Artifact Rarity Item Property

Artifact Rarity Item Property

Imbuable Item Property
Weight x
Can be imbued on:
Armor No
Jewelery No
Melee Weapons No
Missile Weapons No
Musical Instruments No
Shields No

Also required for imbuing above 90% of the cap

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Items with Artifact Rarity Item Property

Common Items


Artifact Items

UO-Item-7717-2413.png Academic Books Artifact Rarity 8
UO-Item-9431-0.png Basket Artifact Rarity 1
UO-Item-9437-0.png Basket Artifact Rarity 1
UO-Item-9434-0.png Basket Artifact Rarity 2
UO-Item-9432-0.png Basket Artifact Rarity 2
UO-Item-9436-0.png Basket Artifact Rarity 2
UO-Item-2526-0.png Battered Pan Artifact Rarity 6
UO-Item-2648-2076.png Blanket Of Darkness Artifact Rarity 8
UO-Item-7834-0.png Block And Tackle Artifact Rarity 9
UO-Item-2498-0.png Bloody Spoon Artifact Rarity 5
UO-Item-3619-0.png Bloody Water Artifact Rarity 5
UO-Item-3624-0.png Bottle Artifact Rarity 1
UO-Item-2502-0.png Bottles Of Spoiled Wine (2) Artifact Rarity 4
UO-Item-2501-0.png Bottles Of Spoiled Wine (3) Artifact Rarity 6
UO-Item-2500-0.png Bottles Of Spoiled Wine (4) Artifact Rarity 7
UO-Item-3633-0.png Brazier Artifact Rarity 2
UO-Item-11118-2012.png Crown Of Arcane Temperament Artifact Rarity 5
UO-Item-3094-0.png Damaged Books Artifact Rarity 1
UO-Item-2585-0.png Dirty Plate Artifact Rarity 5
UO-Item-11617-0.png Dried Up Ink Well Artifact Rarity 7
UO-Item-7141-0.png Fake Copper Ingots Artifact Rarity 7
UO-Item-17075-0.png Gargish Bentas Vase Artifact Rarity 7
UO-Item-17089-0.png Gargish Knowledge Totem Artifact Rarity 7
UO-Item-17088-0.png Gargish Luck Totem Artifact Rarity 6
UO-Item-17091-0.png Gargish Memorial Statue Artifact Rarity 7
UO-Item-17083-0.png Gargish Protective Totem Artifact Rarity 6
UO-Item-17074-0.png Gargish Traditional Vase Artifact Rarity 6
UO-Item-1064-0.png Gruesome Standard Artifact Rarity 5
UO-Item-2585-0.png Half Eaten Supper Artifact Rarity 5
UO-Item-40681-0.png Hanging Platemail Artifact Rarity 8
UO-Item-40683-0.png Hanging Platemail Artifact Rarity 8
UO-Item-40679-0.png Hanging Platemail Artifact Rarity 8
UO-Item-40685-0.png Incense Burner Artifact Rarity 12
UO-Item-2446-0.png Jugs Of Goblin Rotgut Artifact Rarity 3
UO-Item-17081-0.png Large Dying Plant Artifact Rarity 6
UO-Item-17086-0.png Large Pewter Bowl Artifact Rarity 5
UO-Item-5066-0.png Leather Tunic Artifact Rarity 9
UO-Item-2312-2070.png Light In The Void Artifact Rarity 5
UO-Item-2479-0.png Mysterious Supper Artifact Rarity 3
UO-Item-16896-1649.png Mystic's Guard Artifact Rarity 5
UO-Item-3811-0.png Navrey's Web (1) Artifact Rarity 5
UO-Item-3813-0.png Navrey's Web (2) Artifact Rarity 4
UO-Item-3812-0.png Navrey's Web (3) Artifact Rarity 5
UO-Item-3814-0.png Navrey's Web (4) Artifact Rarity 5
UO-Item-6996-0.png Priceless Treasure Artifact Rarity 8
UO-Item-16573-0.png Pushme Pullyu Artifact Rarity 8
UO-Item-2478-0.png Remnants Of Meat Loaf Artifact Rarity 5
UO-Item-7723-0.png Rotted Oars Artifact Rarity 8
UO-Item-3116-0.png Ruined Painting Artifact Rarity 12
UO-Item-2536-0.png Rusted Pan Artifact Rarity 6
UO-Item-3895-0.png Saddle Artifact Rarity 9
UO-Item-9442-0.png Sake Artifact Rarity 4
UO-Item-10313-0.png Sculpture Artifact Rarity 9
UO-Item-7825-0.png Skinned Deer Artifact Rarity 8
UO-Item-7816-0.png Skinned Goat Artifact Rarity 5
UO-Item-6232-0.png Skull With Candle Artifact Rarity 1
UO-Item-2309-2107.png Staff Of Resonance Artifact Rarity 5
UO-Item-16496-0.png Staff Of Shattered Dreams Artifact Rarity 11
UO-Item-2460-0.png Stolen Bottles Of Liquor (2) Artifact Rarity 4
UO-Item-2461-0.png Stolen Bottles Of Liquor (3) Artifact Rarity 7
UO-Item-2462-0.png Stolen Bottles Of Liquor (4) Artifact Rarity 8
UO-Item-4203-0.png Stretched Hide Artifact Rarity 2
UO-Item-5080-0.png Studded Leggings Artifact Rarity 5
UO-Item-5081-0.png Studded Tunic Artifact Rarity 7
UO-Item-16499-0.png Sword Of Shattered Hopes Artifact Rarity 10
UO-Item-40677-0.png Table Artifact Rarity 9
UO-Item-9447-0.png Teapot Artifact Rarity 3
UO-Item-9408-0.png Tower Lantern Artifact Rarity 3
UO-Item-6185-0.png Tyball's Flask Stand Artifact Rarity 9
UO-Item-2314-1202.png Valkyrie's Glaive Artifact Rarity 5
UO-Item-9444-0.png Zen Rock Garden Artifact Rarity 2
UO-Item-9445-0.png Zen Rock Garden Artifact Rarity 3
UO-Item-9443-0.png Zen Rock Garden Artifact Rarity 3

Rare Items