Elves Only Item Property

Elves Only Item Property

Imbuable Item Property
Weight x
Can be imbued on:
Armor No
Jewelery No
Melee Weapons No
Missile Weapons No
Musical Instruments No
Shields No

Also required for imbuing above 90% of the cap

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Items with Elves Only Item Property

Common Items

UO-Item-11111-1109.png Darkwood Chest
UO-Item-11121-1109.png Darkwood Crown
UO-Item-11114-1109.png Darkwood Gauntlets
UO-Item-11113-1109.png Darkwood Gorget
UO-Item-11115-1109.png Darkwood Leggings
UO-Item-11116-1109.png Darkwood Pauldrons
UO-Item-12228-0.png Elven Boots
UO-Item-12227-0.png Elven Pants
UO-Item-12217-0.png Elven Robe
UO-Item-12662-0.png Elven Shirt (type 1)
UO-Item-12661-0.png Elven Shirt (type 2)
UO-Item-12218-0.png Female Elven Robe
UO-Item-11120-0.png Gemmed Circlet
UO-Item-11125-0.png Hide Gloves
UO-Item-11126-0.png Hide Gorget
UO-Item-11128-0.png Hide Pants
UO-Item-11127-0.png Hide Pauldrons
UO-Item-11124-0.png Hide Tunic
UO-Item-12232-0.png Leaf Arms
UO-Item-12230-0.png Leaf Gloves
UO-Item-12231-0.png Leaf Gorget
UO-Item-12233-0.png Leaf Leggings
UO-Item-12234-0.png Leaf Tonlet
UO-Item-12229-0.png Leaf Tunic
UO-Item-11121-0.png Raven Helm
UO-Item-11119-0.png Royal Circlet
UO-Item-11122-0.png Vulture Helm
UO-Item-11123-0.png Winged Helm
UO-Item-11116-0.png Woodland Arms
UO-Item-11112-0.png Woodland Belt
UO-Item-11111-0.png Woodland Chest
UO-Item-11114-0.png Woodland Gauntlets
UO-Item-11113-0.png Woodland Gorget
UO-Item-11115-0.png Woodland Leggings

Artifact Items

UO-Item-11111-1.png Bramble Coat
UO-Item-11121-1.png Ironwood Crown
UO-Item-12232-1171.png Song Woven Mantle
UO-Item-12233-1159.png Spell Woven Britches
UO-Item-12230-1153.png Stitcher’s Mittens

Rare Items

UO-Item-12646-1157.png Crown Of Nujelm - This Crown Is Mine. I Shall Return