Cursed Item Property

Cursed Item Property

Non-Imbuable Item Property
Name Cursed
Intensity Range Yes or No
Cap Yes or No
Can be found on:
Armor Yes
Jewelery Yes
Melee Weapons Yes
Missile Weapons Yes
Musical Instruments Yes
Shields Yes
Talismans Yes

A Cursed item cannot be insured, and will be left on your corpse when you die. Cursed items cannot be Blessed.

In general, cursed rare items are dropped at events held in Felucca.

Items with Cursed Item Property

Common Items


Artifact Items


Rare Items

UO-Item-9906-1159.png A Lucky Raptor Scale
  • Cursed
UO-Item-8792-2731.png A Pact With Relvinian Entitling The Bearer To One Daemonic Retainer
  • Cursed
UO-Anim-13807-2967.png A Pulsating Alabaster Pillar Inscribed With The Countenance Of Titans Bound To The Tetrasomia
  • Cursed
UO-Item-39879-1964.png A Vase Filled With Screaming Voices And Blood Of Dead Heroes In Felucca: Fear The Mad King
  • Cursed
UO-Item-7390-0.png Felucca Victim
  • Cursed
UO-Item-2461-1931.png Festival Of The Grape Harvest, 2013
  • Cursed
UO-Item-6261-0.png Fur
  • Cursed
UO-Item-3622-96.png Head Brandy Stolen By A Master Thief
  • Cursed
UO-Item-3622-1.png Horse Head Brandy
  • Cursed
UO-Item-3921-1378.png Maliel's Talon
  • Cursed
UO-Item-7844-129.png Net Used For Recruiting
  • Cursed
UO-Item-2541-2498.png Silver Filigreed Necromancy Alembic
  • Cursed