Mana Regeneration Item Property

Mana Regeneration Item Property

Imbuable Item Property
Weight x
Can be imbued on:
Armor No
Jewelery No
Melee Weapons No
Missile Weapons No
Musical Instruments No
Shields No

Also required for imbuing above 90% of the cap

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Items with Mana Regeneration Item Property

Common Items

UO-Item-4234-0.png Blue Diamond Ring Mana Regeneration 2
UO-Item-5202-0.png Bone Leggings Mana Regeneration 1
UO-Item-4230-0.png Dark Sapphire Bracelet Mana Regeneration 2
UO-Item-5061-0.png Journeyman's Armor Mana Regeneration 2
UO-Item-5062-0.png Journeyman's Armor Mana Regeneration 1
UO-Item-5067-0.png Journeyman's Armor Mana Regeneration 1

Artifact Items

UO-Item-9793-872.png Basilisk Hide Breastplate Mana Regeneration 1
UO-Item-4234-1174.png Burning Amber Mana Regeneration 2
UO-Item-11118-2012.png Crown Of Arcane Temperament Mana Regeneration 3
UO-Item-5440-1266.png Crown Of Tal'Keesh [Replica] Mana Regeneration 4
UO-Item-5198-0.png Cuffs Of The Arch Mage Mana Regeneration 4
UO-Item-4234-438.png Demon Bridle Ring Mana Regeneration 1
UO-Item-12216-0.png Dr. Spector's Lenses Mana Regeneration 4
UO-Item-11677-888.png Fallen Mystic's Spellbook Mana Regeneration 1
UO-Item-9795-0.png Gloves Of Feudal Grip Mana Regeneration 3
UO-Item-16456-0.png Journeyman's Armor Mana Regeneration 2
UO-Item-16462-0.png Journeyman's Armor Mana Regeneration 1
UO-Item-16460-0.png Journeyman's Armor Mana Regeneration 1
UO-Item-10106-1281.png Leurocian's Mempo Of Fortune Mana Regeneration 1
UO-Item-5441-232.png Lieutenant Of The Britannian Royal Guard [Replica] Mana Regeneration 2
ImageNotAvailable.png Mantle Of The Fallen Mana Regeneration 1
ImageNotAvailable.png Obsidian Earrings Mana Regeneration 2
UO-Item-4232-1165.png Pendant Of The Magi Mana Regeneration 3
UO-Item-3911-1910.png Pincer Mana Regeneration 6
ImageNotAvailable.png Pincer Mana Regeneration 6
UO-Item-5068-532.png Protector Of The Battle Mage Mana Regeneration 1
UO-Item-10109-0.png Rune Beetle Carapace Mana Regeneration 3
ImageNotAvailable.png Summoner's Kilt Mana Regeneration 2
UO-Item-5435-1159.png Tangle Mana Regeneration 2
UO-Item-10149-0.png The Horselord Mana Regeneration 1
UO-Item-7033-1109.png Tongue Of The Beast [Replica] Mana Regeneration 3
ImageNotAvailable.png Torc Of The Guardians Mana Regeneration 1
UO-Item-16468-1482.png Void Infused Kilt Mana Regeneration 1

Rare Items

UO-Item-7609-111.png Barbed Leather Cap Mana Regeneration 2
UO-Item-7026-704.png Blackguard Shield Mana Regeneration 3
UO-Item-5136-1153.png Brave Knight Of The Britannia Mana Regeneration 2
UO-Item-5141-1153.png Brave Knight Of The Britannia Mana Regeneration 2
UO-Item-3834-2120.png Clainin's Spellbook Mana Regeneration 3
UO-Item-5439-1266.png Crown Of Tal'Keesh Mana Regeneration 4
UO-Item-9793-1269.png Ithilsis' Breast Plate Mana Regeneration 3
ImageNotAvailable.png Just A Hat Mana Regeneration 2
UO-Item-5441-32.png Lieutenant Of The Britannian Royal Guard Mana Regeneration 2
UO-Item-3921-1378.png Maliel's Talon Mana Regeneration 2
UO-Item-5103-1325.png Ornate Encrusted Armguards Mana Regeneration 2
UO-Item-7033-1445.png Tongue Of The Beast Mana Regeneration 3