House Only Item Property

House Only Item Property

Imbuable Item Property
Weight x
Can be imbued on:
Armor No
Jewelery No
Melee Weapons No
Missile Weapons No
Musical Instruments No
Shields No

Also required for imbuing above 90% of the cap

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Items with House Only Item Property

Common Items

UO-Item-1665-0.png Metal Door (Left Metal Door (E In))
UO-Item-1661-0.png Metal Door (Left Metal Door (E Out))
UO-Item-1657-0.png Metal Door (Left Metal Door (S In))
UO-Item-1653-0.png Metal Door (Left Metal Door (S Out))
UO-Item-1667-0.png Metal Door (Right Metal Door (E In))
UO-Item-1663-0.png Metal Door (Right Metal Door (E Out))
UO-Item-1659-0.png Metal Door (Right Metal Door (S In))
UO-Item-1655-0.png Metal Door (Right Metal Door (S Out))
UO-Item-1928-0.png Stone
UO-Item-486-0.png Stone Arch (Rough Angled Pillar)
UO-Item-469-0.png Stone Arch (Rough Arch)
UO-Item-475-0.png Stone Arch (Rough Rounded Arch)
UO-Item-480-0.png Stone Arch (Rough Small Arch)
UO-Item-1313-0.png Stone Pavers (Dark Paver)
UO-Item-1305-0.png Stone Pavers (Light Paver)
UO-Item-1309-0.png Stone Pavers (Medium Paver)
UO-Item-474-0.png Stone Pillar (Rough Pillar)
UO-Item-1933-0.png Stone Stairs (Rough Corner Steps)
UO-Item-1941-0.png Stone Stairs (Rough Inset Steps)
UO-Item-1937-0.png Stone Stairs (Rough Rounded Corner Steps)
UO-Item-1945-0.png Stone Stairs (Rough Rounded Inset Steps)
UO-Item-1929-0.png Stone Stairs (Rough Steps)
UO-Item-464-0.png Stone Wall (Rough Windowless)
UO-Item-488-0.png Stone Wall (Short Rough)
UO-Item-816-0.png Stone Wall (Stone Door (E In))
UO-Item-812-0.png Stone Wall (Stone Door (E Out))
UO-Item-808-0.png Stone Wall (Stone Door (S In))
UO-Item-804-0.png Stone Wall (Stone Door (S Out))
UO-Item-467-0.png Window (Rough Window)

Artifact Items


Rare Items