Bone Breaker Item Property

Bone Breaker Item Property

Non-Imbuable Item Property
Name Bone Breaker
Intensity Range Yes or No
Cap Yes or No
Can be found on:
Armor No
Jewelery No
Melee Weapons Yes
Missile Weapons Yes
Musical Instruments No
Shields No
Talismans No

20% chance to inflict a stamina drain over time on targets for 4 seconds, which prevents consumption of refreshment potions. Will not activate with special moves.

While the wielder has 30 or more mana, victims take additional physical damage, independent of the chance to activate the stamina drain. Will not activate with special moves.

When the damage bonus activates it will consumes 30 mana and is influenced by Lower Mana Cost.

Victims receive a 60 second immunity from Bone Breaker.[1]

Items with Bone Breaker Item Property

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