Developer Meet And Greet from 2016-02-08

Developer Meet And Greet from 2016-02-08

This meeting was held in English. It was logged by Larisa[1].

Kyronix Good Evening everyone, we'll get starting shortly! Started even
Mesanna Ash lets get started
Mesanna Greetings
Kyronix Hello!
Bleak Hello
Misk hello!
Syl Hey there Devs, Just two questions... forgive me if they have been asked before. First, I wanted to know if the team would please consider increasing the classic clients screen resolution. Has there been any plans or discussion on this?
Bleak So we have tried this in the past. We found a number of issues we would have to address. The biggest is the performance.
Mesanna If we can find a way to do it that does not effect the performance we would
Bleak The alternative is the EC : )
Syl Right. Love the CC tho
Mesanna I have confidence in Bleak he will continue to try
Syl Cool. Thanks...Secondly, any chance of a shard gate?
Mesanna no
Syl Hah okay. Well hey thanks a lot. Love UO. Take it easy
Mesanna Thank you
Bleak Thank you
Mesanna have a good evening
Syl You too
IDOC Life *Good Evening All*
Kyronix Also everyone, let's try and keep it to one question tonight so we can meet as many of you as possible.
Mesanna Evening IDOC
Bleak Hello
IDOC Life I donno if you guys read Stratics Board or not, but many many people are really asking the Devs to change the current bad situation of the Idocers Life. Please "listen" to players wishes on change the time to 5 and 10 hours only. Pls understand that there is more things to do in UO and life than sit for an abuse. 15 hours to wait for a house to collapse. I understand you are trying to give the Owner of the account and extra 15 hours to recover his house and belongs, but he already had 90 days to do so!!
Mesanna Its random it is not always 15
IDOC Life 90%
Mesanna Then Bleak will look into it to make sure its random
IDOC Life bc 90% is at 15, can we change to 5 and 10 as many are asking?
Mesanna if the random worked it would be at those times as much as 15, Let us look into this first
IDOC Life ty
Mesanna welcome
Bleak The chance is 33%
Vixen hello
Kyronix Hello!
Bleak Hi
Mesanna Hi Vixen
Vixen I have my questions in a book if easier?
Mesanna go ahead and ask
Vixen How about added the Shadowguard tower to the Corrupted Crystal Portal or/and add it to the Public Moongate or allow us to mark a rune there and recall or gate in? or a teleport pad
Mesanna doable
Vixen one more then done. Can we get skilled level raised to 820, another 100 points for new skills would be very useful with crafters, tamers, mages, warriors.
Mesanna lol we have talked about that alot actually
Vixen that is all I have, thanks.
Samantha Hi! from the [email protected] Guild Atlantic!
Bleak Hello
Kyronix Greetings!
Mesanna Greetings Samantha
Samantha what I would like to see is something for fletchers like arrows with special abilitys bloodwood = blled
Mesanna like an aoe effect?
Samantha yes, give fletchers more to do, it has become somewhat boring.
Mesanna That was done with the master abilities but I do understand what you are asking for, I agree would be nice to give them more to do
Samantha please! look in to it and thank you very much.
Mesanna we will bring it up for dicussion, it's a good suggestion, thank you.
Eins Hello from Napa Valley!
Kyronix Hello!
Bleak Hello!
Mesanna Greetungs Eins
Eins The new loot generator has made over 200 artifacts (doom, major, minor, craftable, ect) obsolete, Instead of trying to come up with ways to make all of these outdated items useful again, How about a system similar to BOD or fishmonger quests? Turn in 50 old artifacts for something new? Require artifacts from every source so people are not farming the easily or most readily available. Come up with some new arties and deco for us to turn our old stuff in for.
Kyronix So long as it doesn't invalidate the content we put in to get the new artifacts, It's a great suggestion and something we can explore further
Eins It would be fun to have a reason to collect Doom arties again and all the other drops from champs and peerless
Mesanna we will add it to our task list
Eins and maybe one more small suggestion?
Mesanna ?
Eins make the Grizzle mare statue the same as the Paroxy swampy :D
Mesanna umm....what do you mean?
Eins The unbreakable armor
Mesanna oh oh ok
Eins warriors ride the swampy for the added DCI but the mare has no real use. That's all I have. Thank you for having us!
Mesanna thank you for your suggestions
Lady Grizabella HI, Bonnie!
Mesanna Greetings Grizabella
Kyronix Hello!
Bleak Hi!
Lady Grizabella Do U have my 3 historical marker coordinates now?
Mesanna If you emailed them I do
Lady Grizabella Olde Deuteronomy, kkmay I have your fragment of Mesanna? Love the game; love you!!
Mesanna thank you
Lady Grizabella vet since Sept, '97
Mesanna I will be doing all the banners tomorrow that I have
Lady Grizabella keep up the good work!! love the game
Mesanna thank you
Kilstra Helolo!
Mesanna greetings Kilstra
Kyronix Greetings!
Bleak Hello
Kilstra :) YOu look Amazing LAdy M, hello to the DEVS :D
Mesanna My winter wear =P
Kilstra ummm couple questions..I wish I had your tailor I was wondering if you could adjust the bank gump so that the secure acct total and transfer acct totals show as well as the bank balance. I only see Xfer acct funds in the gump when I am ready to go
Bleak Sure we will add that to the list
Kilstra YAY!!! Also, you might already be thinking this but along the lines of the bow stringer, metal press, I'd like to see for cooking and alchemy.
Mesanna its coming, we can only do so many at a time
Kilstra awesome!!!
Mesanna hope to have one for each type of craft, just have a little patience we are getting to them.
Kilstra that will be great! One more question. Can there be a gump on the shard sheilds to show how many tokens they are holding? or mouseover
Mesanna we will look into it and see if it can be added.
Kilstra :) awweee I love you, I best stop asking things before I get in trouble...but one more quickie? on the house search?
Mesanna have a good evening
Mesanna no no no lol
Kilstra is it possible? you were looking into it once
Mesanna the house organizer to find items in your house?
Kilstra yes, like vendor search but find items in house.
Mesanna lol we have not finished that one but I will make sure Bleak has it on his list to see if its possible.
Kilstra so like it's started? :D !! And doable? :D
Mesanna No not yet, will let you know after research is done.
Kilstra ahh ok I love you guys, *blows kisses* thank you!! :D
Mesanna thank you
Kyronix Just want to reiterate, there are a lot of folks in line, so let's keep it to one question so we can get to everyone. You can always email us your additional questions and suggestions!
Mesanna Greetings Titus
Bleak Hello
Titus I just want to say you guys have done a great job keeping the game going so long...
Mesanna 19 years! Thank you.
Titus i played back in 98 and recently came back...
Kyronix Welcome back!
Mesanna oh welcome back
Titus is there a way to allow for new lands to be opened up for larger home placement?
Mesanna We are not looking to add any new lands at this time
Titus my other question was in regards to the skill levels being raised 10 820 which was already asked...thank you for your time!
Mesanna Thank you, have a great evening.
Mesanna Greetings Maxy
Kyronix Hello!
Bleak Hello
Moxy hi its moxy actually
Mesanna excuse me
Moxy but my first part of the question is can we please extend the vendor name length
Mesanna How long are you asking it to be extended to
Moxy i have a vendor i was selling on and i wanted it to read Festical artifacts and treasure from mesanna. I had to call it fat mesanna and a overzelous em killed it
Mesanna no they did not, a GM did. EM's can not do that.
Moxy yes well can we extenmd teh vendor names pleas eso i can put in what i mean instead of what you think it means
Bleak We will look in this this.
Mesanna if not we will talk about a work around or something that will work
Moxy ok ty and second part of teh question, both nails and norrington have told me broadsword take kickbacks from gold sites
Mesanna Well I would not believe everything you hear then. if you believe that think about that
Moxy comments please
Mesanna we can't do anything about sites out of the US
Moxy yes youc an
Mesanna besides its all in EA legal hands, not ours. not going to argue with you regarding this.
Moxy also is it true you like cakes, its a rumor circulating on atl
Mesanna your facts are incorrect, good evening. Bye Moxy.
Mesanna Greetings Moonweed
Moonweed Will more pet eggs be used and will they be stealable?
Kyronix Like the Dragon Turtles?
Moonweed yes
Kyronix If it make sense, baby animals have to come from somewhere
Moonweed things for a thief
Kyronix We're always looking at ways of improving the thief profession, thanks for the suggestion!
Moonweed thenk you
Mesanna good evening
Amelyose hello
Kyronix Hello!
Bleak Hello
Amelyose ur gear is awesome
Amelyose i type quick
Mesanna lol
Amelyose ok im wondering if its possible to add another 2 circles to magery so 9th 10th add more spells chain lighting Blizzard etc 120 magery has more purpose and scribes with gm or 120 magery a new thing to make.
Mesanna Not sure we will ever add 2 more circles but adding a spell or two is not totally out of the question in the future
Amelyose and use some ingreidents like taint to make certain scrolls
Amelyose hrmm and the other thing im wondering is a craft idea for tailors/healers first aid pouchs. like quivers can be insured, lower weight healing bonus but limit # can carry and like 10 orange petals, 20 purples.
Mesanna maybe a first aid belt
Amelyose ya but to make it you need tailor and healing combined craft or vet kits for tamers but need vet skill and tailor skill.
Mesanna thank you
Amelyose ok you're welcome.
Mesanna 'Greetings
Lady Fatal Hello. I may have missed it.
Bleak Hi
Lady Fatal I wanted to ask if new craftables are on the slate for castles/keeps.
Mesanna not at this time. if you have any suggestions please feel free to email me with them
Lady Fatal Okay, thank you.
Mesanna thank you
Mesanna Greetings
Baal hi my question is about the newsletter
Bleak Hello
Mesanna ok
Baal i have been asking about the unbound at the last few meet and greets
Mesanna and we have answered it
Baal i didnt understand the newsletter response. Oh ok so it's drop of 8-12 items is the way you want it
Mesanna one sec
Bleak Correct
Baal in the newsletter you said drops are based on difficulty of critter it has 20k hp and drop less then a balron
Mesanna we did confirm it was dropping legendary items but that is all random
Baal ok sorry i just wanted to make sure you looked at it drops tuy
Mesanna Greetings
Variable my question is about the spell resist skill
Mesanna ok
Variable was wondering if you could change the effect to give bionus to the elemntal resist
Variable rather then a flat amount soorry typing is bad for instance say at 100 5 pts to each resist not exceeding the cap tho
Bleak We have not plans to change how resist spells works at this time
Variable so it not going on the list ok
Mesanna greetings
Kyronix Hello!
Bob hi! my question was similar to earlier about outdated artifacts, was wobndering if you could have a treasures of monadin type of thing for mondaind arties
Mesanna so the suggestion for a turn in like the ToT for old artifacts
Bob yes
Mesanna I am pretty sure it would cover all types of old artifacts
Bob :) ty vm
Mesanna welcome
Kyronix It is so good to finally meet you!
Spock's Beard So I've got a couple things but I type fast and don't need replies really. Okay, one, mastery cooldowns. Way too long. Bushido has a 7 sec debuff with a 1 hour cooldown. wut
Kyronix Changes coming to that in 92
Spock's Beard Also, the time limit before an NPC will rez a pet? Needs to go I know you want people to keep Vet on their temps
Mesanna looking at that also
Spock's Beard But there needs to be a better way to incentivize that. Okay third, here's my real thing. Right now about 80% of the game's content is invalidated due to dropping stuff nobody wants. I humbly suggest you make an effort to come up with a huge list of Stuff People Will Want. Talk to us on the forums, get creative, maybe vanity pets, mounts, deeds for new titles I dunno But then you take that stuff and you put it in Doom, and on Peerless, and places like that And increase the relevant content available to us without having to add any actual content
Mesanna this the TOT idea which is a good idea and would not have to redo alot of the older content
Spock's Beard Right. Doom is super fun. I'd like reasons to do it again. Anyway that's my two cents.
Mesanna If you have suggestions for new artifacts send them to us
Spock's Beard Okeydoke
Mesanna we are always willing to read those emails, just don't write I want a I WIN Button and call it a day'
Spock's Beard Oh yeah Amethyst in chat you missed her email and are worse than Satan
Mesanna no comment
Spock's Beard lol Anyway, thanks for your time!
Mesanna thank you
Ghrom the Savage hail and thank you for literally everything in game :) as a team, you have inherited a situation where an account that is unpaid for 90 days can still hold a house. As the current team, what is your feeling about this?
Mesanna Ghrom, let me start off by stating this. we have made it so you can get you house back up until the last hour. once a house goes OSI its gone
Ghrom the Savage fair nuff
Mesanna those houses you will see are going to be dropping
Ghrom the Savage next part, same question
Mesanna yes we still have bugged houses in the game and we are putting in a fix for those also
Ghrom the Savage do you share the same feeling as some of our stratics friends...charachterizing people who use this as: "the same type that park in handicap parking spots and steal from charities" Ultimately, what is your view on this rule which you inherited?
Mesanna changing the 90 day is not something we are going to do anytime soon
Ghrom the Savage and Is this under review by your team?
Mesanna I would much rather reward the players that pay the full year by giving xtra vet rewards or something to that effect
Ghrom the Savage fair nuff - but youe would not characterize those that balance accounts with 90 day payments as theives or charity stealers?
Mesanna I dislike it yes
Ghrom the Savage understood, just looking for some perspective to share with the community
Mesanna well rewarding the players that are not cheating is the message that should be passed along
Ghrom the Savage so then are they cheating? in your eyes?
Mesanna I am not going to get into this its not something I want to address here I am sorry
Ghrom the Savage get yourselves a stance on it, would be my suggestion
Mesanna Have a good evening
Mesanna Greetings
Kyronix Greetings!
GANI just to say bout ea games vs uo acct management plz credit card update and the uo migration on secret word lost guildhouse through idoc
Mesanna hold on
GANI that i acquired from fast players
Mesanna you have 90 days to get cc issues fixed
GANI i did understand yu guys got busy
Mesanna I want to get it so you guys can link and unlink your own accounts, we are still looking on improvements
GANI but paid the accts for 5 years credit card expired couldnt update it coz of secret word
Mesanna you can identify your account with more than the secret word
GANI yes
Mesanna secret word trumps all
GANI had email and ea password but quit working anyways brought it to yur attn
Mesanna [email protected] and the ea email are two different areas and I sent it on to support
GANI but
Mesanna hrm
GANI just saying ty for coming its over now anyhow recovers guildstone from peeps that reeturn it
Mesanna email me these details
GANI will do
Mesanna I am sorry you had such a hard time thank you
GANI ea didnt want my money ohh well thanks again
Mesanna I have heard that alot thanks
Mesanna Greetings
Wedgie Hola so
Bleak Hello
Wedgie the gear switching macro in enhanced
Mesanna Bleak will answer this one
Bleak We will add this to the list
Mesanna sweet possible then
Wedgie nice cheese? :p
Lady Bendie Greetings My Lady I have just 2 things really fast
Bleak 42
Lady Bendie one is there any way that we could have our champ spawns in tram have powerscrolls added it
Mesanna no we will keep that in Fel
Lady Bendie to it so the ones that dont want to deal with raids?
Mesanna we did add the transendence scrolls to them
Lady Bendie not even smaller ps for tram?
Mesanna would rather leave those alone
Lady Bendie ok next and last been loving the shadowguard whole idea been alot of fun but is there anyway of giving 5 mins to loot instead of 3 to spend all that time doing rooms
Kyronix Sure
Lady Bendie and have half the loot left behind sucks even with 10 ppl there cant get all the gold and loot. cool, Thank you kindly
Mesanna thank you
Mesanna greetings
Jemms chessy dragon watch remodeled 7 keeps an 3 castles we are wondering can the stone paver tag be removed
Mesanna nice send me some pictures
Jemms will do on pics also if there is not a stone tile under grass or snow you fall thru can this be fixed
Kyronix It's something we'd have to look into. The grass and snow predated the stone tiles So we'd have to make sure there are no unintended side effects
Jemms thats all i had people were asking about the tiles
Kyronix Thanks for the question!
Jemms thank you
Mesanna thanks Jemms
Jemms and will send pics soon
Mesanna have a good evening'
D of the E Greetings dark lord
Mesanna Greetings
Mesanna Dark Lady
Bleak Hello
D of the E To have traveled around the realms to go here and there to not see the populations that we once had to see that there might be more decline, to wonder is there will be a server merger in the future
Mesanna thats still not getting us closer to combining shards
D of the E we are loosing people due to people coming to there old homes to find no one there to adventure weith
Mesanna its hard to please everyone
D of the E aye tis true
Mesanna if we could find a seemless way to do it we would so no one loses a house
D of the E transfering homes would be a great idea
Mesanna yes anything else?
D of the E to play the game from time of old, to be the teller of many storys , to value your time to wish you all well to wish i could stay for more than a spell Clan drunab Salutes you dark Lady!! hope you find fortune in your travels and to bid you a good eve
Mesanna you also
Wiggles Hello everyone! So there have been rumors that hawkwinds robe is going to be alterable and powder of fortification will work on shadowguard artifacts such as enchantress cameo, minax sandals, and hawkwinds robe etc. Do you mind clarifying if planned for a future publish and if can be added to the do list if not?
Mesanna Kyronix has this one
Wiggles :D
Kyronix We've discussed it But just remember that at some point we have to cycle these items out of game To encourage a vibrant and functioning economy So they won't last forever
Wiggles what about the alterable to hawkwinds. gargs need some love too :(
Kyronix It's our hope to introduce the equivalent at some point, need some art first
Mesanna We are giving you a mining glove conversion
Wiggles xD I can't say that's really... the same... but thank you none the less xD but no on the pof right?
Kyronix So some limitation on it. That we are still fleshing out the details on
Wiggles Sounds like good of an answer to me. Hope you all have a wonderful evening. Thanks again!
Mesanna Greetings'
Lord SIR DRAKE i am seeing 19 mods items in uo now... is there an end boss around the corner?
Kyronix An end boss? Can you be more specific?
Lord SIR DRAKE the game is to eays
Lord SIR DRAKE if i get excalibur i know i am about to kill the end guyu
Mesanna the day we walk about the door to be closed down we will put in one kick butt final mob till then nothing is final
Lord SIR DRAKE and i think about doom adding owned by tages and may be a set of armor
Kyronix And that isn't anytime soon
Kyronix :)
Lord SIR DRAKE that is all thank you
Capricorn hail
Mesanna Greetings
Capricorn ok i got a few things
Mesanna pick one
Capricorn are you ever going to dey you mask again 1 i benn in line a hour
Mesanna its not the top thing on my list to get done, when I have time I will I don't have the hue for this shard or I will do it while we answer other questions
Capricorn ok can the towns that have gov use one the building in each town forn a town hall get them set up where they are usable
Mesanna 'you can set up a meeting stage for those
Kyronix What do you mean by useable?
Capricorn so dose skara and minoc
Mesanna alot of towns have empty buildings fixing that is easy
Capricorn a tool
Capricorn but it would be helpfull
Kyronix We aren't going to give players the ability to lock things down
Capricorn ok
Mesanna no send locations to towns I will set it up
Kyronix Instead you can work with the King and we can improve one of the buildings To add to the Library of Improvements. We've done things like Jails, Peace Summit Tents, that sort of thing.
Capricorn why cant we ride the tamed tigers, we have the art.
Mesanna ok lets move along please
Capricorn it may have been a usable pet mounted
Mesanna I am sorry we still have a long line
Capricorn lastly what is going on with the decay rate on wepons and armor stuf is breaking lot faster did something change? ok well that all i had thank you
Mesanna thank you
Mesanna greetings'
RipTide wondering if we could have more champ spawns like primevil lich with spawning deco maybe,.,
Mesanna we can add deco to spawns or stealables'or something like that
RipTide ooo there ya go nice meeting you guys
Mesanna nice to meet you also
RipTide ems doing good jobs
EM Ashmedai :)
RipTide go to as many as i can
Mesanna Ash has been doing great I think
RipTide keep up good work
Mesanna thank you
RipTide aye sure has! thanks!
Mesanna have a good evening'
Johnny Depp Hello and welcom is there anything in the pipe line for us old diehard fisherman like robes or su
Mesanna Greetings
Johnny Depp hello
Mesanna like new artifacts to the chests? is that what you are asking
Johnny Depp yes new robes or arties thank you and welcome hope you can continue to make new inprovment
Mesanna we will add it to our suggestion list
Johnny Depp thank you
Mesanna thank you
Mesanna Greetings Thor
Thor hi all i would like to be able to ride greater dragon or turtle and 100 more skill point is great idea
Mesanna Riding a gr dragon is not easy for art the way you sit is not pretty on the dragon. I do want to have a nice new mount though for 20th year. alot of people have wanted to ride a gr dragon for a long time.
Thor or sum good pet 20 =o i look forward to 20 years if i live that long lol
Mesanna me too, can't wait for 19 this year. going to give out something pretty kewl. Anything else?
Thor nice talking to you
Mesanna Nice talking to you also
Thor and thanks
Mesanna 'most welcome
Thor ok bye
Thor =]
Dreamy Lingerie *hugs everyone!*
Mesanna *hugs*
Dreamy Lingerie Ok now. I have an issue with Enhanced client's health bars. For instance, at turtle spawn. I have to relog about 3 times Because the health bars freeze and will not update.
Bleak Are you using the Default UI?
Mesanna or just default
Dreamy Lingerie It's default
Mesanna k
Dreamy Lingerie Just would be nice to not have to run to the side every 10 minutes and relog. Because the health bars freeze and will not update.
Bleak Are you using the Default UI?
Mesanna are you using Pinco's UI or just default
Dreamy Lingerie It's default
Mesanna k
Dreamy Lingerie Just would be nice to not have to run to the side every 10 minutes and relog.
Bleak That should have been fixed. I will have QA look into this issue again
Dreamy Lingerie Muchas gracias. very much so. Secondly... These pretty little lanterns the helpers for for the rare fest received Could we extend at all, or use for deco?
Mesanna lol no they have timers on them
Dreamy Lingerie I know! I tried scrubbing it off!
Mesanna cute though huh
Dreamy Lingerie stinkin cute
Mesanna tsk tsk =)
Dreamy Lingerie *slips another copy of her em app under the rug* you all have a good night, and you made mine with the hugs.
Mesanna you also
Mesanna Greetings
Shadow Are there any talks to change Idoc timers? 5-15 hrs is to over the top
Mesanna no, we discussed this first this evening
Shadow And for Kyronix, Can you rethink making the Cameo Talisman powderable? Warriors take to much damage. the conjuerers trinket has no durability
Kyronixs We'll evaluate it with teh other PoF changes
Shadow thanks for coming this evening
Mesanna thank you sir
Mesanna Greetings
Frost I have 2 things. first new tamables. something cool, not a turtle.
Mesanna got it
Frost really?
Mesanna yes we already have our little heads together coming up with things
Frost like a shaow wrym
Mesanna we can give you a baby shadow =P
Frost second I know of pep using razor/steam to play multijple accounts. my thing is that if you can beat them, join them. how about EA coming out with a much better assist program like steam
Mesanna The direction of Steam is in EA's hands at this time
Frosts trying to lvl the playing field
Mesanna as far as people using multi accounts, we can't always tell but if they are called upon and they are macroing then we can get them for that. But CS has to see it.
Frost I know of people that use 3-5 accounts to go hunting
Mesanna send them to CS they will look at them for macroing. anything else
Frost the last thing is that this game has gotten very complicated. how about coming up with ways to make it less complicated
Mesanna we would be happy to read your suggestions. ok frost is that all
Frost i guess
Mesanna hi
Caradoc Good Evening! Could you please make Grass & Snow tiles like the new Pavers or like Carpet? where they dont take lockdowns? and add Sand tiles?
Mesanna we will talk about it
Caradoc also will there ever be a trade in for vet rewards?
Mesanna nope, not since we made all the changes that everyone can use the rewards
Caradoc ok so i can throw away all my dragons and liches: lockdowns are a serious problem
Mesanna if we turned those in it would be a high return
Caradoc if so you might? so i should save my dragons and liches?
Kyronix Can always buy more houses!
Caradoc i have 5 full ones now lol 200 lockdowns for a snow floor *sobs*
Mesanna if we ever did a turn it, it would honestly be limited items that could be turned in like the statues
Caradoc ok i shall keep them
Mesanna watch the next news letter
Caradoc more lockdowns then?
Mesanna we will try to come up with a solid answer
Caradoc ok thank you
Mesanna thank you
Mesanna greetings
Hickory Hello! Two questions... First, could sugarcane please give seeds? It is the only resource plant that doesn’t at this point and farming them is grindingly boring.
Kyronix Something we can look into, would need to find out why that's the case in the first place
Hickory okay! Second, could the Dragon Turtle get some artifacts and such on it? All that drops from it is 1 egg, some scute (to 1 person), and maybe a few low level primers. How about a stuffy turtle toy and such?
Kyronix We distributed the loot in a way that made each area of Eodon reward something different
Hickory The turtle doesn't reward much of anything though..
Kyronix It has a high loot score for random generated loot, a new pet, and a good chance at primers So I would disagree with the assertion that it doesn't reward anything
Hickory Well... think about adding more champ-style drops to encourage participation. Anyway, thank you.
Mesanna thank you
Kyronix Thanks for the suggestions!
Mesanna greetings
Lord Al Revelstoke thanks for all your hard work you changed me from going to quit to playing every night. 2 thing one could you make manikins show nubers like paperdoll char sheets would make making armor sutes easer
Mesanna we have talked about this. I think its already on the list to be honest with you Bleak?
Bleak Yes
Mesanna Thanks Bleak...anything else?
Lord Al Revelstoke yes Ive always felt that if you got to the effort of making a maching suit say all plate you should get a small bonace like with the Hounor set
Mesanna that would say in our hands not the players though'
Lord Al Revelstoke yes maybe a little extra resit or something
Mesanna *nods*
Lord Al Revelstoke would make it worth wile not to mix and mach
Mesanna its getting late can we get the next one in please
Mesanna agreed, anymore ideas please email us
Lord Al Revelstoke Thank you most kindly
Mesanna thank you
Mesanna Greetings took you long enough to get here =P
Lord Uranium ok, so i have been thru some rough times in life and could not afford to keep account active
Mesanna Sorry to hear that'
Lord Uranium would be nice to have a way to get those months back on age of account. this one is from 2000 and only 87 months
Mesanna to buy account age? I don't think that is fair though
Lord Uranium if your account was created that long ago
Mesanna I think that is a can of worms I would not want to touch to be honest with you
Lord Uranium just sucks i will never have shard shields and have had account since 2000*pouts*
Mesanna there are only a few vet rewards that stay with those vets. Shard shields will be one of those
Lord Uranium Just a thought that i had. dont want to waste too much of your time
Mesanna yes we have heard it several times
Lord Uranium :)
Mesanna thank you though
Lord Uranium ahh, maybe its a good idea then! haha
Mesanna if you have any other ideas please email us
Lord Uranium ok have a good one
Mesanna hi Brian
Brian DeSpell Ma'am, i brought nothing to dye, but Pacific is 2511, if you needed. :)
Mesanna I did thank you
Brian DeSpell Could you take a look at ice island and see if the spawn is broken since ToL?
Mesanna we can look at it tomorrow
Brian DeSpell My castle there has only 6000 items, with stone stuff, but lag has become terrible since dec. seeing 30-40 polar bears spawning out front, as well to the point now, i just stay out of my house lol. anyhow, thanks :)
Mesanna thats not good
Brian DeSpell and thanks for all your time here :)
Mesanna take down some of the items and see if that helps
Brian DeSpell it's mostly stone at this point just very tedious to re-lay if i remove it :p
Lady Mesann Buck he has been standing there for a while'
Mesanna hi Buck
Buck hmm hi
Mesanna no questions
Mesanna welcome
Mesanna you 4 can ask one question then its a wrap
Mesanna Buck thanks for coming' do you have anything to ask?
Kyronix Thanks for having us Pacific!
Buck Not to rude, but i just want to know if your going to fire the design team? A turtle is not great
Kyronix Wow
Mesanna next
Donkeylips Hello!
Mesanna hi one question please
Donkeylips My question is , more of a would you consider. With the VVV, and the flagging system within it.. It gives smaller guilds that like to pvp a huge disadvantage in large scale fights That choose not to be VVV. IS there any possible consideration, to change the flagging system, to more like factions to allow those who want to just take counts, or flag grey.. nto have to get flagged oranage every time they happen to come across someone whos in the VVV system.
Kyronix We don't have any plans to change that. One of the most common concerns we heard with factions Was related to flagging, Particularly the case of the "blue healer" problem
Donkeylips VVV Should be limited to town fights and then out of that, it =could be ffa im, That way people who dont want vvv could still pvp
Kyronix We have some ideas on the table for enhancing VvV, but as far as flagging is concerned, We don't plan on changing it
Donkeylips And can we have clarification on what upt o EA means on the cheater programs that lots are usin. steam is a cheat program, they dont mean the steam gaming client. its a uo type of thing that cheaters use fyi
Mesanna 3rd party programs are not up to EA to do anything about, its if our CS can catch them
Donkeylips Well he asked about steam which is a cheater program, and you said it was up to ea
Mesanna we have to prove they are using them
Donkeylips Cause we have people posting screenshots on stratics with the cheat programs on them with the fields turned into tiles and the hovering hps over their head
Mesanna no when someone said Steam I want straight to putting UO on Steam
Donkeylips can we email these in so you can take care of them?> thats not what they meant
Mesanna and that is in EA's hands right now
Donkeylips steam is a cheat program similar to uoa
Mesanna yes its a cheat program I know
Donkeylips okay, watch stratics pvp forums.. lots are being lazy and still keeping it in their screenshots. it sucks to fight these people who have this huge unfair advantage by using these programs with no remorse
Mesanna Yes I will tell CS to keep an eye out for that but bottom line its in their hands to do
Donkeylips Id be happy to post you the urls: they are everywhere
Mesanna ok thank you
Donkeylips Okay, i just wish if it wasnt going to be dealth with its just said so we can all use them even the field thank you for yoru time
Mesanna ok
box hello
Mesanna Hi Box
box first off i would like to ask if there is anyway to renew the castles island in malas
Mesanna no
box on smaller shards it is a shame to see no houses there
Mesanna those few castles in Malas were marketing castles
box ahh ok
Mesanna anything else?
box and 2nd off is there anyway to make an additional animal slot seeing tamers on gargoyles flying with gd
Mesanna more than 5 probably not going to happen
box is little unfair than a human on foot like 1 slot to ride an ethy. well that was a bust than, thanks I guess.
Mesanna sorry but most welcome
box take care have a great rest of ur night
Mesanna Archie are you in line'
Archie Thank thee your heiness, your graciousness is greatly appreciated!
Mesanna hi
Mesanna NO Buck I am not going to fire my designer for the turtle) HAD to put this in here :)
Archie As one of the few characters in the lost art of thievery I was hoping you would consider a mastery to help revitalize my profession. In the absence of such a mastery I find the current area effect spells namely thunderstorm
Mesanna what profession
Archie thievery, and the skills of tracking a detect hidden to be quite the thorns in my side. I do sincerely appreciate the shadow ability greatly, however the cap on weight for stealing is a bit harsh. Any assistance you can provide me in my quest to redistribute wealth would be stellar. Archie: p.s. I shall return your purse after the q & a. :)
Mesanna That is a Kyronix question to answer'
Kyronix Are you talking about stealing from other players in relation to the thieving profession?
Archie yes I am indeed sir!
Kyronix It's one of the favorite professions I've ever played, the only problem is the other 99% of the player base considered you a griefing nuisance, So it's a challenge to try and rekindle that in the modern gamescape
Archie I couldn't agree more, however the other elements of the game have evolved
Kyronix But if you have suggestions we're always open, as if you ever played a thief it was definitely a blast!
Archie actually I still do, thus the nature of my topic :) one great thing would be to increase the stealing weight limit
Kyronix Feel free to send us an email and we can begin a dialogue
Archie or perhaps add an extra tile or two based on skill. excellent, thank you very much for your time and castle ladders on steps would be great, thank you kindly for sharing your time with us today
Mesanna Thank you Pacific for coming and sharing your ideas with us
EM Ashmedai Thank you Mesanna, Misk, Bleak, and Kyronix for visiting with Pacific!
Mesanna Make sure you keep an eye on the newsletter for upcoming publish tasks
Bleak Thanks Everyone!
Mesanna I am pretty sure you guys are going to really like some of the plans we have, good night all!