Ikerous that provoking does not work in
Sweet Cinnamon and u may
Sweet Cinnamon see more
Sweet Cinnamon happy people
Sweet Cinnamon and more people
Sweet Cinnamon will play
Arrow Bring back Masks :)
Sweet Cinnamon when u so something like this
Sweet Cinnamon it makes it worth it
Mesanna well the EM's can't do invasions like what is going on right now
Sweet Cinnamon then who controls it?
Jigo Rel Sanct
Ikerous that provoking does not work in
Mesanna we do
Sweet Cinnamon ok then
Mesanna we control the spawns
Sweet Cinnamon that was ment to u then
Sweet Cinnamon =)
Jimmy *thinks of a expanded bulletin board in towns maybe*
Sweet Cinnamon can u all do more
Sweet Cinnamon things like that?
Sweet Cinnamon cuz u will not
Sweet Cinnamon have to
Sweet Cinnamon deal with this
Jigo Rel Sanct
Sweet Cinnamon unahppy peeps
Sweet Cinnamon and people are leaving UOI
Sweet Cinnamon for that other
Mesanna well if you remember a dev named Draconi
Sweet Cinnamon game
Blushing Rose even that would get old if done all the time
Sweet Cinnamon ewwww
Carl Jr An Lor Xen
Sweet Cinnamon kinda
Morpheus Mardox *perks up*
Mesanna he did nothing but invasions and we heard alot of complaints'
Mesanna that they lasted so long
Phoenix *nods*
Sweet Cinnamon well like I said
Sweet Cinnamon u won;t make everyone happy
Mesanna thus the reason you are seeing invasions like we have today
Sweet Cinnamon but majority
Mesanna off and on
Jigo Rel Sanct
Mesanna but
Ikerous that provoking does not work in
Mesanna we have EM's to do events to help fill the gaps
Rayden completely level luna to flat ground with a huge creator!
Jaya Ballard I like the invasions this time
Sweet Cinnamon but
Jaya Ballard its not to much
Jaya Ballard but alotta fun
Se'an Silverfoot *blows smoke rings*
Mesanna if you guys have so much lag we need to do events you can do on your own time then
Sweet Cinnamon can u see how people really don't like those?
Ikerous three cheers for that
Sweet Cinnamon i can't move
Sweet Cinnamon when those are done
Sweet Cinnamon i see u
Sweet Cinnamon then i don't
Wilder are you on Dial up?
Sweet Cinnamon and dead
Sweet Cinnamon lol
Jigo Rel Sanct
Sweet Cinnamon but bring out
Jennifer Pan it's been lagging alot lately!
Sweet Cinnamon more invasions
Darth Oni *nods*
Sweet Cinnamon plzzz
Sweet Cinnamon =)
Ikerous it does not matter wilder she pays her money and should be able to play
Sweet Cinnamon and more notice
Sweet Cinnamon on gifts
Mesanna *nods*
Sweet Cinnamon I would appreciate it
Sweet Cinnamon Thank YOu kindly
Sweet Cinnamon oops
Sweet Cinnamon *bows*
Rayden am i next yet?
Mesanna thank you Cinnamon
Elder EM Dudley Ivan Lokinson is next
Sweet Cinnamon Your welcome
Sweet Cinnamon m'lady
Sweet Cinnamon =)
Phoenix *smiles*
Evelina Cezon Ivan going once
Elder EM Dudley Ivan are you here?
Ivan Lokison Ok the em program was created to fill the gap for the main storyline right
Mesanna yes
Mesanna amoung other things
Mesanna among
Mesanna wow
Ivan Lokison to bring a added entertainment to the players
Ivan Lokison thats another right
Mesanna Yes
Ivan Lokison Well then my issue isn't with you folks
Ivan Lokison It's with the people complaining about stuff they should recieve for their entertainment
G.v.P ...
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
Ivan Lokison if they don't want to parttake then don't
Ivan Lokison as she said it's not about the items
Jigo Rel Sanct
Clair *thinks its everyone's right to demand quality service*
Kiya but the ems shouldnt be just for rp it should include us all
Ivan Lokison Then don't join in
Enterprise *raises hand*
Se'an Silverfoot *thinks he's recieving quality service just fine*
Elder EM Dudley * adds Enterprise *
Ivan Lokison Thats your choice
Ivan Lokison I believe everyone here has been bashing someone who has done a good job
Sweet Cinnamon ok off i go all!!
Sweet Cinnamon have fun
Carl Jr amen
Ivan Lokison and someone should stand up and say just that
G.v.P ...
Ikerous not everyone has been bashing
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
Carl Jr i will
Mesanna thank you Ivan
Ivan Lokison Dudley you do a great job with events you put a lot of depth into your events and characters
Elder EM Dudley Thanks Ivan
CharGar "claps"
Ivan Lokison I appreciate the time you spend here
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
CharGar "claps"
CharGar "claps"
Robin Hood *claps*
CharGar "claps"
Enterprise *claps*
Dareth Vor'Cere *claps*
Enterprise *claps*
Jigo Rel Sanct
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
Ivan Lokison Hear hear for Dudley
Mach *claps*
Carl Jr *claps*
Mach *claps*
Carl Jr *claps*
Elder EM Dudley I would do it no place else
Blacwin woot
Shelra *smiles*
CharGar "cheers"
Carl Jr *claps*
Enterprise *claps*
Elder EM Dudley * smiles *
CharGar "cheers"
G.v.P *indifference*
CharGar "cheers"
CharGar "cheers"
Enterprise *claps*
CharGar "cheers"
G.v.P *indifference*
Morpheus Mardox *claps*
NANOC *claps*
Ivan Lokison Hear hear for Dudley
Pawn Shop :-)
Ivan Lokison Hear hear for Dudley
Dareth Vor'Cere *claps*
Enterprise *claps*
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
Robin Hood *claps*
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
CharGar Yea for Dudley!
CharGar Yea for Dudley!
NANOC Here Here
Ikerous except on the worst shard
Mesanna I want to tell you guys something
Conker :)
Mesanna STop that!
Mesanna *laughs*
Blacwin heheh
Evelina Cezon You fail to hide.
Ikerous do tell
Mesanna First I think Dudley puts the most into his events
Mesanna he is every creative
Mesanna and he cares
Mesanna after this started I asked him if he wanted to move to another shard
Mesanna and he doesn't
Mesanna he wants to stay here
Enterprise *claps*
Enterprise *claps*
Phoenix *claps*
NANOC *claps*
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
Enterprise *claps*
Ikerous - style="vertical-align:top;" Carl Jr yipee
Kiya he needs to change
Robin Hood *smiles*
CharGar "Cheers"
CharGar "Cheers"
Mesanna so I am sure he will do what he can to fix these issues brought up tonight
Clair *has not heard anyone complain about Dudleys creativity or effort put into events*
Ethan *raises hand*
Mesanna Communication can be improved upon
Elder EM Dudley * adds Ethan *
G.v.P *nods*
Mesanna by everyone
Micheal Phelps Uus Sanct
Mesanna next
Elder EM Dudley Shelra is next
Mesanna Shelra please
Rivi Ravenwynd *raises hand agan*
Shelra *nods* M'Lady Mesanna M'Lord Dudley
Mesanna hi
Elder EM Dudley * adds Rivi *
Shelra May I speak personally to M'Lord Dudley?
Elder EM Dudley Didn't see it the first time Rivi, sorry
Mesanna of course
Shelra thank you
Shelra M'Lord...please placate this girls heart and mind...
Shelra *steps back one*
Elder EM Dudley I do!
Se'an Silverfoot *chuckles*
Elder EM Dudley Guess what Ma! I'm gettin married!
Elder EM Dudley * dances*
Elder EM Dudley * grins *
Arrow lol
Elder EM Dudley Please, continue
G.v.P ...
Shelra Tis the comment of the forums of the essay
Shelra of three words
Shelra "vampire bat spawn*
Shelra please help my heart understand fully of your explanation of this
Pawn Shop didnt we do this 1?
Ivan Lokison SHHH pawn
Evelina Cezon *yawn*
Mesanna *nods*
Rivi Ravenwynd yes and he still didnt answer the spawn word choice issue
Shelra as 'vampire bat spawn' was not truely addressed
Elder EM Dudley In the context I felt it addressed something out of charcter, without dwelling on the issue and I really do not
Elder EM Dudley Want to get started on a debate regarding RP etiquette
Elder EM Dudley How bout we just give everyone who has participated thus far in the Livery Quests
Elder EM Dudley The stable and move past it, since it seems to be hanging us all up?
Threvus Vesuvius ....
Se'an Silverfoot NO!
Elder EM Dudley The system is not working as intended
Shelra ah I understand then M'Lord tis of one's personal interpretation.
Elder EM Dudley And most everyone is close enough anywone
Elder EM Dudley Anyway even
Ivan Lokison No
Daktari Zinn what about the next time though you decide to sweep our issues under the rug
Ikerous go for it
Rayden raises ahdn again
Elder EM Dudley Rayden you are on the list
Rayden hand*
Ivan Lokison this should be resolved so as to not give a complete bad taste of this event
Daktari Zinn My point is ignored again
Shelra I do think he is addressing this girl *looks around*
Jimmy Wis Quas
Niva the Savage *raises weapon*
Elder EM Dudley * adds Niva *
Ivan Lokison Shelra give a example of how you were using spawn
G.v.P Ivan, that's Mesanna's job
Elder EM Dudley Shelra?
Shelra M'Lord?
Rivi Ravenwynd It is on EM Chessy stratics and excellent example of the word spwan in roleplaying terms
Elder EM Dudley Was there something else?
Zelda of Zed have you never been to zedland.. its full of vampire bat spawn. it fits right in
Clair *thinks the lady is waiting for a strait answer*
Shelra May I clarify then.....
Rayden ?
Rayden *looks at watch*
Rayden hmm 3 sand crystals pass
Elder EM Dudley Of course
Evelina Cezon come on folks keep it moibng sheesh
Shelra that this is my understanding within my heart that it was not considered in your minds eye approp
Threvus Vesuvius got any chew left Se'an?
Evelina Cezon moving
Shelra appropriate?
Elder EM Dudley In the context it was used it didn't fit in with the rubric I graded all the essays by
Se'an Silverfoot *whispers - Sure, passes a wad*
Elder EM Dudley In hindsight was it a bad idea? Obvously if it caused this much angst
Threvus Vesuvius thank ye friend
Elder EM Dudley As a matter of fact the entire livery quest has been this way
Elder EM Dudley Which is why
Elder EM Dudley Everyone will be credited with a livery that has participated thus far
Elder EM Dudley So we can move past it
Hinotori thief
Shelra Thank you for explaining M'Lord, this girl fully understands.
G.v.P ...
Threvus Vesuvius *raise brow*
Jaya Ballard Sorry
Sweet Cinnamon Theif
Jaya Ballard he was stealing
Hinotori pardon our justice
Jaya Ballard ffrom membets
Hinotori we cant find who it is
Elder EM Dudley * tightens purse *
DELTA BUTCH `guild thief
Jaya Ballard right
Sweet Cinnamon Guild theif
Elder EM Dudley Anything else Shelra?
Jaya Ballard we dont kno which guild tho
Shelra *smiles* Thank you M'Lady Mesanna for both your time
Mesanna thank you Shelra
Blushing Rose *puts mouse trap in pocket*
Mesanna next
Elder EM Dudley Daktari
Captain Jack is there free food and refreshments.....?
Gunga Din Dak went home to his woobie
Mesanna Daktari?
Zelda of Zed he left
Rivi Ravenwynd He was frustrated and left
Clair *thinks Dak got angrey and left*
Elder EM Dudley Rayden is next
Rayden hello em dudely
Elder EM Dudley Hiyas
Rayden could you do me a favor em duely?
Rayden and repeat after me
Rayden pls
Elder EM Dudley Depends
Arrow lol
Rayden "life is not fair but, i can be
SoMeOnE lol wtf
Blushing Rose u camy ,marry him that just wrong
G.v.P *notices floor bread*
Rayden ?
Elder EM Dudley * blinks *
G.v.P *nomnomnom*
Rayden you do this i can forgive you
Rayden :)
CharGar what does this all mean?
Pawn Shop lol
Ikerous waste of time again
Rayden simply put
Rayden it means
Rayden nothing goes right
Rayden no one perfect
Rayden but i can atleast try my best
Elder EM Dudley I have freely admited that we are not perfect
Rayden thats what that means
Elder EM Dudley On several occassions
SoMeOnE *stabs*
Rayden well em dudely
Rayden i forgive you
Elder EM Dudley WE've deleted dragons....stranded people in the sea
Rayden :)
Elder EM Dudley Uhhh
Elder EM Dudley Oh
Elder EM Dudley Given out busted rune books
Ikerous yeaaaaa
Elder EM Dudley We mess up all the time
Elder EM Dudley But
Clair *would like an example of how you have fixed one of your mistakes....I was asked to give examples*
Rayden but
Captain Jack can we vote him out of the tent?
Rayden if everyone can see this
Rayden then why are we here right?
Pawn Shop lol
Elder EM Dudley That's what happens when you push the envelope of events in UO
Blushing Rose found out my horse couldent swim :o(
Elder EM Dudley If we did the same thing all the time
Rayden happy new year to you
Elder EM Dudley It'd get boring
Elder EM Dudley So take the systems that are in place
Rayden messana?
Elder EM Dudley And try to twist em round
Captain Jack our christmas event was too short
Mesanna yes?
Rayden i forgive em dudely
Mesanna Thank you
Rayden but can we discuss my midget and 4ft salami?
Elder EM Dudley Just don't superman me!
Elder EM Dudley * winks *
Ikerous o thank goodness
Rayden :)
G.v.P ...
Mesanna LOL get out of here
Ikerous next
Rayden ok
Rayden sniff sniff
Arrow to funny
Elder EM Dudley Phoenix is next
Mesanna no no
SoMeOnE midgets!
Elder EM Dudley * chuckles *
Mesanna lol
Phoenix Thank you
Mesanna hi Phoenix
Rayden you not drinking this time right?
Phoenix Greetings
Ikerous hi phoenix
Rayden i know i almost killed ya last time
Rayden :)
Elder EM Dudley Hiyas Phoenix
Clair *waves at the lady*
Phoenix First I want to say I think you are doing a great job
Phoenix now on to the one of the topics at hand
Phoenix the item issue
Phoenix I have done my research over and over
Phoenix and want to point out a post made by you Mesanna
Phoenix On Feb 19th 2008
Phoenix if you dont mind
Phoenix We have been keeping a close eye on EM events and player feedback regarding rewards. After care
Mesanna going back but ok
Ikerous wow great memory
Zelda of Zed she rocks
Phoenix consideration we have decided that everyone that does the event should receive a reward. This rewa
Captain Jack agreed!
Phoenix This reward will be the same reward across all the shards,
Phoenix It goes on to say
Phoenix that all who participate
Phoenix will receive the same reward
Phoenix all
Jimmy In Nox
Rivi Ravenwynd *claps*
G.v.P *claps*
Shelra *smiles*
Ikerous sounds fair as you can get
Phoenix so the issue of people not getting them should have been resolved
Phoenix but alas
Phoenix we had whiners and crybabies
Zelda of Zed Rauvvrae
Phoenix and now we are right back there where we were 2 years ago
Se'an Silverfoot Keeps it simple and fair
Rayden ok i think i had enough of this
Mirt *smiles at Greyylene*
Jager holier than thou attitudes **** me off...
Mesanna First off when we do the same event on all shards we give the same reward
Phoenix *nods*
Mesanna considering I have 33 different EM's
Clair *we are here partly because of posts I made, and I resent being called names that are inaccurate*
Mesanna its really hard to everyone to be a clone
Mesanna they all have different events
Mesanna personalities etc
Phoenix *nods*
Mesanna that was 2 years ago
Blushing Rose yjay is wnat makes ever shard different ?
Phoenix my point in researching it was
Phoenix no where did you say we are entitled to anything
Ikerous ahhh contrair we are entitled to keep paying
Phoenix With or without items you have my support
Phoenix Thank you
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
Enterprise *claps*
Mesanna Phoenix thank you
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
Ivan Lokison *CLAPS*
Captain Jack *claps*
Elder EM Dudley Enterprise is next
Mesanna You can ask any EM
Ozog Giantfart RIVIS TURN
Mesanna I have said many times this program is not about lining your pockets with items
Phoenix *claps*
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
Mesanna its about the story
Ikerous hehe we have pockets??????
Dareth Vor'Cere *raises hand*
G.v.P hehe
Mesanna well no
Mesanna lol
Ethan i just have dirty underwear!
Captain Jack *pats robe for pockets*
Elder EM Dudley * adds Ashlyn and Dareth*
Zelda of Zed looks at robe.. i dont have pockets
Captain Jack nope im all out of those
G.v.P can we have pockets? :(
Mesanna sorry Hi Enterprise
G.v.P jk
Linkin hamburger
PotChuggersUnite LOL
Enterprise Hello Mesanna
Enterprise Dudley
Elder EM Dudley Hiyas
Mesanna hi
Enterprise while I confess I do not see all
Enterprise I think part of the problem is UO itself
Enterprise it is not a single game
Enterprise it is many
Enterprise and we push it to be many more every day we are logged in
Enterprise but, there are discreet groups of players
Enterprise item collectors
Enterprise PvPers
Enterprise PvMers
Enterprise and RPers
Captain Jack fishers!
Carl Jr crafters
Enterprise these groups expect VASTLY different things of UO
Enterprise and when you do events
Jimmy In Nox
Enterprise vastly different things from YOU
Elder EM Dudley * adds Harq*
Enterprise if a PvPer goes to an event designed more towards to RPers
Jimmy In Nox
Enterprise they will most likely not enjoy the experience
Severex Thats true
Captain Jack we need fel events!
Enterprise hehe
Enterprise PvPers going to PvM events would also probably get bored
Enterprise "midless monsters" and all
Enterprise that
Enterprise I would suggest that if you have a specific group in mind when you design an event
Enterprise that you make it clear
Ikerous yeah but when we have shared events the pvpers kill the rest of us that dont like pvp
Mesanna thats a valid request
Captain Jack may i make a statement?
Elder EM Dudley Indeed
Captain Jack for example
Elder EM Dudley And something we started doing last month and will continue to give "blurbs" about what to expect from the event
Enterprise that way, when someone goes to an event, they know what to expect
Enterprise if they go, and it isn't their "cup of tea" they have no one to whine to but themselves
Jaya Ballard *starts humming the mission impossible theme*
Captain Jack the thief has been basically extince in uo
Captain Jack extinct*
Elder EM Dudley Thanks Enterprise
Enterprise thank you
Captain Jack can i say something dudley?
Carl Jr well said
Mesanna thank you for the suggestion/comment
Elder EM Dudley Rivi
Phoenix *claps*
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
Elder EM Dudley I've added you to the list Jack
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
Captain Jack okay thank you
Rivi Ravenwynd Ok I have a few things
Mesanna hi RIvi
Rivi Ravenwynd one is an example of HOC feedback
Prometheus looking
Rivi Ravenwynd we did the event where we followed Gwen all over ish fighting mobs
Clair *waves at Demon, who is trying to steal Zelda's guild title*
Demon Slayer :D
Zelda of Zed my title.. i earned it
Rivi Ravenwynd but Gwen was walking and did not wait fo the mobs to be all killed before moving on
Rivi Ravenwynd so lots of us got lost adn if u died
Rivi Ravenwynd well u were completely lost
Rivi Ravenwynd so we told them at the HOC meeting during feedback
Severex thanks for sitting on my lap
Rivi Ravenwynd he said gwen was on foot and no one should have had much problem keeping up
Rivi Ravenwynd and even though we said it would be if u waited for mobs to be done before moving
Rivi Ravenwynd we were ignored and dimissed b/c Dudley felt walking was good enough
Rivi Ravenwynd when his or dross did not wait long enough
Rivi Ravenwynd this is an example of how we feel our feedback is ignored
Rivi Ravenwynd and going to the ems does no good
Rivi Ravenwynd having said that
Rivi Ravenwynd no one is saying dudley is not creative, inventive, awesome at roleplaying, and makes pretty places
Rivi Ravenwynd he and dross are sooo very good at that
Rivi Ravenwynd and we love that
Rivi Ravenwynd but we fell hes does not listen
Blushing Rose NUTTT
Rivi Ravenwynd to us or if he does not like our feedback it is ignored
Niva the Savage *lowers weapon to withdraw from comment/question*
Rivi Ravenwynd Another example that I feel is bullying us
Rivi Ravenwynd we are told at teh hoc mtg if ppl dont stop swearing or critising in em chat channels he will stop
Rivi Ravenwynd using it
Jimmy In Nox
Gunga Din So do you hate SHE duds?
Elder EM Dudley I don't hate anyone
Clair *thinks that an EM has to have the ablity to solve problems, its a people skill thing*
Elder EM Dudley And I resent the implication
Gunga Din ok good
Rivi Ravenwynd grant you i would like clearer directions in em chat channel and more help when we get lost
Rivi Ravenwynd in events like other ems do
Rivi Ravenwynd but I am sorry ppl talk to u mean
Rivi Ravenwynd or any em
Rivi Ravenwynd on Sonoma it was really bad one night
Ethan sonoma is always bad
Ikerous if i want swearing i would listen to tv
Rivi Ravenwynd but my point is that the majority of us that are good and try to be respectful
Rivi Ravenwynd in em chat should not be punished because some are mean
Rivi Ravenwynd em chat channel communication is essential in events
Blushing Rose Aye
Rivi Ravenwynd pleas use it more
Elder EM Dudley I agree
Rivi Ravenwynd please consider helping lost ppl by yanking them to the evnet
Rivi Ravenwynd if u dont like gates up
Clair *thinks THE QUEEN'S STRONGMAN is in the HOUSE!*
Rivi Ravenwynd cause I know you try
Rivi Ravenwynd I know you care
Rivi Ravenwynd but when you come across sometimes
Rivi Ravenwynd its does not feel that way
Rivi Ravenwynd there are days honestly
Killian SHHH I dont want to be a detraction!!
Killian distraction
Rivi Ravenwynd I feel you have it out for Zedland and SHE... I am not saying you do
Rivi Ravenwynd but it feels this way sometimes
Rivi Ravenwynd hence the anger over the word spawn in the essay
Rivi Ravenwynd however
Rivi Ravenwynd you may not mean it this way
Rivi Ravenwynd but what I hope to express to you
Mesanna He has already said it was handled poorly and stated a way to resolve this and move on though
Rivi Ravenwynd is that sometimes when you dont talk to us em chat channel as much it hurts us
Killian Rel Xen An Sanct
Rivi Ravenwynd I dont want to have issues with you
Rivi Ravenwynd or feel issues
Rivi Ravenwynd but to be honest
Rivi Ravenwynd there
Rivi Ravenwynd are several people here on different unknown
Rivi Ravenwynd chars to avoid what they think might be reprucsussion froms this
Elder EM Dudley Well that's just silly
Rivi Ravenwynd or they wont post cause they worry about the chrismtas house being overlooked
Killian *flexes*
Rivi Ravenwynd I know
Rivi Ravenwynd hUn
Elder EM Dudley Because don't worry, we kill equally
Elder EM Dudley * grins *
Rivi Ravenwynd but what I am saying is that if this is not happening sometimes in your actions or avoiding of que
Darth Oni *raises a brow*
Greyylene *laugh*
Rivi Ravenwynd questions it comes across or makes us feel that way hun
Rivi Ravenwynd this is about communication and respect
Elder EM Dudley May I answer you regarding the chat channel?
Rivi Ravenwynd and it is two way
Rivi Ravenwynd yes
Prometheus '
Elder EM Dudley I've mentioned this in the past
Elder EM Dudley Running an event is like running a live television show
Severex Kal In Ex
Elder EM Dudley I'm keeping track of what's happening on three monitors when we are doing some events
Elder EM Dudley You ever play the game mouse trap?
Rivi Ravenwynd yes
Rivi Ravenwynd the old game
Elder EM Dudley That's what setting up an event is like
Blushing Rose 3 dang i do good to keep one up
Elder EM Dudley You set up the entire mouse trap
Elder EM Dudley And then you set it off
Rivi Ravenwynd and hope it works
Elder EM Dudley and *PRAY* that it works as you intend
Rivi Ravenwynd lol
Killian *felxes*
Elder EM Dudley 99% of the time it doesn't
Elder EM Dudley * grins *
Elder EM Dudley So you have to improvise
Rivi Ravenwynd but what i meant is when u said u wont use it anymore and that not fair to us
Killian *rubs oil on chest*
Rivi Ravenwynd but u should not be treated badly
Elder EM Dudley Dross has to run here or I have to run there
Keltset Vas Rel Por
Elder EM Dudley We want to help people as much as we can
Elder EM Dudley During the event
Rivi Ravenwynd even if I dont like what you did or disagree with you, I dont have the right to call you names
Rivi Ravenwynd such
Elder EM Dudley If someone starts using profanity
Elder EM Dudley Or acting inappropriately in the channel
Elder EM Dudley We have to stop
Elder EM Dudley Ask them to please stop
Elder EM Dudley And then continue when the problem is solved
Elder EM Dudley Our comment that we were going to stop using it
Elder EM Dudley Was a plea to hope the community would police itself a bit more
Demon Slayer *raises hand to speak next*
Elder EM Dudley * adds Demon *
Rivi Ravenwynd I know hun
Elder EM Dudley If it came across as bullying I apologize
Rivi Ravenwynd but what happens is
Killian *thinks he should have been around more for security*
Rivi Ravenwynd you invite out the crazies
Rivi Ravenwynd to cause us more problems
Elder EM Dudley You know I'm cuddly on the inside
Rivi Ravenwynd treat individuals
Greyylene *laughs at killian*
Rivi Ravenwynd I thought you were sugarly
Rivi Ravenwynd anyway
Arrow geez
Clair *thinks dudley needs to get on a blue and do some Fel spawns then evaulate how others behavior
Killian *hmm cudly*
Clair can be controled in UO*
Zelda of Zed rolls eyes stay on point rivi
Blushing Rose humm
Rivi Ravenwynd next issue
Killian *thinks of renouncing title*
Rivi Ravenwynd and this is to Mesanna
Elder EM Dudley As to your other comments, we are continually striving to keep people together during event s
Rivi Ravenwynd a suggestion
Elder EM Dudley But continue
Greyylene ugh
Rivi Ravenwynd or sorry
Rivi Ravenwynd dudely
Rivi Ravenwynd can we move on dudley
Elder EM Dudley No please, continue
Rivi Ravenwynd ?
Rivi Ravenwynd ok
Rivi Ravenwynd this is really for both of u
Rivi Ravenwynd my feelings
Rivi Ravenwynd on itmes and yes i collect and no I dont sell them or profit off them
Rivi Ravenwynd so we get that off the peanut gallery
Rivi Ravenwynd but I feel that each shard should be mandated a certain number of created items
Rivi Ravenwynd and that the same number of created itmes given out
Rivi Ravenwynd but the items
Rivi Ravenwynd can be diffeent for each shard to retain
Rivi Ravenwynd its own history
Mesanna umm thats already done
Ikerous then you have shard transfers to bring in other things not on your shard
Rivi Ravenwynd so then why did Chessy only get tow items for Christmas insttead 4
Mesanna it has been recently changed due to the amount of people attending
Rivi Ravenwynd like all the other shards
Jimmy *boing*
Rivi Ravenwynd adn why only one shard
Rivi Ravenwynd i mean one time
Killian *winks at Messana*
Mesanna Understand I tell the EM's you can have 4 items 2 for tram and 2 for fel
Rivi Ravenwynd when other sahrds had multiple times
Rivi Ravenwynd yes
Mesanna Its their choice if they want to do that many
Rivi Ravenwynd but that is the problem
Elder EM Dudley * adds Observer*
Rivi Ravenwynd right there
Rivi Ravenwynd Dudley
Rivi Ravenwynd does not like to give out problems
Rivi Ravenwynd give out items
Rivi Ravenwynd he doesnt like it so chessy gets less
Greyylene ...
Elder EM Dudley Have you looked at Manticore's list?
Rivi Ravenwynd it should not be up to Dudley to give or not give
Mesanna excuse me
Rivi Ravenwynd cause it is uneven
Rivi Ravenwynd for Chessyt
Rivi Ravenwynd to only get 2
Mesanna Hold on hone sec
Mesanna We give everyone every year xmas items
Darth Oni *was a 10 minute event*
Mesanna 'then the EM's want to do something personally
Mesanna they don't have to do it
Zelda of Zed *LESS THEN THAT *
Mesanna but
Mesanna next year
Mesanna they won't
Mesanna since so many people complained
Blushing Rose salved !!!
Mesanna I will put out cold reward givers so everyone can get something
Killian *wanted barbells next year*
Wilder :(
Mesanna which totally defeats the purpose of what they wanted it to be
Rivi Ravenwynd sounds great as long as it is all shards
Ikerous i didnt complain but my old eyes cant even focus on those faries
Mesanna Honestly I get tired of people complaining about something good we are trying to do
Mesanna faries?
Rivi Ravenwynd Mes
Mirt Extermo Vomica
Mesanna wait
Rivi Ravenwynd ok
Mesanna they were not ferries
Mesanna they should have been this
Ivan Lokison He's talking about the blinkies lol
Captain Jack WTF GROSS!
Mesanna oh
Greyylene haha!
Ikerous that i can see
X I X =)
Shelra oooooo
Darth Oni oo
Arrow nice
Rivi Ravenwynd well that is the coolest elf
Blushing Rose An Lor Xen
Elder EM Dudley * adds Celestial *
Rivi Ravenwynd on any shard
Ikerous well the angels then
Rivi Ravenwynd i have seen
Mesanna lol
Shelra *loves the Elf*
Ashlynn who is next to speak?
X I X void elf?
Darth Oni *hopes it not drooling*
Killian *im still stronger*
Mesanna I wished I could growl
Elder EM Dudley Ethan is after Rivi
Killian *glexes*
Mesanna sorry
Captain Jack when is jack up?
Rivi Ravenwynd my point
Killian *flexes*
Greyylene glex away mister
Blushing Rose An Lor Xen
Greyylene *smile*
Rivi Ravenwynd is that when we have ems that dont like to give out items and they dont
Ashlynn step forward, Ethan
Mesanna I do understand your point
Rivi Ravenwynd even though they can
Mesanna everyone wants to feel like they are equal
Rivi Ravenwynd it creates unequal
Rivi Ravenwynd and this is a big issue here
Rivi Ravenwynd it is fairness
Rivi Ravenwynd MEsanna
NANOC not for everyone is it an issue
Rivi Ravenwynd we deserve to get on chessy
Greyylene seriously... sheesh
Greyylene common
Rivi Ravenwynd the same amount of items
Rivi Ravenwynd other shards get
Ethan sonoma got 3
Rivi Ravenwynd christmas is just one example
Rivi Ravenwynd and I got the itemes on chessy
Rivi Ravenwynd they were very cute dudly
Rivi Ravenwynd by the way
Rivi Ravenwynd but it is about fairness
Rivi Ravenwynd adn equality
Rivi Ravenwynd for us on Chessy
Mesanna I wanted to give out bags of rocks!
Rivi Ravenwynd I should have as many opportunities as other shards
Killian cool
Elder EM Dudley And you do
Rivi Ravenwynd that would be cool
Killian i could life them
Killian lift
Observer Can we move on? Rivi is repeating himself.. rest of us want to speak too.
Rivi Ravenwynd An Lor Xen
X I X you can still do it
Rivi Ravenwynd dudley hun 4 does not equal 2
Rivi Ravenwynd no matter what math system
Ikerous how about lumps of coal next year
Se'an Silverfoot Sales must be down
Rivi Ravenwynd u use
Greyylene oh stop you'll make the ladies swoon... such a beefcake - killian
NANOC hmm Observer, clever
Observer She, apologies
Rivi Ravenwynd ok I ma done please dudley
Rivi Ravenwynd come towarsds us players
Ozog Giantfart :bites
Rivi Ravenwynd adn we come towards you to work this out
Elder EM Dudley Ethan is next
Mesanna thanks Rivi
Elder EM Dudley Thank you Rivi
Mesanna Ethan hi
Ivan Lokison *raises hand*
Killian *pats Ozogs head*
Ethan ok, I just have a comment
Elder EM Dudley * adds Ivan *
Ethan my home shard is sonoma... yes we are the hated shard
Ethan i made chars over here last year
Killian noooooo
Ivan Lokison Dudley how far am I down?
Ethan for the em events
Elder EM Dudley Last
Captain Jack lol
Ethan because of all our problems
Ivan Lokison
Ethan i have since opened an account to place a house here.
Ethan dudley is one of the best ems
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
Enterprise *claps*
Enterprise *claps*
Ethan all the complaining but really, you do not know what y'all have
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
Greyylene *claps agreement*
NANOC *claps*
Ethan sonoma has seen their share of ems
Enterprise *claps*
PotChuggersUnite *CLAPS*
Mesanna Thank you Ethan
Ulani *agrees with Ethan*
Ethan and dudley puts a lot of time and effort into the events
Ethan the items are an added bonus
Elder EM Dudley * Niva, Ashlynn, Daveth, Harq, Jack, Demon, Observer, Celestial, Ivan *
Kiya u mean rp
Niva the Savage *lowers weapon to withdraw from comment/question*
Elder EM Dudley * nods*
Ethan (but I will say since I pointed out our bad, eira and sangria are awesome too)
Phoenix *claps*
NANOC *claps*
Mesanna *grins*
Ethan everyone has to be understanding on all sides
Elder EM Dudley * smiles *
Mesanna they are trying
Ethan but on something enterprise said
Enterprise me...?
Ethan we had an event on sonoma that took the effort of all types of char
Rivi Ravenwynd hgus
Rivi Ravenwynd hugs
Ethan crafters had to help build, fighters had to defend
Ethan miners and lumberjackers gathered resources
Ethan and it cuts on lag
Ethan and everyone has fun
Elder EM Dudley * shamelessly steals idea *
Elder EM Dudley * grins *
Greyylene haha
Enterprise hehe
PotChuggersUnite *CLAPS LOUDLY*
Ethan it was tails, and you all know how wonderful he was
Ivan Lokison *claps!!!!!*
Enterprise *claps*
Niva the Savage HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
Sage Ebonwynd aye
Ethan maybe set up a board for people to leave suggestions
Ethan on what they would enjoy
Ethan and combine them together
Captain Jack aye
Clair *umm, like the EM forum?*
Killian *i can hold it up while people write on it*
Ethan some people dont like the forum
Captain Jack killian
Elder EM Dudley We have one on the Hall of Commons
Ethan like in game
Captain Jack ur frail.....
Elder EM Dudley And mailboxes too
Ethan do people use it
Elder EM Dudley Ayup
Greyylene em forum looks more like the ***** session...
Ethan for suggestions? or to complain
Greyylene sorry
Clair *umm, like the mailbox at the house of commons?*
Elder EM Dudley Both
Ethan more suggestions would make dudley and dross job easier
Ethan and less complaining
Ethan thats all. I just want it to be known chessy has some of the best ems!
Elder EM Dudley Thank you Ethan
Ethan :)
Elder EM Dudley Ashlynn?
Ashlynn it's me now?
Captain Jack next
Elder EM Dudley Ayup
Ashlynn ok, I will try to keep this brief
Captain Jack ah a paxlair
Killian yay
Mesanna hi Ashlynn
Blushing Rose lol
Ashlynn I understand that a lot of people here have legitimate concerns over the EM program
Ashlynn and some well founded criticisms
Ashlynn but my worry isn't over that
Ashlynn I am concerned over the possible response that
Captain Jack *reaches into backpack*
Captain Jack *pulls out newports*
Ashlynn you might decide to running the program in a formulaic and systematic way because of all the criticisms
Killian *cough*
Ashlynn which no one will be happy with
Fanny Firebottom Em Chess?
Mesanna Thats not going to happen
Greyylene *nods*
Fanny Firebottom I get Dudley!
Killian *hmm needs to dumb it down for me*
Flax guards
Captain Jack *lights*
Prometheus Mesanna I love you!
Mesanna Thats what makes this program unique'
Mesanna each shard is different
Flax guards
Mesanna and it will stay that way
Ashlynn I mean sure, people here might get a bit disgruntled at times
Flax guards
Killian *big words my head hurts*
Greyylene *a little?*
Mirt *pets dog*
Karthec Dogaan *giggles*
Ashlynn but Chesepeake is a unique shard
Mirt Good puppy
Greyylene relax muscles someone will spell it out Im sure
Ashlynn so I hope retain an EM program that is the same
Ashlynn *we
Evelina Cezon Dudley how long is the queue?
Captain Jack it means people may get mad killian
Flax i wish to release this
Killian ahh
Flax guards
Killian thx
Ashlynn that's all really
Elder EM Dudley 7 right now
Captain Jack np
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
Ivan Lokison Dudley you can take me off Ashlynn just covered my concern
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
Mesanna I can assure you that is not going to happen
NANOC *claps*
Elder EM Dudley Thank you Ashlynn
Enterprise *claps*
Elder EM Dudley Dareth is next
Mesanna and since I am over it, I think I can assure you guys it won't =)
Phoenix *claps*
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
Flax i wish to release this
Dareth Vor'Cere hi
Flax guards
Mesanna hi Dareth
Elder EM Dudley Hiyas
Captain Jack would anyone like a newport?
Dareth Vor'Cere First off...thank you both for doing this tonight
Killian no smoking
Mesanna and a shot please
Dareth Vor'Cere alot of my comments have been voiced
Captain Jack *pours grey goose*
Jakob ddi someone say shots?
Greyylene haha
Dareth Vor'Cere I just want to add
Greyylene *savage ale all around*
Dareth Vor'Cere're great
Captain Jack *hands to messana*
Ivan Lokison share jack share
Elder EM Dudley Thankee
Greyylene aye that!
Dareth Vor'Cere and for everyone else
Se'an Silverfoot Grey Goose? *looks around*
Captain Jack oh wait im Captain Jack!
Dareth Vor'Cere We've had EM's come and go
Captain Jack *pulls out Jack!
Aries your the best ever
Dareth Vor'Cere Tailspin was awesome
Dareth Vor'Cere other EM's Im sure are as well
Dareth Vor'Cere each has his own personality
Jimmy *Mirts mind melting*
Jaya Ballard Love You Dudley! Your The Best Ever :)
Dareth Vor'Cere and we cant expect
Dareth Vor'Cere each to be the same, do the same etc
Dareth Vor'Cere I got to Dud's events
Killian *cough*
Jimmy *mirt is melting*
Dareth Vor'Cere hoping to get a item
Dareth Vor'Cere harldy every do
Dareth Vor'Cere BUT
Mirt I am not melting
SoMeOnE poor bastage
Dareth Vor'Cere I go for the story
Jaya Ballard its ok
Mirt I am just losly going insane
Captain Jack *pours Ivan shot of Jack*
Dareth Vor'Cere cause man, he does the best
Jaya Ballard !!!
Jaya Ballard hes not gonna kill me he loves me to much
Phoenix *claps*
Dareth Vor'Cere I just hope
Mirt beucase of those mushrooms in the savage soup I bet
Enterprise *claps*
Sweet Cinnamon kill her
Dareth Vor'Cere We all appreciate what he does do
Sweet Cinnamon lol
Dareth Vor'Cere because it could be worse *grins*
Se'an Silverfoot *Raises hand for shot from Capn JAck*
Dareth Vor'Cere Thats it
Elder EM Dudley Thank you Dareth
Mesanna thank you Dareth
Captain Jack *pours shot for Se'an*
Ethan it could be a lot worse!
Dareth Vor'Cere Just wanted to say Thanks
Dareth Vor'Cere :)
Phoenix *claps*
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
Elder EM Dudley You're welcome
Darth Oni *cheers*
Elder EM Dudley Harq
NANOC *claps*
Captain Jack *hands*
Elder EM Dudley You're up
Se'an Silverfoot *sips at first, then chugs the rest*
Mesanna hi Harq
Killian *flexes*
Harq lal Dracona *frowns* Hi
Captain Jack [=
Killian *yawns*
Mesanna frowns?
Captain Jack drink up Se'an
Captain Jack !!!!
Harq lal Dracona Well it seems everyone has some sort of issue
Ikerous he is sleepy
Captain Jack cheers!
Killian not
Killian i
Harq lal Dracona but I'd like to say that I don't at all and would like to request that everyone clear the floor
Killian almost out of body oil
Harq lal Dracona and would like Dudley to dance for the remainder of my question time
Se'an Silverfoot *Whispers, Thanks Capn!*
Elder EM Dudley * laughs*
Enterprise LOL
Captain Jack *pats back*
Captain Jack np
SoMeOnE lol
Greyylene *laughs*
Shelra *claps*
Greyylene dance dudley
Elder EM Dudley After we get through those patiently waiting
Flax yee haw
Shelra *awaits*
Elder EM Dudley I will be MORE than happy to
Ikerous we cant dance anymore that was old uo
Harq lal Dracona deal!
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
Se'an Silverfoot **claps**
Mirt Good Lord a talking dog
Enterprise LOL
Enterprise *claps*
Sweet Cinnamon How that song go?
Elder EM Dudley Demon Slayer is next
Sweet Cinnamon We can dance if we want too
Sweet Cinnamon .........
Demon Slayer hello everyone
Mesanna hi Demon
Sweet Cinnamon .........
Sweet Cinnamon .........
Zelda of Zed hi demon
Demon Slayer thanks for having this meeting tonight
Shelra *waves*
Clair Hail Sir!
Captain Jack After This Drinks On The Captain In Britain Tavern!
Se'an Silverfoot Yehaaa!
Demon Slayer first off let me say dudley is doing a fine job having events, however some things need changes
Greyylene ugh
Se'an Silverfoot *Whispers to Phoenix - Can Nanoc come to the tavern?*
Ikerous and when you become em they will change
Demon Slayer now as people have discussed before, the main issue with the holiday event
Killian *pushes needle full of steroids*
Demon Slayer was that it should have lasted longer
Phoenix *grins*
Killian *flexes*
Demon Slayer other shards mutated elves logged on multiple times, sometimes daily to hand things out
Demon Slayer and on chesapeake it happened only once for 5 minutes
Demon Slayer which wasnt fair in the slightest
Demon Slayer i feel all shards should be equal in item distribution
Demon Slayer now as for rewards during other EM events
Demon Slayer the rewards given on chesapeake need to be drastically improved
Demon Slayer when you get shards giving out event items like a flying piglet on great lakes
Demon Slayer or a golden lotus petal
Killian mmm pigglets
SoMeOnE hpigs mmm
Demon Slayer or other bright shiny items that look really cool and you are proud to own, it is something special
Se'an Silverfoot I'm getting itemitis!
Demon Slayer chesapeake is the only shard that gives out regular items with a special crafted name
Mesanna hey I named that myself, don't be talking about the piglet
Demon Slayer oh i love the piglet
Zelda of Zed *looks around for elvis*
Demon Slayer thats one of the best event items out there
Greyylene ...
Mirt Wow a talking dig
Gunga Din Where are the little Gunga statues?
Mirt dog
Demon Slayer but i feel chesapeake should be giving out unique items like that once in a while atleast
Killian ok we can give out a date with me
Demon Slayer i mean we get regular items named by a special crafted name
Demon Slayer like the scarlet von trinsic bandana
Elder EM Dudley Those are participation gifts that everyone gets
Demon Slayer when other shards have stealing events, they steal actual event items that they keep
Greyylene stop crying and we may get special stuff... sheesh
Demon Slayer when we have stealing events
Demon Slayer we steal timered items that we give in to get some crafted item
Demon Slayer i am a rares collector and i take pride in displaying my rares especially chesapeake born rares

The log ends here. This was a bit over 2 hours into the meeting; though the meeting continued after this point.