Diamond Encrusted Dragon Guardian Suit

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Diamond Encrusted Dragon Guardian Suit
UO-suitimage-Diamond Encrusted Dragon Guardian.png
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Head Slot # Diamond Encrusted Skull Infused With The Occultic Scales Of Nero The Dragon Guardian 02
Pants Slot # Diamond Encrusted Thighs Infused With The Mystical Scales Of Morpheus, The Dragon Guardian 15
Chest Slot # Diamond Encrusted Torso Infused With The Mythical Scales Of Sethos, The Dragon Guardian 08
Hands Slot # Diamond Encrusted Hands Infused With The Arcane Scales Of Alexandros, The Dragon Guardian 12
Arms Slot # Diamond Encrusted Arms Infused With The Vile Scales Of Damos, The Dragon Guardian 10