Drelgor the Impaler Suit

Drelgor the Impaler Suit

Full Armor Set Present:
Night Sight
Physical Resist 40%
Fire Resist 40%
Cold Resist 45%
Poison Resist 35%
Energy Resist 45%
Dexterity Bonus 3
Strength Bonus 3
Intelligence Bonus 3
Hit Point Regeneration 1
Mana Regeneration 1

Pieces are dropped by Drelgor the Impaler. The pieces have no special name, but the properties are unique. As this mob is rarely hunted, and as the specs of the pieces are not incredible, pieces for this set are rarely seen.

Drelgor the Impaler Bone Armor Suit
Sort column
Head Slot # Bone Helmet 02
Hands Slot # Bone Gloves 12
Arms Slot # Bone Arms 10
Chest Slot # Bone Armor 08
Pants Slot # Bone Leggings 15