Faster Casting Item Property

Faster Casting Item Property

Imbuable Item Property
Name Faster Casting
Weight 1.4x
Cap 1
Can be imbued on:
Armor No
Jewelery Yes
Melee Weapons Yes
Missile Weapons Yes
Musical Instruments No
Shields Yes
Essence Of AchievementEssence Of Achievement
Relic FragmentRelic Fragment

Decreases the time required to cast spells by 0.25 seconds per point. The total suit is capped at 2 for magery, necromancy & mysticism, or 4 for chivalry (if magery is below 70 skill) and spellweaving.[1]

Note that shields will always have a Faster Casting item property. Normally this is Faster Casting -1. However, if it is Faster Casting 0, it will not be displayed. When considering imbuing a shield, this undisplayed Faster Casting 0 property will be counted as one of the five properties for the shield.

Items with Faster Casting Item Property

Common Items

UO-Item-4234-0.png Blue Diamond Ring Faster Casting 1
UO-Item-4230-0.png Brilliant Amber Bracelet Faster Casting 1
UO-Item-4234-1165.png Etoile Bleue Faster Casting 1
UO-Item-4230-1165.png Novo Bleue Faster Casting 1

Artifact Items

UO-Item-5115-356.png Axe Of Abandon Faster Casting 1
UO-Item-10155-1778.png Claws Of The Berserker Faster Casting 1
UO-Item-4234-438.png Demon Bridle Ring Faster Casting 1
ImageNotAvailable.png Demon Hunter's Standard Faster Casting 1
UO-Item-7945-0.png Djinni's Ring [Replica] Faster Casting 2
UO-Item-11677-888.png Fallen Mystic's Spellbook Faster Casting 1
UO-Item-18616-1902.png Gargish Kotl Black Rod Faster Casting 2
UO-Item-3721-1902.png Kotl Black Rod Faster Casting 2
UO-Item-2312-2070.png Light In The Void Faster Casting 1
UO-Item-11558-0.png Mage's Rune Blade Faster Casting 1
UO-Item-11551-0.png Mystical Shortbow Faster Casting -1
UO-Item-3834-1172.png Scrapper's Compendium Faster Casting 1
UO-Item-7107-2075.png Sign Of Chaos Faster Casting 1
ImageNotAvailable.png Sign Of Chaos Faster Casting 1
UO-Item-16940-0.png Sign Of Order Faster Casting 1
UO-Item-7108-0.png Sign Of Order Faster Casting 1
UO-Item-16496-0.png Staff Of Shattered Dreams Faster Casting -1
UO-Item-9919-1164.png Standard Of Chaos Faster Casting 1
UO-Item-2308-1164.png Standard Of Chaos Faster Casting 1
UO-Item-10153-0.png Swords Of Prosperity Faster Casting 1
UO-Item-4230-495.png Token Of Holy Favor Faster Casting 1
UO-Item-3834-1109.png Tome Of Enlightenment Faster Casting 1
UO-Item-11552-0.png True Spellblade Faster Casting -1
UO-Item-4230-2127.png Venom Faster Casting 2

Rare Items

UO-Item-7107-1920.png The Mighty Love Shield (Crafted During The Age Of Chaos) Faster Casting -1
UO-Item-3571-1174.png (A Handheld Fireworks Made By Orc Bomber Pyrotechnist) Faster Casting -1
UO-Item-3934-1287.png Algid Faster Casting -1
UO-Item-3934-1287.png Brumal Faster Casting -1
UO-Item-7945-2128.png Djinni's Ring Faster Casting 2
UO-Item-7945-2128.png Djinni's Ring Faster Casting 2
UO-Item-3907-1266.png Forest Maintenance D(^o^) Faster Casting -1
UO-Item-3721-1168.png Giant Pixie Stick Faster Casting -1
UO-Item-8787-1157.png Pages From The Principia Daemonis Faster Casting -10
UO-Item-5444-1931.png Redcap's Cap Faster Casting -1
UO-Item-5044-1462.png Rudyom's Wand Faster Casting -1
UO-Item-2578-2721.png The Godly Light Of The Magician Faster Casting -1
UO-Item-2578-1154.png The Light Of Eternal Love Faster Casting -1
UO-Item-9916-2756.png The Scepter Of The Anura Tribe Faster Casting -1
UO-Item-7108-1150.png The True Warrior Of Britannia Faster Casting -1
UO-Item-11557-1759.png The Wild's Call Faster Casting 0
UO-Item-9919-2499.png Winter Wind Faster Casting -1