Developer Meet And Greet from 2015-02-04

Developer Meet And Greet from 2015-02-04

This meeting was held in Korean. It was logged by EM Hanarin[1].

Note: This transcript was originally in Korean. It has been machine translated using Google Translate, and may contain translation errors.

(questioner) The current problem of this shard is that the economy is paralyzed because the shard economy is running by a small number of players. I think the commission system of the personal store owned by the player is the cause. Since demand and supply are not normal and sales time is longer, the commission will eventually exceed the selling price. So, I want to modify this fee system.
Mesanna What I can say about personal store commissions is that this fee system suffers from cheating. How much we have to pay for this fee is always our topic.
Mesanna The point now is that there is a personal store search feature that helps you search for and buy what you want to buy anywhere. There are also traders who are looking for different profit margins between shards through shard movements. Furthermore, we are considering adding the ability to search the entire web site for sales of the entire shard.
(questioner) Please modify your 3D client to use Hangul.
Mesanna The issue has been added to our revision list. In addition, we will add Korean translations to our new website.
(questioner) I like the sheep graphics of 2D clients. Give me the option to change the graphics of Yang in the 7th veteran reward to a 2D client.
Mesanna Let's check if it is possible.
(questioner) I have heard that there is no plan to enhance the functionality of 2D clients as much as 3D clients. Is there really no plan?
Mesanna I will not say never. However, it is much easier to add functionality to the current RosettaNet EC client. (Note: In the case of classic clients, I've mentioned earlier that adding new functionality due to obsolescence is a very difficult task)
(questioner) Seven years have passed since the Greater Dragon began, and animal trainer is now lagging behind in power competition, and I would like to know if there is a plan to strengthen their power or a new battle pet add-on plan.
Mesanna We plan to make improvements related to pets in the future. We are currently measuring the ability of all pets.
(questioner) When did you expect to add a new sex design in the future?
Mesanna I have not added a new sex design yet in the game. We are currently working on different priorities and plan to have a contest for suggestions from you before we add a new design. This is to see what kind of sex or design you want.
(questioner) When will Steam be released?
Mesanna It takes a lot of work to get it to Steam. We are still working on it, and we want to be able to start selling in earnest in the second half of this year or early next year.
(questioner) I have not been able to tell you about Steam Release or Amazon for over half a year. I will trust it again later this year or early next year.
Mesanna As we have said before, we are continuing to prepare for sale on Steam. This is not an easy task. In addition to discussing only the issues related to sales, it is necessary to work with the steam in the game. Amazon also has to go through several processes to sell. If we say that all of our sales are ready, we will inform you immediately.
(questioner) I would like to ask you about how to translate the UO Guide site instead of trying to work on the wrong website such as the official website.
Mesanna UO Guide is not a website we manage, it is a personal fan site called JC Builder. Therefore, it is not a website that we need to translate. However, the player guide will be translated on our newly created website.
(questioner) When publishing updates, there is very little disclosure compared to file capacity. Please write more details in the patch note when publishing updates.
Mesanna Okay, let's take a little more detail on the patch notes.
(questioner) I want to know exactly where fortunes are applied to treasure maps.
Kyronix When you start digging the treasure chest exactly and digging the ground, the luck is applied. Luck is affected by the difficulty of the treasure box and the luck of the seller. Therefore, in the case of the Level 1 box, there is a limit to items that can be obtained even if they are lucky. However, in the case of the 7th level box, the luckier the better item.
(questioner) Heroic boss monsters in Mondaine's general magic item routing quality is less than 4,000 luck in Feluka.
Kyronix It depends on which creature the player is fighting with. Every creature has a level of routing determined by its level of difficulty. No matter how lucky it is, according to the ability of life. For example, if you take Mongbat, it will be different according to the difficulty of creature as if you do not get excellent magic items.
(questioner) Korean players like to decorate characters. I think it would be better to sell items such as heavenly rides and rare clothes.
Mesanna If you wait, there will be good news in publisher in the future.
(questioner) Ultima Online is a game that evokes the nostalgia of gamers and is a legendary game whose contents can not compare with other games. However, it is difficult for new players to adapt due to the complexity of graphics and interfaces. How about making UO2?
Mesanna It is very difficult to transform UO into a new one. These attempts have been many times but have failed. We are not sure we can leave behind the graphics, what others could not do.
(questioner) It is very cumbersome to toggle quest items every time I do quests. Could not you let me automatically return the quest?
Kyronix The quest item toggle function is a function to prevent unwanted items in your bag from going to Nepsi.
(questioner) In the case of Atlantic Shard, I set up a signpost in front of my old house. How can I get it in Arirang Shard?
Mesanna Please send me the player information, home name, and home location to my e-mail address . Then I will check and install it. But remember that it takes at least ten years to get it.
(questioner) I have two Korean shards but the population is very small. Are you planning to integrate the two shards?
Mesanna Shard integration is a very difficult problem because of the house problem. If we knew how to solve it we would have run it.
(questioner) It is related to the veteran shield. I think it is too harsh to not be able to travel with pets. Should not you be free to use it like a regular mobile token?
Mesanna If you have two items, each item should have a clear difference. We have no plans to change the function of this veteran shield.
(questioner) Can I have a bag in my bag? Could you fix the case where the bag closes when you use the spell magic or past the server boundary?
Mesanna Ensuring a bag in a bag is like creating a blessed container. We do not intend to add certain features. The problem of closing the bag as it crosses the server boundary is a complicated problem.
(questioner) This is a question about global routing. Since the introduction of Global Routing, the number of items coming out of monsters has been reduced in general, is this intended?
Kyronix Global routing changes require some changes to the mob in consideration of balance and stability. It is generally intended that the number of items coming out of monsters is reduced.
(questioner) My home is partially obscured by the east wall of Luna, so it is difficult to customize it. Please add features that make the outside environment invisible at the time of customization setting.
Mesanna After using the classic client and comparing the difference with the improved client, would you please tell us which is better? Let's check once again to see if you can increase the translucency setting radius.
(questioner) I'm holding the shield now, the position of the hand holding the direction moves from the right hand to the left hand.
Mesanna It was made so from the beginning of the game.
(questioner) Mace Fighting only reduces the enemy's energy by 10 points. On the other hand, the weapon's magic option is Hitless Fatigue (Unlimited). I think this affects the balance of the game and I think it needs to be corrected. Furthermore, even if you reduce 10 points, it is meaningless because the resilience of the monster is faster.
Bleak Thank you for letting us know about the problem you mentioned. Balance is always a matter of concern to us. Let's look at the future part of the decline of power and the helpless attack related to the technology you mentioned.
(questioner) Sometimes I can not search my personal store. What is the reason?
Bleak In the case of a personal store search, you will be automatically checked several times a day. This is probably the case if you do not search your personal store during the automatic checking process.
(questioner) I think that I can not hear the voice properly due to the sex design problem in the development team M & G of today. This was often the case at other Governors' meetings in Shard, and is not it necessary to redesign the castle?
Mesanna The reason we did not hear today is because we have forcibly silenced the entire region automatically so that others can not speak for today's M & G. But if it is otherwise, then perhaps we are the first to know. So it's not clear whether this is a sexual problem or another problem. If symptoms continue, please let us know in the future.