Developer Meet And Greet from 2017-04-24

Developer Meet And Greet from 2017-04-24

This meeting was held in English. It was logged by Drakelord.

Vixen testing
EM Ashmedai iv
EM Ashmedai Hola!
EM Ashmedai :D
Vixen hello
Clamena hello vexen
Ilvania *waves to Ashmedai*
EM Ashmedai I think chat is disabled in the castle *laughs*
EM Ashmedai Good evening, Pacific!
Ilvania We're all mute
Vixen yes normal chat is
Ilvania I did hear your floof though
Vixen once across the Mesanna fence we will be able to speak I assume
EM Ashmedai :D
Vixen we are going with the one question only format I also assume
fishstink *Wants book bags,basements.and no boots on the ocean.. knows the anwser* DENIED
Ilvania Honesty is a virtue. Tell them true think. You want your S&M dungeon
William this event thing is goind down at blackthorns castle
William ?
Ilvania Yes, we're already lining up for questions
Shadow Walker dev meet and great 15 min
Vixen ya short line here people no waiting
EM Ashmedai The Dev Meet & Greet is located in the Throne room of Blackthorns Castle
Sadikah Kahdija wheres the event
Sadikah Kahdija is it on pac
EM Ashmedai *nods* but not our regulard event.
Vixen one of the few times you get to see it unless you are on the tour
EM Ashmedai It's a Developer Meet & Greet
Sadikah Kahdija is that it
Sadikah Kahdija just a meet and greet?
EM Ashmedai Come and ask our Devs questions live and in person.
Vixen yes the right spot
Ilvania Ask the Dev Team your questions
fishstink *Wants book bags,basements.and no boots on the ocean.. knows the anwser* DENIED
Decyferdown hey ems can i have a lord blackthorns costume
Vixen if you stand to the left of cinderella there you start the line in the right direction
Decyferdown or earn one some way
Advisor Bahset Pac it is time to start to think of getting to the Blackthorns throne room and get set for
Advisor Bahset Your Meet and Greet
CeSarie where is the meeting
Ilvania Come up the stairs
Advisor Bahset 12 minute till the Dev apear
Vixen also the TWOsquare south of the pillalbehind shadow are a NO SEE/HEAR AREA
Ilvania *waves*
CeSarie where is the meeting
Ilvania You keep running away from us
Advisor Bahset blackthorns
Vixen blackthirn castle tram side thorn room
Advisor Bahset ladys and gents lets make this easy for the dev to see
CeSarie thats up stairs correct?
Ilvania 2nd floor, where everyone is lining up
Ilvania South of where you are
Shadow Walker line goes to the west
Shadow Walker ty much
Vixen line to the west
Jean De'Croix i dotn have an actual question, im here to watch
Advisor Bahset 9 minutes till the meet come one come all
Ilvania Doh, can't use alliance chat
Vixen move north then
Vixen Zyanne move down
CeSarie confused
Shadow Walker dev meet and greet 7 min
Destiny where at?
Ilvania Blackthorne's castle, 2nd floor
Destiny ty
Advisor Bahset blackthorns
William how do i get there lol
Destiny ill send a gate to luna
Vixen what confuding this is the line to ask a question if you here to listen move to north west
Ilvania Head to West Britain bank
Advisor Bahset its behind the stables in brit
Destiny gate to blackthorns by luna moongate
Advisor Bahset cant miss it
Ilvania Yeah, what Bahset said
William thanks
Destiny yw
Ilvania Should've asked the PEC to make a gate
Ilvania Running cotton candy!
Advisor Bahset remebrr to park your pets
Advisor Bahset this is a no pet zone
Vixen really should do like they do on the asia shard at these M&G red carpet to mark where to s
Vixen stand
CeSarie can't talk here
Vixen greetings
Mesanna waiting on Bleak to join us
Mesanna Good evening everyone
Ilvania Hail
Shadow Walker line up to the west my friend
EM Ashmedai Greetings, Pacific! :D
Vixen Mesanna is in the HOUSE!!! BIG M tonight!!!!
fishstink why should i come... she will just tell me DENIED again
Advisor Bahset 3 minues till the meet and greet starts come one come all
Mesanna Shall we start
Mesanna psst Ash
EM Ashmedai I am ready when you guy are.
Mesanna ready
Vixen Good Evening
Mesanna Evening Vixen
Vixen My questions tonight are.
Vixen Cities Treasuries are at dangerous low level on all the smaller shards
Vixen At 2 million a week the trade deal is draining off funds far faster
Vixen then those shards can put it on the stone with the trade missions
Vixen please reduce the cost, maybe once a month? or maybe 100k a week
Vixen and charge the players who access the deal 50k.
Vixen I had to drop gold on the City's heralds on my shard to help
Vixen Any idea on when the wall maps of other other lands coming?
Vixen thank you and have a great day
Mesanna 1st question
Mesanna I spoke to Mesanna about this
Mesanna so far he does not want to change it
Vixen *nods*
Vixen really hard on Sonoma
Vixen but we understands
Mesanna As far as the wall maps
Mesanna which ones do you want
Vixen ILsh abyess
Mesanna We have our hands full for the holidays so I will say after the first of the year
Mesanna on the maps
Vixen *nods*
Vixen thank you
Mesanna welcome
Ilvania Hail
Mesanna Greetings Ilvania
Ilvania My question is would you consider reaching out to the YouTube gaming community?
Ilvania Maybe work with the Fine Bros to do a Teens React to Ultima Online 20th Anniversary
Ilvania Or a live stream with Markiplier so he can adventure with his fans in-game
Ilvania As a way to advertise and promote UO?
Mesanna That actually looks like fun
Ilvania And draw in more subscribers
Mesanna something we can talk about
Ilvania Great
Mesanna you have my contact information right
Ilvania Yes
Mesanna lets talk later then about it
Ilvania Sounds good
Ilvania Thank for all your efforts
Mesanna or set up a time to meet
Mesanna most welcome
Mesanna have a good evening
Ilvania You as well
Mesanna step on the teleporter
Mesanna *grins*
Cinderella Good Evening
Cinderella recently on another shard, we held a bunny bashing event.
Mesanna Greetings Cinderella
Cinderella it was lots of fun but we stood around
Cinderella watching our pets drooling...
Cinderella They wanted to fight!!!!
Cinderella Can you make it so we can plant another green thorn quicker?
Cinderella plz & ty
Mesanna hrm we can look at it but know it would take a publish
Mesanna to change the timers
Cinderella ok
Mesanna and honestly that is not a high priority to us at this tinme
Mesanna time
Cinderella thank you for your hard work
Mesanna you are most welcome
Mesanna we enjoy working on UO
Lady Hermosa Hello
Mesanna Greetings Hermosa
Lady Hermosa Do you have any news regarding the possible release of a future expansion for Ultima Online?
Mesanna we have a nice suprise coming but I would not call it an expansion
Mesanna after we have more details ironed out we will let everyone know
Lady Hermosa Also, is it possible to introduce new, varied quests to the land, more adventure-related quests?
Mesanna its possible
Mesanna what is your defination of adventure related quests
Mesanna if you have something in mind please email us your ideas
Lady Hermosa Dungeon-specific with specific weapon/armor quest rewards
Lady Hermosa only to that quest
Mesanna then you will enjoy halloween
Mesanna stay tuned
Lady Hermosa Thank you for your time.
Mesanna most welcome
Mesanna have a good evening
lkatana hello
Mesanna Hi Ikatana
lkatana first of all great work on the pets love this addition
Mesanna wonderful
lkatana so my q falls on the origin store
lkatana i got the kings collection
lkatana but i have 13 accounts attached to my main account
lkatana i would like to give all my accounts the upgrade as well as get more paiting and such
Mesanna i have a call into the guy at origin to find out why
lkatana but the origin store only allows the purches of 1 kings collection per master account
Mesanna as soon as I find out I will let you guys know also
Mesanna thats wrong
Mesanna I will get an answer though
lkatana every time i go to the store it shows kings collection and at the bottom it already owned
lkatana when i click it only option it gives is buy as a gift
Mesanna *nods*
lkatana and then tells me to enter some one elses account
Mesanna several people have the same issue
lkatana would also be nice to buy the items in the uo store
lkatana that would atleast solve my want for more ship paintings
lkatana and such
Mesanna I would love to have control over everything but we don't
lkatana but would also like to be able to craft the items on my other accounts
lkatana which needs the upgrade code
lkatana and id hate to have to make a seperat master account for each code i want
lkatana cause id never play them after i got the code and it would be a terrible wast
Mesanna I will get it fixed
lkatana ty you very much
Mesanna welcome
lkatana and hopefully ill see you in a few months
Mesanna hope so
Mesanna should be alot of fun
lkatana and ty for all your work kepping this game fun
lkatana and give the seige em a kiss
lkatana for me
Mesanna lol
lkatana their spawn they did to enter tain
lkatana us with the rabbits and all the minions have been lots of fun
Mesanna good
Mesanna Greetings Aftershock
Aftershock Greetings MiLady
Aftershock May I start off by saying you look ravishing!
Mesanna why thank you *blushes*
Aftershock Ok, so I have 2 questions
Aftershock 1. With the 20 yr coming up, I imagine you have thought of vet rewards
Aftershock Any insight to 20 yr rewards?
Mesanna yes we have
Mesanna Rideable dragon
Aftershock ooo
Aftershock 20 yr only or
Aftershock can anyone ride?
Mesanna if you wish to sell it anyone
Aftershock I feel it defeats the purpose if anyone can ride
Mesanna then don't sell it =)
Aftershock hehe
Aftershock Ok great
Aftershock Now 2nd question
Aftershock I know time is valuable, however, Ive seen an increase in wait time for GM's
Aftershock Dont get me wrong they do a great job
Aftershock but sometimes I have waitied for over an houe
Aftershock *hour
Aftershock Is there any possible way to staff up more on weekends?
Mesanna If you can give me times where we have holes I will be more than happy to address it
Aftershock Well during the week..hehe
Aftershock I imagine you review logs so my name has come up about 4 times in the past month
Aftershock lol
Aftershock Different terain on all shards
Mesanna I personally do not review the GM logs
Aftershock Causing house placing issues for m
Aftershock ahh ok
Mesanna *nods*
Aftershock Well then that is all I have
Mesanna But
Mesanna as I stated
Aftershock Thak you for the 20 yrs of RP playing for me:)
Mesanna if you are having a long wait time during specific times
Mesanna during the week/weekend
Mesanna I will be happy to look into it
Aftershock Ty, I will email you if I come across longer wait times in the future
Aftershock Great to see you:)
Mesanna thank you
PepsiCola HAIL
Mesanna Greetings PepsiCola
PepsiCola how are you
Mesanna good
Mesanna you should wear blue
Mesanna *grins*
PepsiCola yea i need hair dye
Mesanna need hair first
PepsiCola i use to wear neon blue and red
PepsiCola If you Bank inglish stocks ill buy you a home
PepsiCola in 98 to 02
Mesanna What can I do for you this evening Pepsi?
PepsiCola can i ask for something from the team?
Mesanna You can always ask
PepsiCola i am intersted in free account houses before paid substription
PepsiCola and there is a reason
PepsiCola filling the housing market for ingame brokerages
PepsiCola as an incentive for people to play more then a month
Mesanna we would not give out free houses unless you paid the sub
PepsiCola well id like you to think about it for i have an idea
PepsiCola this ideas can generate entire full server
PepsiCola all servers being filled with a housing ensentive to fill the server
Mesanna you are welcome to email us your ideas
PepsiCola i use ultimaonlineEA on twitter
PepsiCola you can find me on ultimaonlinebis
PepsiCola on twitter
Mesanna *nods*
PepsiCola thasnk for your time
Mesanna thank you
PepsiCola is there anything else? a ritual maybe?
Mesanna psst teleporter
PepsiCola I wish to enter! *bows
elam Greetings Lady Mesanna
Mesanna greetings elam
elam Ever since the castle design contest was announced
elam some of us have been wondering if keeps could get some love too
elam especially the wasted sapce
elam if nothing else
Mesanna lets do baby steps and handle one thing at a time
Mesanna I do agree Keeps are a huge waste of space
elam if we could just get access to the grass area
elam that would be good
Mesanna no we are going to wipe TC1
Mesanna and come up with a tool
Mesanna what we have gotten is really hard to try to recreate for any castles
elam I understand that
elam on a side note i needed a GM recently and one came in minutes
elam that is all I have
Mesanna good
elam and thank you for coming
Mesanna thank you
Mesanna have a good evening
Mesanna Greetings Indrii
Indrii Greeting M'Lady
Indrii I have but one request. That we get tents back, if it can be done
Mesanna I doubt we will ever put those back
Indrii Ah
Indrii *cres*
Indrii Hugs
Mesanna *hugs*
Indrii thank you!
Mesanna Have a good evening
Destiny Hail Mesanna
Mesanna Greetings Destiny
Destiny I have two questions.
Mesanna of course
Destiny One, is it possible to get a scroll binder: binder?
Mesanna you want a binder for the binders?
Destiny yes like a book
Destiny like theres powerscrolls books
Mesanna I really do that that would cause Bleak to go bald
Mesanna to get it to work properly
Mesanna with the gump work
Destiny Okay I am just a hoarder so
Destiny hehe thans
Destiny thanks
Mesanna lol
Destiny Second
Destiny Is is possible to get ingots as a future bod reward
Destiny like we have cloth for tailors?
Mesanna hrm
Mesanna it is much easier to do cloth
Mesanna ingots are very limited
Destiny Yes I always wondered
Destiny Last comment is from my guildie
Mesanna If you are talking colored ingots?
Destiny Edward, wants to know if you are single?
Mesanna like pink ones
Destiny yes iron and all
Mesanna they game will not recognize those
Destiny so I can use them for bods
Mesanna otherwise I don't see why not
Mesanna increase them in merchant ships also
Mesanna would be alot good way to get then
Mesanna them
Destiny Would it ever be possible to make bods not take up storage space?
Mesanna we have talked about it but never came up with a definate answer as of yet
Mesanna to that question
Destiny Thank you, that would make my life better
Destiny Thank you for your time
Mesanna most welcome
Mesanna Greetings Capricorn
Lord Capricorn hail
Lord Capricorn good to see you
Mesanna you also
Lord Capricorn ok i have 2 things
Lord Capricorn i hear talk of making power scrolls shard bound is this real ?
Mesanna yes it is
Lord Capricorn i would begg you to reconsider that
Mesanna it was something we were thinking about for the pet revamp
Lord Capricorn the price is going to spike as is
Mesanna we have not made a decision on that yet
Lord Capricorn it may well kill the smaller shards
Mesanna we were getting feedback from the players
Lord Capricorn is that the intent
Mesanna Of course not, silly question
Lord Capricorn ok next and this is for fish stink
Lord Capricorn would it be in any way posable with gaining 120 fishing to lose the shoes
Mesanna I would love to do away with those
Lord Capricorn isent room for fish with all the shoes
Mesanna *looks at Bleak*
Lord Capricorn its insane
Mesanna it is
Lord Capricorn thats all i have mylady and i thank you to look in to not binding the scrolls
Mesanna have a good evening
Mesanna Greetings Jesus
Jesus Greetings, what is being done on the PvP front to entice people into the voluntary system?
Jesus Many feel that VvV does not have the desired effect, and that Factions is superior.
Jesus Anything to get players engaged in consensual pvp again would be welcome
Jesus Pardon my ignorace, I logged on from work and was unaware of what was mentioned
Mesanna no the newsletter was sent out today
Mesanna if you are not getting it please sign up for it
Jesus copy. in that case i have nada
Jesus *hugs*
Mesanna We are looking to make improvements though
Mesanna Greetings Notre Damus
Notre Damus what is going on with Pac going down forextended periods of tiem and reverts
Mesanna we fixed a crash
Mesanna that was causing the shard to go down
Mesanna if that is what you are asking
Notre Damus how about an account or house inventory tool
Mesanna we have discussed this before
Mesanna like a tool to find out where an item is in a house?
Notre Damus when will myou be functional and reliable
Mesanna when I find a good web designer to finish the forums
Notre Damus aan inventroy printout that could be put into database like exccel
Mesanna I honestly don't have an answer on that tool
Mesanna it's a big request
Notre Damus we have had a lot of returning players join our guild in the last 6 months
Mesanna thats good
Notre Damus anything that would help guild management would help
Mesanna understand
Notre Damus thanks
Mesanna most welcome
Mesanna Greetings En
En Hello there
En I was wondering if pink scrolls will become shardbound too?
Mesanna never even crossed our minds to make those shard bound
En As well I have one more question
Maphesto doh! You put the idea in her head
En I may be paranoid, but I'm positive I saw a slime named Jwilson?
Mesanna probably did
Mesanna lol
En Is there history to that?
Mesanna they are around now and then
Ilvania Don't know the story of Jwilson slimes?
Capricorn yes he gave a bad revu
Mesanna its a former dev I believe
Ilvania 20 years ago. hehe
Mesanna little easter egg
elam that is funny
EM Ashmedai *laughs*
En Ahh I see
Queen heh thats neat
Capricorn he was game reporter wasent he
Mesanna yes
En Well thank you for your time, I'm sure everyone in gen will inform us of jwilson.
Mesanna Johnny Wilson
Mesanna it was the revenge
Mesanna since he gave UO a negative review
Mesanna the dev put his name on a slime
Cinderella2 lol
Capricorn aye
En Hahaha that's hilarious
Queen mental note* dont piss them off
Capricorn well i kinda imortlized the guy realy
Ilvania Next person to piss Mesanna off ggets a poop elemental named after them
Capricorn it not i typo
Lunk cooool
CeSarie can we have sm bods in bod book alphabetical
Queen heh
Pit lol
elam lol Ilvania
Maphesto lol, Lun

(Note, this is all that was logged; there may have been more after this.)