Velocity Item Property

Velocity Item Property

Non-Imbuable Item Property
Name Velocity
Intensity Range 2 to 50
Cap none
Can be found on:
Armor No
Jewelery No
Melee Weapons No
Missile Weapons Yes
Musical Instruments No
Shields No
Talismans No

Physical damage is added for each tile between the attacker and the target when the arrow strikes (#tiles x3 – max 30 points), if the property is triggered.[1]

Note, due to a bug, for any item that has both the Velocity property and any Slayer property, if the Velocity property procs, the Slayer property will be ignored.

Items with Velocity

Common Items


Artifact Items

UO-Item-2305-1284.png Banshee's Call Velocity 35
UO-Item-9922-888.png Ironwood Composite Bow Velocity 30

Rare Items