Developer Meet And Greet from 2016-01-11

Developer Meet And Greet from 2016-01-11

This meeting was held in English. It was logged by Larisa[1].

Kyronix We are all so pleased to be on Origin tonight. Thanks everyone for coming out.
Kyronix We'll be getting started in just a moment.
William Smithy Lady Clementine and Intimanator both passed away last month. I have a question please. We (OKOJ & XMG) were wondering about memorials for Lady Hope and Wayne.
Kyronix That is most unfortunate news, we are really sad to hear that. Our condolences are with their family and friends.
William Smithy Thank you
EM Aumakua Wayne's has been submitted, please send me Lady Hopes.
Kyronix For memorials you can go ahead and work with your EM.
William Smithy *bows* thank you again
Kyronix Thanks
Kyronix Hello Lord Thor
Thor Hello
Kyronix What can we do for you Thor?
Thor Was wanting to ask about the copper shillings I lost in the bank and my new rune books don't work. Old books work fine.
Bleak The Runic Atlas?
Thor Yes
Bleak We are aware of this issue that charges are not being used and it will be resolved next publish.
Thor Thank you
Mesanna Hi Thor, those items are lost, there is no way to confirm them in your bank. I am sorry.
Thor Ok thanks anyway
Mesanna Thanks for understanding.
Thor That's it for me
Soldevi Extreme HELLO
Mesanna Hello
Kyronix Hello
Soldevi Extreme Hi there really is no player base left in Ultima Online, when are you going to address this? Like a standalone f2p server to bring new players in or anything? This game is better then the state it's in. Like any effort in increasing the population.
Mesanna We strive to improve UO every time we publish
Soldevi Extreme Would be great. That doesn't bring in any new players though, we need something major.
Mesanna Besides free 2 play what would you suggest, keep in mind we are still under EA.
Soldevi Extreme just a standalone f2p shard, we need something mesanna
Mesanna I understand what you are saying.
Soldevi Extreme Like give us something,this game is depressing to log into these days.
Sir LD Hello
Mesanna How can we help you?
Sir LD Can you enchanted apple timers?
Mesanna Do you mean change them? What is your issue with the timers?
Sir LD Too long or they don't go off or work.
Mesanna We will look into this, anything else?
Sir LD I would like ten minutes for fighting in god mode for pvp
Mesanna Dream on, have a good evening.
Toi Masheen Hello!
Mesanna Hi Toi
Toi Masheen So, I guess I'll kinda part two on Soldevi's question. What if any effort is being made to repair the felucca community? Because people are leaving daily. I feel like back in the late 90's, this game flourished with pvp and's just sad.
Mesanna Let me turn this around, today do you have any suggestion besides f2p? We have dont content, VvV
Toi Masheen Well, one thing that has been begged for over 5-8 years, is a legacy server.
Mesanna Bleak is probably shaking his head right now so I will let him answer this one.
Toi Masheen I mean in honesty, UO isn't getting NEW customers, it could get old ones back, that's the thing people could come back and would for a good reason.
Mesanna we understand but you have to understand this. That's a big time consuming task. It would mean no new content to do this.
Toi Masheen so you're telling me average joes can set up old legacy servers for player run servers but you as a large company running the game can't handle that?
Mesanna You have to also understand in the 90's, there were 20 people on the UO team. We have 5 people on the UO team!
Toi Masheen I understand that, but it's not new content you'd add, it's already been made it's not a new design.
Mesanna but pulling out code is a huge task, seperating everything.
Toi Masheen Do you feel the new expansion was succesful in bringing new players to Sosaria? Because I guarantee bringing back old ones would be a better usage of time. Thanks for the time.
Irenicus Hail
Mesanna Good evening
Irenicus I have a complaint about abyss harpsicord deeds.
Mesanna ok
Irenicus everytime I try to do anything in the abyss, I end up with a pack of 80 harpsicord deeds in my pack and have to spend most of my time emptying my pack of those unwanted things that are being forced in my pack.
Mesanna You would like them turned down? We will look at the spawning rate of them.
Irenicus Turn them off. If you want to put them on corpses so if people want them they can get them.
Mesanna ok, thank you for your suggestion.
Irenicus having something auto-drop in your pack is very invasive uness it's a nice item of course lol.
Mesanna Of course, we will look into that change.
Hydro Guardian Hello
Mesanna Greetings
Hydro Gardian I was wondering if you could take out the cohesion on pets at the vet, waiting 3-4 minutes or for a tamer to show up is a pain, or at least have the time down some on dead pets.
Mesanna we might look into shortening and will talk about removal as a team.
Hydro Guardian ty, gnight
Mesanna welcome, night
Whisper Hail
Mesanna Greetings
Kyronix Hello
Whisper Few questions for you. Some questions go with Sir's apple question. Is there a way to make the apple only remove 1 curse at a time, or raise it's timer? My second question, Chivalry Masteries. 4/6 casting and the Holy Fist spell is that going to be changed or nerfed? My third question, Mortal Strike with archery.
Bleak There is a bug currently with Holy Fist
Whisper What is the bug? If I may ask
Bleak It can't be interrupted and that will be resolved next publish.
Whisper so it will be able to be interrupted
Bleak yes
Mesanna We do not have an answer for the enchanted apple yet. We will discuss it.
Whisper alright I have more question
Mesanna wait, I am a little confused. Can you answer this for me? Enchanted apples have been out for awhile now, you are just now saying you want it nerfed? Is that correct?
Whisper have you ever pvp'd as a necro mage? And someone eats one apple and all your curses are gone?
Mesanna I get that, but this is the first time anyone has asked this. I am just a little confused as to why it has taken so long, that is all. We will discuss it.
Bleak Currently have no plans to add Mortal Strike to any archery weapon, anymore :)
Whisper That's not my question sir. Mortal Strike with archery there is no cooldown, but there is a cooldown on apples. So an archer can spam mortal strike and you can't do anything about it but die.
Bleak Mortal Strike has diminishing returns on duration
Whisper It doesn't matter if you can spam it you do not become immune.
Bleak We can take another look at the effectiveness of the DR
Whisper Or you can take timers off apples :) Have a good night
Bleak Thank you
Mesanna You also
Sho-Rimbo Hi
Mesanna Greetings
Kyronix Hello!
Sho-Rimbo I have a statement rather then a question. It relates entirely to the state of the game and my opinion of how it was and also how it is. I recently visited an old rares collector. He was collecting some very old clothing and it was a nice collection. We got to talking about mesanna items and how they have affected the game. I believe it has impacted UO in a negative manner as more people spend their time chasing you around from one shard to another it leaves massive holes in the rest of the game. I ask you to stop making the pretty hued crap and let the game produce it's own items and perhaps some reds will feel like they should go back to fel instead of chasing 500m items. The items may be one of a kind but the only reason people hunt them is they no longer have to find a living in game. Use the older methods like the double clicky statues.
Mesanna That's not happening
Sho-Rimbo and try not to harm the economy in favor of popularity
Mesanna and you are talking about EM items. Every item with my name also has the same items with the dev team.
Sho-Rimbo no, I am talking about all the crap that is deemed a rare because you only put 10 in that day.
Mesanna That's an EM item, I have never given out 10 of any items.
Sho-Rimbo Think about it. 500m items make this an Obama administration...
Mesanna I am not going to sit here and argue with you
Sho-Rimbo Neither am I, at least you are getting paid :) you are welcome.
Mesanna to be honest I could care less if anything ever drops with my name on it.
Melody Hello All
Mesanna Hello Melody
Melody I have two quick questions. One can there be castles ever in Luna?
Mesanna No, the server cannot handle the load
Melody and two, are you aware that in plant beds the plants never have the rare black or white adaption.
Mesanna In garden beds?
Melody From if you like you plant locked down.
Mesanna I did not know that
Melody Yes you get rare black or white sometimes but not in the beds.
Mesanna Interesting, I will have to check that out.
Melody I have been planting plants a long time and never black or white in beds.
Kyronix I'd have to check to be 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure that is working as intended.
Melody why make it not able to do in plant beds, that is the whole point of having them, we pay for them.
Kyronix Understand this was done awhile ago, but likely because they don't require any upkeep. We'll discuss it and have a look to be certain.
Melody hmm well can that be changed? I hope so, would be awesome, ty so much, have a great night.
Mesanna You also. Hello again Thor
Thor Will we ever be able to place homes in eodon area i see lotsa green behind the trees that is blocked.
Kyronix The Native Eodonians would likely burn your home to the ground for invading their soverign lands.
Thor Thank you lol
Mesanna lol...hello DarkLotus
DarkLotus hi, ok just one thing as a necro mage pvper I agree with the apples needing to only take one debuff at a time it ruins half my temp. DOOOOOMM!!!!! DOOMM!!! great content, update the arties for it!
Mesanna lol we will have a discussion tomorrow about it
DarkLotus oh and mesanna items pfft that guy is whack we love em! That's all, have a great night!
Mesanna *smiles* night, but he is entitled to his opinion
Soldevi Extreme Hail again, I just had a few questions about skills. Can tactics requirement for mages using specials be removed or at least linked to a useful skill like eval int? Mage temps are so restrictive, and necromancy forms and strangle need buffs our top end spell is vampirec embrace and the thing is only good on a pvm dexxer. Strangle is a dot that needs to be on for a full duration to do any good. A necro dexxer in pvp is not viable, there are like 30 ways to remove curses, strangle should not be classified as a curse :( and Vampiric embrace should be on par with stone form for effectiveness.
Mesanna Bleak has this, give him a sec
Bleak No plans to change tactics requirements at the moment. This would need to be discussed with the community more on an open platform.
Soldevi Extreme Ok buff necro forms tho
Bleak We will take a look at more templates
Sir Wayne Greetings Mesanna, Misk and Team
Mesanna Greetings
Sir Wayne I recently returned to UO a few days ago
Mesanna Welcome back
Sir Wayne and played since 1997 until a few years ago when the economy took a turn for the worse and I had to leave, loosinga luna house and castle. Now that I am back, my question is, to make it easier with a smaller population is it possible to link bank accounts wide into 1 account? Would make it more appeasing on lower populated shards.
Mesanna Currency mean cross shards?
Sir Wayne yes Ma'am
Mesanna We recently put in currency conversion doing that is a lot more detailed
Sir Wayne Getting started again, would make it easier to get involoved a bit more. I mean more for armor, weapons, items and resources to rebuild, and would give us returning players more of a variety of things to do, events, and people to play with.
Mesanna do you mean just money or your whole bank?
Sir Wayne Entire bank, but just 1 bank shared between your account only regardless of shard, just a thought.
Mesanna we can look into it but I highly doubt it will happen anytime soon so no promises.
Mesanna Greetings Running Bear
Running Bear Hi, I was wondering if you have figured out why the look in shame dungeon, epecially for the unbound was nerfed so badly following the global loot changes is publish 86.3. Used to give the best loot.
Kyronix What do you consider *best*?
Running Bear Legendary drops
Kyronix So you're saying you don't get any legendary drops now?
Running Bear I get one every 6 hours as opposed to 4-5 an hour b4, loot is less then a balron now.
Kyronix Are we talking about specific items, like weapons? Jewelry? Armor?
Running Bear yes the random loot drop, all of it.
Bleak more jewelry?
Running Bear it's like a air elemental now in terms of loot table.
Kyronix We can take another look at it, but you also have to understand that one area isn't going to deliver the best loot forever.
Running Bear Did you intent to change it? Or did the change in 86.3 cause it unintended.
Kyronix The game is constantly evolving, and we adjust the loot accordingly to entice exploration of new content, we did not deliberatly change anything. What you can do though, is send us all your template info including stats, skills, luck, what suit you've got on
Running Bear then I asking you to look at shame because it changed, same toons before and now, just want you to check to see if it working as you intend is all cus I think it's broken.
Kyronix in order to try to reproduce it we need an accurate test case of what you're experiencing, which includes all your stats, luck, skills etc. Like I said we need to be able to replicate your situation to determine whether that is the case or not.
Running Bear on the boards it not just me noone hunts there anymore
Kyronix Send us that information and we can begin to look at it.
Running Bear ok ty
Mesanna Greetings Bishop
Bishop hiya
Kyronix Hello!
Bishop I have many jewelry pcs that are prized or completely clean, but cannot be powdered of fortification. Is there a fix your working on for this issue?
Mesanna Never could be
Bishop never what could be
Mesanna at this time we are not planning on changing that. Jewelry.
Bishop whats the value of having it clean then? if it can't be powdered? Its just like imbued.
Mesanna no neg properties
Kyronix The budgets are way above what you can get with imbuing
Bishop so is armor and everything else but you can powder them
Mesanna there is a big difference. most jewelry start with 255 dur, armor doesn't. That chest is 43 dur.
Bishop you should tell you gms and others they said it was bugged
Mesanna what GM said that, and I will make sure they have the correct info
Bishop i didnt write the name sorry, and the helper you can page no info
Mesanna Advisors?
Bishop said that jewelry was different..yes advisor also
Mesanna I will take care of the advisors and make sure they know the difference
Bishop so it the way you want it to be now? That's troubling.
Omegaman Hi
Mesanna more in line guys. How can we help you Omegaman
Omegaman My antique jewelry loses durability when be affected by bard mastery songs even when I'm not taking damage the items will go all the way to 0/255 but will not lose durability after reaching 0 IE 0/254. Is this durability lose supposed to happen from bard songs?
Bleak Yes
Omegaman oh and can you use powder of fort on antique jewels or are they different too?
Bleak You cannot powder jewelry period
Omegaman so antique is like seriously bad. Do you have that information somewhere on a website?
Bleak You get higher intensity items, it's a trade-off.
Kyronix There is a page you can check
Omegaman Im sorry I was told jewelry was no different than anything else so it's just a new is all.
Kyronix It's on in the Wiki search for "Random Loot Generator" At the bottom of the page there is an explanation of how it works. Random Loot Generator – Ultima Online
Omegaman But antique armor is different, and weaps. Jewelry has no powder, that's a discription for antique in your guides. 3 powders. Is there a place that so monster loot tables?
Kyronix No, that information isn't available
Omegaman anyhow why does my antique jewelry lose durability to a bard song? Is that intended? A trade off?
Mesanna yes as intended. it's good to not have a song running when it's not needed. Anything else?
Omegaman why antique and nothing else what's the special reason?
Mesanna I thought Bleak answered that question, you get higher intensity items.
Erasmus Hello
Mesanna Hi Erasmus
Erasmus one small question, when will gargoyles be given the opportunity to achieve the 5% mining bonus?
Mesanna because you need the gloves?
Erasmus indeed, gloves cannot be altared.
Mesanna we will look at the conversion for gargoyles
Erasmus thank you
Mesanna welcome...and hi Whisper
Whisper Hail again, my question has to do with Shadowguard. With some people i have ran with they have been down there 10-15 times and only got 1 arty. is the drop rate just that low?
Kyronix Part of it is random, part of it is based on your luck
Whisper i understand that but even with 2480 luck no including statue
Kyronix On the other hand I've seen reports of people getting many in a row, so like I said, part of it is random, part is related to the luck stat.
Whisper that is true I know it's random
Kyronix All depends on how your rolls play out
Whisper Okay thank you
Brian DeSpell Greetings, and well met, gentle dev folks. :eek:
Mesanna hi Brian
Brian DeSpell I have two easy questions, if I man. I know Eodon is the new hotness, but I have a question about Ter Mur. There still is one large inaccessible area generally called "void island" which is blocked by a temporary wall at 472x3724. Any plans to make that area accessible, to finish out Ter Mur? Second, there was a patch last year or so which made *all* static containers locked. This included Luna bank's chests, the malas hidden pouches/bones, the barrels in Shame, etc. And the mage "unlock" spell does not work on these, either. Lockpicking a bones pile or a barrel just doesn't make a ton of sense, and the Luna chests were useful. Is there any chance that the change can be re-examined?
Mesanna We will look at the chests. As for Ter Mur I do not have an answer for you right now.
Brian DeSpell ok, fair enough...just didn't want it to be forgotten lol. Thank you for your time tonight :)
Mesanna We have not forgotten
Hong Kong Phooey Hi, will we ever be able to alter garg jewels to say, human jewels? Not ones that are altered from human to garg. but ones that drop as garg.
Mesanna I highly doubt it
Hong Kong Phooey because I am understand not reversing an alteration. But it is a little can alter a small ring into a larger ring, but not a large ring into a small ring.
Mesanna you can not alter jewelry at all at this time
Hong Kong Phooey yes you can. can be changed to gargoyle. Human Jewelry can be changed to gargoyle. Please, attempt it. Craft ring or brac (human) alter to gargoyle.
Mesanna ok we will talk about it
Hong Kong Phooey Thank you...also people here say Im hack, cheater. I am attempt to be very much honorable and very prominent, can you scan me to show that I am not hacker but am very honorable?
Mesanna You don't want to do this me
Hong Kong Phooey O well okay
Mesanna smart choice :)
Hydro Guardian Quick question, spellweaving doesn't require sc right, why does casting reaper throw shield that isn't but other spells don't
Mesanna sc?
Hydro Guardian spell channeling
Mesanna ok that's a bug that is written up
Hydro Guardian ok that's all thx, have a gnight
Mesanna have a good evening...Good Night Origin
Kyronix Good Night Everyone!
Bleak Good Night
EM Aumakua Thank you for coming Mesanna and Developers, have a great night everyone! :)