Spell Damage Increase Item Property

Spell Damage Increase Item Property

Imbuable Item Property
Weight x
Can be imbued on:
Armor No
Jewelery No
Melee Weapons No
Missile Weapons No
Musical Instruments No
Shields No

Also required for imbuing above 90% of the cap

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Items with Spell Damage Increase

Common Items

UO-Item-4234-0.png Blue Diamond Ring Spell Damage Increase 3%
UO-Item-4230-0.png Brilliant Amber Bracelet Spell Damage Increase 3 to 5%

Artifact Items

UO-Item-11552-1266.png Cold Forged Blade Spell Damage Increase 50%
UO-Item-11118-2012.png Crown Of Arcane Temperament Spell Damage Increase 8%
UO-Item-5440-1266.png Crown Of Tal'Keesh [Replica] Spell Damage Increase 10%
UO-Item-5198-0.png Cuffs Of The Arch Mage Spell Damage Increase 20%
UO-Item-7945-0.png Djinni's Ring [Replica] Spell Damage Increase 10%
UO-Item-12216-0.png Dr. Spector's Lenses Spell Damage Increase 12%
UO-Item-4234-1360.png Essence Of Battle Spell Damage Increase 30%
ImageNotAvailable.png Eternal Guardian Staff Spell Damage Increase 10%
UO-Item-11677-888.png Fallen Mystic's Spellbook Spell Damage Increase 10%
UO-Item-10136-0.png Kasa Of The Raj-In Spell Damage Increase 12%
UO-Item-11554-0.png Leafblade Of Ease Spell Damage Increase 40%
UO-Item-11558-1278.png Luminous Rune Blade Spell Damage Increase 55%
ImageNotAvailable.png Mantle Of The Fallen Spell Damage Increase 5%
ImageNotAvailable.png Obsidian Earrings Spell Damage Increase 8%
UO-Item-11561-0.png Orcish Machete Spell Damage Increase 10%
UO-Item-11559-1260.png Overseer Sundered Blade Spell Damage Increase 45%
UO-Item-4232-1165.png Pendant Of The Magi Spell Damage Increase 5%
UO-Item-5068-532.png Protector Of The Battle Mage Spell Damage Increase 5%
UO-Item-11556-0.png Ruby Mace Spell Damage Increase 5%
UO-Item-11558-0.png Rune Blade Of Knowledge Spell Damage Increase 5%
UO-Item-11553-1165.png Rune Carving Knife Spell Damage Increase 30%
UO-Item-11556-0.png Sapphire Mace Spell Damage Increase 40%
UO-Item-3834-1172.png Scrapper's Compendium Spell Damage Increase 25%
UO-Item-11555-0.png Serrated War Cleaver Spell Damage Increase 47%
UO-Item-12233-1159.png Spell Woven Britches Spell Damage Increase 10%
UO-Item-3568-1266.png Staff Of Power Spell Damage Increase 5%
ImageNotAvailable.png Summoner's Kilt Spell Damage Increase 5%
UO-Item-4230-495.png Token Of Holy Favor Spell Damage Increase 41%
UO-Item-3834-1109.png Tome Of Enlightenment Spell Damage Increase 10%
UO-Item-3834-1328.png Tome Of Lost Knowledge Spell Damage Increase 15%
UO-Item-11553-0.png True Assassin Spike Spell Damage Increase 4%
UO-Item-11554-0.png True Leafblade Spell Damage Increase 40%
UO-Item-11571-0.png True Radiant Scimitar Spell Damage Increase 40%
UO-Item-11555-0.png True War Cleaver Spell Damage Increase 44%
UO-Item-11571-0.png Twinkling Scimitar Spell Damage Increase 40%
UO-Item-4230-2127.png Venom Spell Damage Increase 10%

Rare Items

UO-Item-5439-1266.png Crown Of Tal'Keesh Spell Damage Increase 10%
UO-Item-5198-1109.png Death Splints Spell Damage Increase 10%
UO-Item-7945-2128.png Djinni's Ring Spell Damage Increase 10%
UO-Item-7945-2128.png Djinni's Ring Spell Damage Increase 10%
UO-Item-3921-1378.png Maliel's Talon Spell Damage Increase 15%
ImageNotAvailable.png Orcish Spellbook Spell Damage Increase 20%
UO-Item-5103-1325.png Ornate Encrusted Armguards Spell Damage Increase 10%
UO-Item-5444-1109.png Skin Of The Demon Spell Damage Increase 12%
UO-Item-3568-0.png Staff Of The Necromancer Spell Damage Increase 20%